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Wolf's Poetry

Impetuous Nature

A silent thunder rolls upon the restless wind
The unruly childish breeze
Playfully tosses my hair in my eyes
Gently caresses my face.

The air breathes on its own determination
Itself an abundance of life
Laughter, love, ambition, beauty;
Nature's breath whispers these things.

The wild clouds unbound by man
Roll with the silent thunder
They comfort me without drawing near
Undercover angels manifested.

The darkened clouds rumble a warning
"Our burden grows heavy"
Threatening to spill it on the earth
Offering a quenching drink.

Tiny fluid stars fall from the heavens
Abundantly poured out
The thirsty earth receives the gift
Soaks it up gratefully.

Air freshly washed by the fallen rain
Grows pensive and still
A hushed creation in tranquil meditation
Ultimately rests in harmony.

~~Erin Metcalf~~
© 1994
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