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Ocelot's Poetry and Songs

there is such thing as solitude
a place to go to be alone
a place away from life's decisions
away from tv fridge and phone
there is a place a place of wonder
where solitude reigns over all
a place to go when life seems hopeless
and you feel you've dropped the ball
there is a place to always turn to
when you're hurt and need to hide
a place where pain can never enter
where joy and happiness abide
there is a place where all can enter
if they only knew the way
but no direction can i give them
for they all must know the way
in this place time has no meaning
mere existence dims itself
as all the thoughts that life has hidden
gradually fall from the shelf
then and only through the silence
can one seek to understand
the mystery of God's redemption
in the life of that one man
though the solitude is scary
what one finds one may not like
one can find a new awareness
of what life can be with Christ
Kevin Metcalf

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