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Ocelot's Poetry and Songs

 When I Think of Christmas
when i think of christmas there's so much that comes to mind
memories of hanging lights and decorating trees all the gifts i tried to find
i remember the piles of leaves we'd strewn around the yard
and bethlehem on the fireplace - and road trips in the car

chorus 1.
it's the family and the friends - it's the joy that never ends
it's a baby in the hay who would die for us one day
it's the laughter, games and gifts - making out those christmas lists
that's what comes to mind oh - when i think of christmas

when i think of christmas and the first gift that he gave
god wrapped in humanity - i wonder at the thought of a helpless little babe
the creator of all mankind - who came to give his life
shows his love through human hearts - when we let him dwell inside

chorus 2.
it's a little baby boy who change the world
who would bring the kings of mankind to their knees
who had come to save the lost through a crown, some nails and a cross
that's what comes to mind oh - when i think of christmas - when i think of christmas
Kevin and Erin Metcalf

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