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Letter to the Florida Lottery Commission (Author: Unknown)

To: Florida Lottery Commission Nov 8, 2000

Dear Sirs:

On Friday, November 3, 2000, I picked the numbers 7-38-18-41-3-30. Saturday night when the numbers were announced I found that the numbers I picked were selected, however when I checked my lottery ticket I found that I must have marked the wrong numbers by mistake because the ticket indicated the wrong numbers. The cards that must be marked to be read by the computer is hard to read and it is easy to mark the wrong column.

I know that you will honor my request that I will be considered the winner because I selected the right number and just made a small mistake. If you won't pay me for intending to mark the winning numbers, I want to have you to declare a recount of the Nov 4th Lottery and allow me to select the numbers that came up on the 4th.

Respectfully, Shirley Lotz, West Palm Beach, Florida

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