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Ocelot's Poetry and Songs

(Part 1)
Loneliness stalks my floundering soul,
padding on soft paws of silence.

While the treacherous trail keeps extracting its toll,
this prey flees succumbing to violence.

Through the jungle of life, it evades the sharp knife,
in the hand of the beast, unrelenting.

And it dodges each blow, as they dance to and fro,
with the prey every trap circumventing.

(Part 2)
How can I say what's on my heart today
a different emotion by far.

For today in reflection, my years of rejection
melting away in your arms.

A long time I've known, before you were my own,
the picture of one who'd be mine.

Now you've come and gone, and left me with a song,
with a rhythm, but never a rhyme.
Kevin Metcalf

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