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Ocelot's Poetry and Songs

 Quiet Tears (song)
quite tears of grief
punctuate his disbelief
empty words of promised joy
can't console this quiet, aching boy

and all his tears like raindrops fall
midst silent fears on noisy halls
and no one's cheers can pass these walls today

sterile walls so cold
reminisce of wounds so old
and time she slips away
they meet again beneath the clouds so grey

yes time speeds by and dulls the pain
and tears run dry like every rain
it quells each lie - turns sobs to sighs
darkness turns to grey

slowly time slips by
sobbing turns to sighs
emptiness recedes
comfort breaks along the shores of needs

and all these tears through all these years
fade like memories of fears
to be replaced by love's embrace this day

for love enclosed in heaven's hand
transcends the pain of mortal man
as hands once pierced embrace so fierce
twilight turns to day

quiet tears of joy
finally fill his jagged void
as a whisper soft and kind
dances lightly through his mind

when the voice that calmed the sea
whispers "child, you belong to me."
Kevin Metcalf

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