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Mangaview 1.1

Thank you for your interest in Mangaview, the cheep (read: "free") and easy solution for displaying your manga on the internet. This software is free, I only ask that you not remove the "Powered By Mangaview" line at the bottom of each page - and that only so that other people can find this. Mangaview is designed to be a powerful as possible, yet simple enough to make it easy to use.

Here's what you can do on this site:

Here are questions that I get asked a lot....

What is Manga?
There are lots of places where you can find this out. Just see google.

What is Mangaview?
Mangaview is a set of PHP files that allow a user to rapidly setup an online manga (or any other comic, for that matter) - complete with index, author commentary and a simple navigation system.

Are you planning any more upgrades?
That depends on if anyone wants more. ;) See the Upgrades Page for more info.

How much does it cost?
Nothing. It's free. It's also not really supported. If you have a question, If I'm not all that busy, I'll probably help you out. If you want a significantly more advanced system, let's talk. I'm a professional coder, so I charge accordingly. ;)

Do you draw Manga?
Nope. I have all the artistic skill of an steak dinner - but less tasty. Mmmmm. Steak... What was I saying? Oh! Right... This system was actually designed for a friend of mine, but it's useful - so I give it away if other people wanna use it. You can see her work (and this system in action) at

Where can I get it?
Here: Mangaview Download Page.

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