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 A Final Kiss
I still can feel the way I felt
when you passed through that door.
A final kiss, and then you left,
and hollowed out my core.
Your absence stole so much of me
that I could scarcely breathe.
And as I watched your plane depart
I slowly turned to leave.
My eyes swung downward to the floor,
as I (alone) departed.
So convinced that such intense
love left me broken hearted.
But then I noticed in my hand
a cup that you left here.
and when I closed my eyes I felt
as if you were still near.

Now everything you've left behind
leaves thoughts of you - stuck in my mind.
And I cannot explain away
The feelings true - found every day.
Now part of you is here with me,
and if I close my eyes I see
the face of one I long to see,
standing here, so close to me.

Now that time has come and gone,
and you've departed home.
I understand like ne'er before
the meaning of alone.
Alone is not the simple state
of being by yourself
for I have been in crowds today,
and never left my shelf.
Alone is when your heart desires
to only be with one,
and you realize she's miles away -
then nothing serves to numb.
And all that keeps the pain at bay
and brings meaning to light
is memory of one tender kiss
held close to me that night.
Kevin Metcalf

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