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Ocelot's Poetry and Songs

 In His Place
Pray your spirit fall upon me;
cleanse me from this sin that's on me.

For though I knew my choice was wrong,
I bear the guilt of going on.

In this repulsive sin I wait.
I struggle not with chains of fate.

I've gone as far as I can take me.
Now, dear God, I pray you break me.

From the cross I hear you saying,
"speak no more of your betraying.

Listen now, I will not break thee
harm thee, leave thee, nor forsake thee."

Jesus save me from my sinning.
Then I feel the peace beginning.

Father in this place of peace
you've met with me and gave release.

From suffering, sorrow, pain, and grief
you bring a balm, your Love. Relief!

Lord I feel your hand upon me.
In this place, where you have drawn me.

Here I sacrifice my will
and hear you saying, "Peace, be still."

I bring my life with all its hurry,
and in your love, I lose all worry.

The miracle I've seen this morn,
is in the way my life's reborn.
Kevin Metcalf

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