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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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Items and Loot

Special Items

Throughout the game you will run across items called "loot." Loot can be traded in for money, and when certain combinations of loot have been traded in, you'll be able to buy cool stuff from the Bazaar. There has been a lot of discussion about which loot is good, where to get it, how to go about keeping/trading it, etc. I'm of the opinion that you really don't care about the overwhelming majority of stuff out there. For example, do you really care how to earn a way to buy a 10 pack of potions? The answer is: no. Just go fight 20 monsters and earn the Gil to buy them out right.

With this in mind, I've put together a collection of the items you may actually WANT to buy from the bazaar (see the table below). Note that items which should be STOLEN may require the thieves cuffs. Be sure to have 3 pair, if possible, when you go after these things.

Bazaar Items
Name Item Does Needs
Mysterious Substance Dark Matter Bat Wing, Grimoire Aidhed x3, Grimoire Togail x3
Life Crystal High Arcana Can be traded Arcana x10, Feystone, Soul of Thamasa
Jewel of the Serpent Serpentarius Can be traded Serpent Eye x2, Snake Skin x4, High Arcana
Jewel of Creation Empyreal Soul Can be traded High Arcana, Soul Powder, Wargod's Band x2
Matchless Steel Gemsteel Can be traded Damascus Steel x2, Hell-Gate's Flame x2, Scarletite
Morbid Urn Canopic Jar Enemies drop more rare items Deimos Clay, Horakhty's Flame, Phobos Glaze
Well-Forged Blade Durandal +99 Attack - Sword (1H) Emperor Scale x2, Leshach Halcyon, Lifewick x3
The Scorpion Scorpion Tail +119 Attack - Hammer (1H) Charged Gizzard x3, Scorpio Gem x4, Wyrm Bone x3
Attenuated Greatsword Save the Queen +100 Attack - Sword (2H) Holy Crystal x10, Quality Stone x4, Sky Jewel x7
Ultimate Blade Ultima Blade +118 Attack - Sword (2H) Adamantite x2, Death Powder x2, Gnoma Halcyon
The Sunflower Tournesol +140 Attack - 2 hand Empyreal Soul x3, Gemsteel x3, Serpentarius x3
Dragon Crest Wyrmhero Blade +130 Attack (and holy) - 2 hand Godslayer's Badge, Lu Shang's Badge, Omega Badge
Whisker of the Beast Whale Whisker +108 Attack - 2 hand Aquarius Gem x4, Corpse Fly x3, Mythril x3
Silver Bow Sagittarius +93 Attack - 2 hand Beastlord Horn x3, Moon Ring x3, Sagittarius Gem x4
Arrows of the Moon Goddes Artemis Arrows +5 Attack - Earth Elm Dorsal Fin x2, Gemini Gem x3, Vampyr Fang x2
Scout's Crossbow Penetrator Crossbow / Time Bolts +70 Attack / +2 Attack Ancient Bone x3, Holy Crystal x9, Wyvern Fang x4
Late Model Rifel Arcturus +44 Attack Salamand Halcyon, Wyvern Wing x2, Yensa Fin x2
Befuddling Incendiaries Caldera / Chaos Bombs +75 Attack / +4 Attack (Confuse) Bomb Shell x4, Book of Orgain-Cent x3, Fire Crystal x7
Sturdy Battle Gear Maximillian +58 Def, +1 Mag Def, +9 Str, +6 Spd Charger Barding x4, Pisces Gem x3, Split Armor x2
Shell-worked Collar Turtleshell choker Spells use Gil - not MP Bomb Shell x2, Four-leaf Clover x2
Comfy Headgear Cat-ear Hood +20 Vit, +50 Spd Einherjarium x2, Virgo Gem x7, White Incense x2
Permafrost Bow Perseus Bow +81 Attack w/ +4 Ice Attack Arrows Antartic Wind x2, Ice Crystal x7, Spiral Incisor x4
Warped Blade Diamond Sword +80 Attack Bundle of Feathers x6, Fire Magicite x6, Maggoty Flesh x4

Loot used in above purchases:

