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You might be a Nazarene if... (Author: Unknown)

1. If you believe you're supposed to take a covered dish to heaven when you die;

2. If you have never sung the third verse of any hymn;

3. If you have ever put an IOU in the offering plate;

4. If you think someone who says "amen" while the pastor is preaching might be a charismatic;

5. If you complained because your pastor only works one day a week and then he works too long;

6. If you clapped in church last Sunday and felt guilty about it all week;

7. If you woke up one morning craving fried chicken and interpreted that as a call to preach.

8. If you think the epistles are probably the wives of the apostles;

9. If you are old enough to get a senior citizen discount at the pharmacy, but not old enough to promote into the senior adult Sunday School department;

10. If you think the Holy Land is Kansas City.

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