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Mangaview - View Upgrades

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Enough people wanted more features added to the system, that I added them. Here's what's available in Version 1.1. If you see something that you want that isn't on the list, please .

Version 1.1 now has Support for...
  • Multiple Issues. This is the "big one" for most people. Mangaview is now able to handle multiple issues. Support for multiple issues was added by creating a "new" front page, which lists all available issues.
  • Issue Synopsis. Added to the page mentioned above.
  • Fixed "next page" bug. Before, the "Next Page" button would not work on the last page of a chapter. Additionaly, the "previous page" button now spans chapters as well.
  • Issue Rating. Similar to the rating system in place for anime reivews at the Christian Anime Aliance - rather than just "PG-13, etc." Ratings are completely customizable.

As I said before, if you have any other ideas, , OK?

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