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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

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Fort Condor

When you pass through the caves after getting past the midgar golem, you can head south to Fort Condor. There is an item and a materia shop here, but they won't sell you anything until you talk to the guy sitting at the table just below them. Chat him up, agree to fight against the Shinra, and you should be able to shop there. At first they only have basic stuff, but their wares level up as the game progresses. Be sure to come back to Fort Condor as often as you can so you can help them fight the Shinra. It's kinda remeniscent of FF Tactics, but... more, I dunno... brain-dead, maybe? I've found you can get some decent items this way, so it can be worth it.

General strategy: Place your guys pretty much right at the lower-edge line. Use two catipults in the middle, and one on each site. Have a shooter at each catipult. Vary the other guys as appropriate, but I like to use one attacker and one defender at each area, then vary who attacks based on what type of enemy I'm fighting. If it's a beast, use an attacker. If it's a human, use a defender. For Wyverns, use Shooters. Have the repairers heal in between skirmishes. Stay close to the catipult lines.

Round 1:
I deployed a lot of fighters, just like he suggested, and I was awarded a Magic Comb at the end of the battle. There was no other activity at the time, so I couldn't fight any more rounds.

Round 2:
Lots of mixed Barbarians; chose a bunch of defenders; got a Peace Ring . I put a lot of different people around the area.

Round 3:
He recommends I set up fire catapults, so I set up four fire catipult stations. I also put an attacker, a shooter, and a defender at each station. I also added 3 repairers, left, right, and center and one extra shooter in the middle. I got a Megalixir . I left them with enough gil for 5 battles, too.

Round 4:
Same as Round 3, except this time I got a Potion or two!

Round 5:
Same as Round 3 and 4, except I deployed Tristaners and got a Super Ball .

Round 6:
Same as Round 5. I got a Turbo Ether .

Round 7:
Same as Round 5 & 6. I got another Turbo Ether .

No Cloud or Tifa:
After losing Cloud and Tifa, you'll be able to come here and fight on your own as Cid. Check out the materia shop - you should be able to buy Throw, Manipulate, Deathblow, Destruct, and All. If not, you might have to wait until after the battle. If you screw up, you can always beat them the old fashioned way. When the guy asks you to go outside, go and pick up the Phoenix materia which is sitting on the ground there. Then go and talk to the old guy sitting at the table by the entry rope. You'll get the key item Huge Materia .

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