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Ocelot's Poetry and Songs

 carnival (song)
in a wonderful, mystical carnival
feel the magical, whimsical powerful
introspection's impossible, can't you see?
for if you despise all the lies what would be?

see the beautiful, dutiful clientele

twirling round and round cross the ground - round the well
numbness clouds the mind - all is fine in this place
but what's past the lights? all the sights? is there grace?

through the music i can see a dim shape I am
wondering where have I seen it before?
then through the mist I see a face I know I've
only seen when on my knees alone

even wonderful, mystical can't conceal
or essaying hide - less divide - truths so real
but the question that still remains in this place
seems so out of reach though some teach love and grace

though at carnival I recall eventually
what so wonderful, beautiful stands by me
so I turn to face my disgrace - just to find
though I felt it here yet I hear it's not mine!

now I know whom I see. this shape is inside me
yes I know where I have seen it before
and I see through His eyes. how I bought all these lies
yet His scarred hand reaches out to me

from this mystical carnival I would flee
if this mystical carnival captured me
Kevin Metcalf

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