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Ocelot's Poetry and Songs

 glance (song)
verse 1
every time I look your way
in a glance that speaks no words
my eyes belie a simple phrase
i hope you've often heard

every time you look at me
i hear what you don't say
a heart-felt glance glimped en passant
and you have made my day

all that I long for
all I can stand
everything I want to be
is here in my eyes
and I realize
you mirror it right back to me

verse 2
day may bring light soon today
but nights will never leave
so stay with me througout the days
of gilded Autumn leaves

we share the night breeze quietly
the winds whip round the haze
yet all the warmth of perfect love
is here within this gaze

(to chorus)
you're all that I long for
you're all I can stand
you're everything I want to see
and here in my eyes
please realize
and mirror it right back to me (high note!)
yes mirror... it right... back... to...
Kevin Metcalf

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