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For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a collection of web-based utilities that I have written to make my life (or the life of those around me) easier. As I continue to write new scripts, etc they will end up here. Following a link to each utility is a description of what that utility does.

Email Cleaner The Email Cleaner is there for the sole purpose of cleaning the >>>> out of email forwards. If you are the type of person who forwards emails to other people, please at least have the courtesy to use this utility to clean them up a bit first.

Binary Tree Generator The Binary Tree Generator is just a simple tool to build a binary tree. The truth of the matter is that I was rather bored one saturday so I decided to see if I could implement a binary tree in perl. Sorry, I'm one of those people who likes to do something in a language (even if it has already been done) just to prove to myself that it can be done.

Rot13 Encryptor The Rot13 encryption is a kind of joke in the certain societies. Basically you just add 13 to the value of a number (you know, a=1 and z=26?) and subtract 26 if the number is greater then 26. It's even easier in perl but I'll let you figure out how and why. ;) Anyway, I used to do this when I would pass notes in class, and my teachers always thought that it was a much harder code than it was; I guess they were a bit slow. Anyway, I have updated it to be done in perl now.

Line Number Extractor The Line num Extractor will eliminate line numbers from a text block.

<br> Adder All this does is append <br> to the end of every line (even blank ones) that is fed to it.

<br> Remover All this does is remove <br> from every line that is fed to it.

Filename HTML Generator The HTML generator will take a list of files (supplied with a newline [ ] in between each one.) It will turn them into the form:
<a href=""></a>

Number series Generator This program generates a list of numbers. You specify the first and last, and it does the rest.

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