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1994's most bizarre suicide
30 Fun Things to do When Driving (Censored)
46 Things that never happen on StarTrek..
5 reasons computers are female
50 Fun Things To Do In An Elevator
50 Fun Things to do the First Day of Class
9 Lives?
A bet is a bet
A Disciple Evaluation
A Father Daughter Talk (political humor)
A Lawyer Story
A Near Death Experience
A paper by a third grader asked to 'Explain God'
A Slap on the Train
A True Physics Story
A Woman's Prayer
Actual bumper stickers found on actual cars
Actual Comments Heard by Travel Agents
Actual Headlines
Actual Headlines That Just Don't Sound Right
Ada (If you don't know computers, forget it!)
Al Gore Humor
Almighty God
Alternate Meanings
American Management
And God Created...
Announcing a new technology
Answers by 16-year-old students!
Apple Humor
Apple's Marketing Department
Are you feeling old?
At the Pearly Gates
Baby Boomers New Songs
Bad Times Virus
Barney's Other Job
Bart at the Chalkboard
Best excuses for when you get caught sleeping at your desk
Best Headlines of the year
Bible Story for our Times
Bikini Logic
Bio Quiz
Blonde Jokes
Blondes Explain Easter
Bumper Stickers
Bungie Jumping
Cartoon Habits
Charles Dickens - Doornails
Cherokee Chief
Children in Church
Christian Pick-up lines
Christmas Tradtions
Church bulletin bloopers
Clever signs
Clinton Joke
Coffee - you've had too much ...
College Students and the Bible
Computer Acronyms and what they really mean
Computer Illiterate
Computers vs. Autos
Country-Western Songs We Don't Hear Often
Crank Unified Theories
Dead Horse (AKA California State Education Joke)
Do you Have A.A.A.D.D.?
Do you Have A.A.A.D.D.?
Dogs vs Cats
Don't LIke Your Job?
Don't taunt the wife!
Driver's License Picture
Election 2000 quips from late niters
Embarrassing Moments Contest
EUC Update
Eye Opener
Feeling Old
Final Fun
Florida Bumper Stickers
Funny Quotes
Funny Shorts
Funny Signs
George Burns Funny
GM vs Microsoft
God is Watching
God's Tenure
Having a bad day?
Health Food and Heaven
Health Q&A Session
Hell's Preview
Hillbilly Birth Control
How Do You Treat a Woman?
How many computer geeks...
How Many Dogs Does It Take to Change A Light Bulb?
How things would be different if Microsoft was headquartered in Arkansas...
How to Build an Atom Bomb
How to write a college paper
How You Can Tell When It's Going To Be A Rotten Day
Humor for Lexophiles
Humorous Poem
Hunting Season
I stand at the door
Idiots for Your Entertainment
Idiots of 2003
IE Security Warning
If Poe used a computer...
In the Beginning... for Dieters
IQ Test: A Career Guidance Test for the Graduate:
Jesus Wins
Job Application
Jonah and the Whale
Just for Women
Kids on Marriage
Kids Say the Honest-est Things
Kinda Sick
Kissing Quiet
Laws of Japanese Animation
Laws of Logic
Lawyer Humor
Leadership Qualifications
Letter to the Florida Lottery Commission
Letters Sent to Dear Abby:
Life Span Explained
Life's little realities
Losing My Election (Not Religion!)
Loyal Wife
Making Music
Man's Best Friend
Management Rumors
Married in Heaven?
Martha Stewart's Tips For Rednecks
Me, Speeding?
MIASS, a Computing Solution
Microsoft's Hellish Commercials
Mindtrap Questions
Misc. Signs
More Church Bulliten Bloopers
More Oneliners
Moses and God
Mother of the Bride
Mouse Balls as FRUs
Murphy's Lesser-Known Dictums
Music Blunders
My Forgetter
New Virus Warnings
Noah in modern times
Nuns at the Hospital
Obfuscated Sayings
Odd Coffee
Odd Rabbi Out
Oil Change Instructions
One Liners to Make You Laugh
ONLY in the military!
Out of the mouths of babes!
Political Humor - Chain Letter
praise the lord
Proverbs and Kids
Question and Answer Time with Dr. Live It Up
Real Stories of the 'Technically Challanged'
Really smart computer users beware!
Rejected theme songs for Titanic
Resume Quips
Rules of the Air
Saying Grace...
School Stories
SCSI device instructions
Snappy Answers
Solving redneck murders
Southern Talk
Spring Cleaning of the Internet
Star Wars Drinking Game
Star Wars.... What REALLY happened...
Stephen Wrightisms
Sterotypes going too far?
Technical Support
Ten things that would be different if Microsoft sold cars:
The Ant and the Sluggard
The Atheist and the Bear
The Bible According to Kids
The Bible and College Students
The Bird
The blonde joke to end all blonde jokes
The breakdown near the monastery
The Cowboy and the Lawyer
The crazy geologist
The Difference Between Left and Right
The Economical Emergency Vehicle
The facts of life
The Frog Princess and the IT Guy
The Lesser-Known Programming Languages #10: SIMPLE
The Lord is My Shepherd... I think...
The man who asked god for a bridge
The Purina Diet
The Round About Method
The Tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo
The Texas Lawyer
The Texas Three Kick Rule
The Top 15 "Biblical" Ways to Find a Wife.
The Top 22 Politically Correct Ways to Say 'You're Stupid'
The worlds easiest Quiz
Things I Have Learned
Things My Mother Taught Me
Things That It Took Me 50 Years to Learn
Things to do to annoy your roommate
Things to do when you're bored at WalMart
Things you would never know if not for movies.
tin whistles
Tips For Rednecks
Top 10 Reasons Star Wars Would Win!
Top 10 Signs the New Mir Computer is Running Windows 95
Top ten ways the Bible would be different if it were written by students
Trail and error!
True News Items
Two Catholic Boys . . .
Two Sisters
Van Gogh's Relatives
Were not in Kansas anymore
What did you say?
What If Dr. Seuss Did Technical Writing?
What Would You Like to Hear at Your Funeral?
When I die, I want you to say...
Where is God?
Who wants to be a strange millionare?
Who was the first sound technician....
Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? (Part 2)
Windows 95, a Definition
Words of Wisdom
Words Women Use
Worst Analogies
You Know You're Addicted to email When
You Know You're from California When...
You Know You're in Bakersfield in July When...
You might be a Nazarene if...
You Might be in Education if...
Young Love

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