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IE Security Warning (Author: Unknown)

When I clicked an link in an email from a friend of mine, it took me to a
website that had streaming media content. It automatically started a
download of the appropriate plugin for viewing. After reading the warning
box, I fell off my chair laughing. The box automatically fills in the
appropriate corporate name and links, etc. The result is truly one of the
funniest things I have ever seen. I still have the message up on my
screen, and I will type it here for you:
------------- BEGIN TRANSCRIPTION ----------
Security Warning!
Do you want to install and run "Windows Media Player Setup" signed on
11/18/99 7:17PM and distributed by:

Microsoft Corporation [this was a clickable link to]

Publisher authenticity verified by VeriSign Commercial Software Publishers CA

Caution: Microsoft Corporation asserts that this content is safe. You
should only install/view this content if you trust Microsoft Corporation to
make that assertion.

[click box] Always trust content from Microsoft Corporation?
------------- END TRANSCRIPTION ----------

Needless to say, I just pressed "Cancel".

Original (KMM)

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