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Music Blunders (Author: Unknown)

For some really hilarious misquotes from music students (real quotes from
Dan's students!) - you've gotta see this site! Pass this along to the
music dept and others!

Here are a few examples:

I were surprised that the musicians were of great respectability.

The strings play high tones and the tampons create a low rumbling sound to finally end the piece.

People of this society are trying to be different, just like everybody else.

[Tzimon Barto] played the piano better than some people drive their cars.

The pianist constantly ran up and down the piano in small steps.

It starts... maderato.

The soprano solos tenor joins alto joins base joins.

.. there is a sense of clamness.

.. piano adds minor retardo chords.

The composer makes full use of the percussion section with a strong beat and extraneous noses...

[The Renaissance ballett] is homophobic while Madrigals combine polyphobic and homophobic.

The horsachord was used in this piece.

Wagner... was fragmented more into a succession of arias.

Liszt...embodied the art of performance which allows for personal interpretation and emotional deliverance.

I felt a sense of climb and racy during this movement.

I really enjoyed the music the used of the timpani that I got pretty scared and almost jumped of my sit was fun.

The [melody] includes chronic scales...

The music repeats... as the flutes deceased in minor.

You can ear the bass in the background.

A short pause is followed by a series of slow, spermatic notes...

The performance... was very professional and during the times I was awake I [heard] no flaws.

[Beethoven's] 6th symphony was about the pasture...

So Bach, who composed "Fudge," was the best representative [of the Baroque era.]

Composers not working for the nubility had the opportunity to be more creative.

.. the two sides of the conductor grew more apart...

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