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Do you really care about this? Well, we don't have banners, so you can be sure we don't like the idea of selling your information to others. We hate spam. Period. (Yeah, we know, 'Period' after an actual period is sorta redundant, but a wee bit o redundancy is nice, no?) The only way any money is made off this site is when people like us and send us money. This has happened a grand total of zero times. Technically, if you have really looked around a lot, you'll notice there is google adsense on the walkthrough pages. This is because I'm curious how it works. According to the google people, I have earned (at last count) a grand total of zero dollars and zero cents off it. Anyway, that's the privacy statement here. So we won't sell your email address to anyone if you send us email. In fact, unless you specifically request that we reply to you, we delete all email we get so that there is no way anyone can use those addresses later. We hope you enjoy your stay at Cheers!

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