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IQ Test: A Career Guidance Test for the Graduate: (Author: Unknown)

Answer the following question, then find your answer below to explore your career options.

Problem: A cat is in a tree and it won't come down. Explain briefly how you would get the cat out of the tree.


Career Options:
Answer: Climb the tree.
Meaning: You are of average intelligence. You could be a good sales clerk.

Answer: Climb the tree with a ladder.
Meaning: You are of above average intelligence and you could be a sales clerk supervisor.

Answer: Call "Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!"
Meaning: You are a foolish optimist. Do not try to start your own business.

Answer: Chop down the tree.
Meaning: You are an energetic doer rather than a passive thinker. Join the Marines.

Answer: Get a sexy cat to entice the other cat out of the tree.
Meaning: You have a future in advertising or show business.

Answer: Call the fire department.
Meaning: You know how to delegate responsibility. Become an executive.

Answer: Set the tree on fire.
Meaning: You have imagination,creativity and a warped sense of humor. You will write greeting cards.

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