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Wolf's Poetry

Little Girl

Where is the child lost?
How innocence is ripped away
Replaced by sickened cynicism.
Stricken by those who love you most
Raped by those who whispered sweetness
Pushed away by those who held too tight.

The loved ones meant you well,
Sweet baby girl.
The whisperers only sought

Your beauty, little girl, was not unnoticed.
It has not vanished.
You flaunt it falsely,
Think you never had,
Feel you must create it.

Sweet girl, it's been created
By the One who loves you more
Than whispering deceivers
Loves you more
Than any other could.
Wants to hold you in His arms
If only you'll allow Him
If only you'll allow yourself
To be a child once more.

~~Erin Metcalf~~
© 1996

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