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Ocelot's Poetry and Songs

 A Heart of Integrity
Lord can you give me, a single desire?
Can you grant what I wish, before I retire?

You say that in love, you bestow what I need,
but what can I know about what need can be?

You say ask and it shall be given in time,
but only if need and your will intertwine.

How can I gauge what would fall in your plan,
and what would be greed, in the small eyes of man?

No answer I know, and so none do I give,
but still I ask in faith for one thing, as I live.

I seek to complete what I start in your name,
to increase just your glory, and none for my fame.

Integrity waits, only you can bestow.
I have many faults, as not only you know.

Yet I seek to grow stronger, in knowledge of you.
So I ask this one time, with a heart you see true.

For the purpose of following you till the end,
I ask for what waits, and I wait `till you send.
Kevin Metcalf

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