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Wolf's Poetry

for Kevin

The moon shines bright this cloud-graced night,
The stars are piercing through,

Gazing in awe at beauty raw,
I'm sharing it with you.

Now in between the wondering
At the heavens far above,

You hold me near, swallow your fear,
And tell me of your love.

The sweet surprise catches my eyes
That hold you in their gaze,

My tongue is stilled, my mind is filled
With thoughts that still amaze.

So short a time, you've added rhyme
To the rhythm of my life,

So suddenly, yet naturally;
My heart devoid of strife.

So strong a tie of you and I
Is only from the Lord,

The center of this blessed love,
The Weaver of this cord.

~~Erin Metcalf~~
© 1997

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