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Ocelot's Poetry and Songs

 Any Attempt At Reason
There must some way, some way I can say,
can say how I feel about you.
These feelings are real, these feelings I feel,
as I sit alone here without you.

Our time, like a song, whose timing is wrong,
wrong timing now brings to a close.
But 'tis for the best, tho the best are depressed,
but broken hearts heal, I suppose...

So now here I am, here I sit, here I stand
yet every position is lonely...
And here, yet again, I hear breathed by the wind,
"Where is your true one and only?"

So what can I say? I just tuck thoughts away,
but emotion's strong fire never dies.
Then thoughts inter-mingled with emotionless shingles
return, and my empty heart sighs.

And the air thus expelled carries thought's empty shells,
shells of what once I held true.
Love's shell, now exausted leaves me thus accosted,
As I sit with thoughts only of you.

Now every day's sorrow finds its best on the morrow
and yet through life's ashes I hear:
"Now that life's left you broken, with nary a token
of hope, come to me, have no fear..."
Kevin Metcalf

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