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Technical Support
Ten things that would be different if Microsoft sold cars:
The Ant and the Sluggard
The Atheist and the Bear
The Bible According to Kids
The Bible and College Students
The Bird
The blonde joke to end all blonde jokes
The breakdown near the monastery
The Cowboy and the Lawyer
The crazy geologist
The Difference Between Left and Right
The Economical Emergency Vehicle
The facts of life
The Frog Princess and the IT Guy
The Lesser-Known Programming Languages #10: SIMPLE
The Lord is My Shepherd... I think...
The man who asked god for a bridge
The Purina Diet
The Round About Method
The Tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo
The Texas Lawyer
The Texas Three Kick Rule
The Top 15 "Biblical" Ways to Find a Wife.
The Top 22 Politically Correct Ways to Say 'You're Stupid'
The worlds easiest Quiz
Things I Have Learned
Things My Mother Taught Me
Things That It Took Me 50 Years to Learn
Things to do to annoy your roommate
Things to do when you're bored at WalMart
Things you would never know if not for movies.
tin whistles
Tips For Rednecks
Top 10 Reasons Star Wars Would Win!
Top 10 Signs the New Mir Computer is Running Windows 95
Top ten ways the Bible would be different if it were written by students
Trail and error!
True News Items
Two Catholic Boys . . .
Two Sisters

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