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Who wants to be a strange millionare? (Author: Unknown)

Heard on a late night comedy routine (01/04/2001):

'I want to get on Millionare because you just have to come up with the right answer, but not for any reason. So I could get on there and get a question like:
Who was president when WWII broke out? Was it:
a) Abraham Lincoln b) FDR
c) Richard Nixon d) Jimmy Carter

and I can say, "Well, I know Lincoln died in 1985, and WWII didn't break out until 1993. I know there were no black presidents until after WWII, so it's not Nixon. I think Jimmy Carter was the base player for the Red Hot Chilly Peppers, so I'm going to go with FDR."

Then Regis will have to say, "He got it right for $16,000! and try not to laugh!"'

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