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Wolf's Poetry

The Invitation

He will not force His way into your heart
He simply stands His ground and gently knocks
Wishing to invite you to a feast
Waiting for a welcome to come in.

He does not come with purpose to condemn
But offers love and everlasting life
Expecting of you not a perfect past
Forgiving freely if you only ask.

For you have heard the price of sin is death
It's written in the Law since time began
A Holy God cannot reside with sin
But wanting you with Him, He made a way.

Rather than allow a separation
Between beloved children and Himself,
He took our debt and paid it with His life
A painful cross to bear, but of His choice.

He will not force you to receive His love
But offers it to you with outstretched arms
His wounded hands are reaching out to yours
His gentle Spirit waiting for your heart.

~~Erin Metcalf~~
© 1996
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