ItemNeeds/QuantityAlso Needs/Quantity
AdamantiteUltima Blade (2)
Ancient BonePenetrator Crossbow (3)Chain-level some Dead Bones enemies (best location: Nabreus Deadlands/Overlooking Eternity - see "4 pieces of the medallion" section of Misc Side Quests section)
Antartic WindPeresus Crossbow (2)Chain the Feral Croc in Tchita Uplands; Oliphzak Rise (run through Nameless Spring to respawn)
Aqurius GemWhale Whisker (4)
Arcana High Arcana (10)
Bat WingDark Matter (1)
Beastlord HornSagittarius (3)
Bomb ShellCaldera&ChaosBomb (4)Turtleshell choker (2)
Book of Orgain-centCaldera&ChaosBomb (3)
Bundle of FeathersDiamond Sword (6)Poach Sprinter Salikawood
Charged gizzardScorpion Tail (3)Chain-level Thunderbug enemies in Henne Mines crossover B (flee 1 screen past save crystal to respawn)
Charger BardingMaximillian (4)
Corpse FlyWhale Whisker (3)
Damascus StealGemsteel (2)
Death PowderUltima Blade (2)
Deimos ClayCanopic Jar (1)Defeat Paramina Run Mark
Dorsal FinArtemis Arrows (2)Focalor (Nabreus Deadlands/Various)
EinherjariumCat-ear hood (2)Steal / Kill (prolly can't Chain-level) Babil in Necrohol of Nabudis/Cloister of Distant Song; flee between Cloister of Solace and The Crucible to respawn
Empyreal SoulTournesol (3)
Emperor ScaleDurandal (2)
FeystoneHigh Arcana (1)
Fire CrystalCaldera&ChaosBomb (7)
Fire MagiciteDiamond Sword (6)chain-level Worgen Eastersand/The Yoma
Four-leaf CloverTurtleshell choker (2)
Gemini GemArtemis Arrows (3)Steal from Werewolf in Giza Plains/Starfall Field (dry)
Gnoma HalcyonUltima Blade (1)
GemsteelTournesol (3)
Godslayer's BadgeWyrmhero Blade (1)
Grimoire AidhedDark Matter (3)
Grimoire TogailDark Matter (3)
Hell-Gate's FlameGemsteel (2)
High ArcanaSerpentarius (1)Empyreal Soul (1)
Holy CrystalPenetrator Crossbow (9); Save the Queen (10)Babil in Necrohol - see "Einherjarium" above.
Horakthy's FlameCanopic Jar (1)Complete Crime and Punishment Hunt
Ice CrystalPeresus Crossbow (7)Chain Buer in Zertinan Caverns/Hourglass Basin (flee through Athroza to chain)
Leshach HalcyonDurandal (1)
LifewickDurandal (3)
Lu Shang's BadgeWyrmhero blade (1)
Maggoty FleshDiamond Sword (4)chain-level Zombie Knight in Sochen Cave Palace
Mood RingSagittarius (3)
MythrilWhale Whisker (3)
Omega BadgeWyrmhero Blade (1)
Phobos GlazeCanopic Jar (1)Complete Paradise Risen Mark
Pisces GemMaximillian (3)
Quality StoneSave the Queen (4)Kill (prolly can't Chain-level) Babil in Necrohol of Nabudis/Cloister of Distant Song; flee between Cloister of Solace and The Crucible to respawn
Sagittarius gemSagittarius (4)
Salamand HalcyonArcturus (1)Kill/Steal from Salamand Entite in Ogir-Yensa Sandsea (wander around the towers when the sky is blue and sunny)
ScarletiteGemsteel (1)
Scorpio GemScorpion Tail (4)Steel/Chain-level from Mallicant Zertinan Caverns/Halls of Ardent Darkness and The Undershore; exit to Osmone Plains to respawn
SerpentariusTournesol (3)
Serpent EyeSerpentarius (2)
Sky JewelSave the Queen (7)Steal/Poach/Chain-level Spectre in Barheim Passage/West Annex; respawn by running through Terminus No. 7 Adjunct
Snake SkinSerpentarius (4)
Soul of ThamasaHigh Arcana (1)
Soul PowderEmpyreal Soul (1)
Split ArmorMaximillian (2)
Vampyr FangArtemis Arrows (2)Steal/Chain-level Absteel in Henne Mines (If you don't have to Phase II Dig, enter via Feywood
Virgo GemCat-ear hood (7)Steal/Chain-level Malboro King in Salikawood/Diverging Way (go through Quietend Trace to Garden of Decay and back to quickly respawn)
Wargod's BandEmpyreal Soul (2)
White IncenseCat-ear hood (2)Chain-level Garuda-Egi in Paramina Rift/Spine of the Icewyrm (flee past Twintania and through Path of Firstfall to respawn
Wyvern FangPenetrator Crossbow (4)While trying to chain-level the Areonites from "wyvern wing" below, you will get many of these. XD
Wyvern WingArcturus (2)Chain-level Areonite in Lhusu Mines/Lasche Span; respawn by running through Site 11 to Site 9 and back
Wyrm BoneScorpion Tail (3)REQUIRES Dragoon Monograph; Chain-level skulwyrm in Zertinan Caverns/Drybeam Cavern, respawn by fleeing through Athroza Quicksands then The Balamka Fault (also kill Archaeoaevis to chain-level quicker)
Yensa FinArcturus (2)You'll get plenty when you look for the Salamand Entite above.

You will also run across some loot that is NEVER used in ANY recipes, or only ever used in ones that give you stuff you probably don't care about. These loot can be sold without any though or care. Here's a list of those loot:

Sell Always!
Common Fish Delicious Fish Earth Magicite Empty Bottle Holy Magicite Holy Stone Nebra Succulent Pebble Storm Stone Turtle Shell Aged Turtle Shell Ambrosia Ancient Turtle Shell

Keep this many of these!

Ancient Bone: 3

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