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Wolf's Poetry


In and out of sleep and wake
shall I choose the path I take?
running 'round in circles bare
wondering if I should care
colors swimming through my head
come to rest upon my bed
fire thoughts and visions blink
words that are not mine to think
voices laughing, whispering
telling me a funny thing

If I jumped-- could I fly?

strange what you could see so high
watch the bird which soars with ease
I can too if I believe
fatal breeze entices me
to dizzy edge where I can see
what I want is down below
this way there's not far to go

The alternative is climb

slowly, careful, taking time
I don't want to wait that long
want it now, that isn't wrong
what's it gonna hurt, I say
I'll think later, let me play
not so fragile, watch you'll see
I'm not injured easily

Footfall closer to the brink

deep breath now, don't pause to think
gaze into inviting depths
so easy now to just accept
dive into that sea of pleasure
willingly resign my treasure
flaming hands seize greedily
this isn't how it's supposed to be
my heart now lies in shattered shame

Too late I realize the game.

~~Erin Metcalf~~
© 1999
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