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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough


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The following is a list of what each card Mods into, and how many of them are required. It is not yet finished.

Page 1

Num Card Becomes Good For...
1Geezard5 ScrewsWeapons Upgrades
1Fungar1 M-stone pieceLow Level Magics
1Bug-Bite1 M-stone pieceLow Level Magics
1Red Bat1 Vampire FangMakes Vampire Attack
4Blobra1 Rune ArmletGF learns SPR+20% ability; Supt Mag-RF into 40 shells; refines into 10 shell stones
1Gayla1 Mystery FluidQuistis Blue Magic: Acid; also ST Mag-RF into 10 Meltdowns
1Gespar1 Black HoleQuistis Blue Magic: Degenerator
4Fastitocalon-F1 Water CrystalQuistis Blue Magic: Aqua Breath; also refines to 20 waters.
1Blood-Soul1 Zombie Powder1 L Mag-RF into 20 Zombies
1Caterchipillar1 Spider WebQuistis Blue Magic: Ultra Waves
1Cockatrice1 Cockatrice PinionFeather with petrifying power

Page 2

Num Card Becomes Good For...
1Grat1 Magic StoneRefines to mid level magics
1Buel1 Magic StoneRefines to mid level magics
1Mesmerize1 Mesmerize BladeWeapons Upgrades; also 1 L Mag-RF into 20 Regens
1Glacial Eye1 Arctic WindCompatability: Shiva; also refine into 20 blizzaras
1Belheml1 Saw BladeWeapons Upgrades; also 1 L Mag-RF into 10 deaths
1Thrustaevis1 Shear FeatherCompatibility: ????
1Anacandaur1 Venom FangCompatibility: ????
1Creeps1 Coral FragmentQuistis Blue Magic: Electrocute; T Refine 20 Thundaras
1Grendal1 Dragon FinCompatibilty: ????
1Jelleye1 Magic StoneRefines to mid level magics
1Grand Mantis1 Sharp SpikeWeapons Upgrades

Page 3

Num Card Becomes Good for...
1Forbidden1 Betrayal SwordWeapons Upgrades; ST Mag-RF into 20 Confuses
1Aramadodo1 Dino BoneWeapons Upgrades; Compatibility: ????
1Tri-Face1 Curse SpikeQuistis Blue Magic: Lv?Death; also ST Mag-RF into 10 pain
1Fastitocalon1 Water CrystalQuistis Blue Magic: Aqua Breath; also refines to 50 waters
1Snow Lion1 North WindCompatibility: Shiva; also Refines into 20 Blizzagas
1Ochu1 Ochu TentacleWeapons Upgrades
1SAM08G1 Running FireQuistis Blue Magic: Gatling Gun
1Death Claw1 Sharp SpikeWeapons Upgrades
1Cactuar1 Cauctus ThornCompatibility: Cactaur
1Tonberry1 Chef's KnifeCompatibility: Tonberry; also weapons upgrades
1Abyss Worm1 WindmillRefine 20 Tornados; also Compatibility: ????

Page 4

Num Card Becomes Good for... Where to find
5Turtapod1 Healing MailGF HP+10% ability
1Vsyage1 Wizard StoneRefines into High Level Magics
2T-Rexaur1 Dino-BoneWeapons Upgrades; Compatibility: ????
1Bomb1 Bomb FragmentCompatibility: Ifrit
1Blitz1 Dynamo StoneCompatibility: Quezacotl; T Mag-RF into 20 Thundagas
1Wendigo1 Steel OrbCompatibility: ????
5Torama1 Life Ring1 L Mag-RF into 20 Lifes
1Imp1 Wizard StoneRefines into High Level Magics
4Blue Dragon1 Fury FragmentSupt Mag-RF into 5 auras; also GLrefines into 2 aura stones
3Adamentosie1 Turtle ShellVit+20% Ability
3Hexadragon1 Red FangCompatability: Ifrit; also weapons upgrades

Page 5

Num Card Becomes Good for...
3Iron Giant1 Star FragmentGF Learns SumMag+20% Ability
10Behemoth1 BarrierQuistis Blue Magic: Mighty Guard
10Chimera1 Regen RingGF LearnsHP+20% Ability; refines into 5 tents; refines into 2 ultima stones; L mag-RF into 20 Full Lifes
* 1PuPu1 Hungry CookpotGF Learns Devour Ability
1Elastoid1 Steel PipeGF Learns SumMag+10%; also Summon Doom Train; also refines into 1 aura stone
1GIM47N10 Fast AmmoAmmo For Irvine
4Malboro1 Malboro TentacleWeapons Upgrades; also Quistis Blue Magic: Bad Breath; also Summon Doom Train
10Ruby Dragon1 Inferno FangQuistis Blue Magic: Fire Breath
10Elnoyle1 Energy CrystalGF SumMag+30%
1Tonberry King1 Chef's KnifeWeapons Upgrades; also Compatibility Tonberry; also refines into death
1Wedge, Biggs1 X-PotionFully Restores HP

Page 6

Num Card Becomes Good for...
1Fujin, Ragin1 X-PotionFully Restores HP
1Elvoret10 Death StonesRefines into Death
2X-ATM0921 Turtle ShellWeapons Upgrades; GF Learnins Vit+20%
1Granaldo1 G-Returner
10Grerogero1 CircletTool-RF into 2 Aura Stones
1Iguion1 Cockatrice PinionST Mag-RF into 20 Breaks
1Abadon30 Dark Ammo
1Trauma30 Demolition Ammo
1Oilboyle30 Fire Ammo
5Shumi Tribe1 Gambler SpiritTool-RF into 10 wizard stones
1Krysta10 Holy Stones

Page 7

Num Card Becomes Good for...
1Propigator1 G-Mega-Potion
1Jumbo Cactuar1 Cactus Thorn
40Tri-Point1 Jet Engine
10Gargantua1 Strength Love
1Tiamat10 Flare StonesF Mag-RF into 1 flare (each)
1Mobile Type 810 Shell Stones
1Sphinxara1 G-Mega-Potion
1BGH251F210 Protect Stones
1Red Giant5 Meteor Stones
1Catoblepas1 Rename Card
1Ultima Weapon1 Ultima Stone

Page 8

Num Card Becomes Good for... Where to find
* 1Fat Chocobo100 LuvLuvG
1Angelo100 Elixir
1Gilgamesh10 Holy War
1MiniMog100 Pet Houses
* 1Chicobo100 Gyshahl Greens
1Quezacotl100 Dynamo StoneRefines into 20 Thundagas
1Shiva100 North WindsCompatibility: Shiva; also Refines into 20 Blizzagas
1Ifrit3 Elem AttacksDefeat Ifrit; win from Martine after losing it to Caraway
1Siren3 Elem Attacks
1Sacred100 Dino Bones
1Minatuar10 Adamintines

Page 9

Num Card Becomes Good for... Where to find
1Carbuncle3 Glow CurtainsSupt Mag-RF into 100 Reflects (each)
1Diablos100 Black Holes
1Leviathan3 Doc's Code
1Oden100 Dead Spirits
1Pandemona100 Windmill
1Cerberus100 LightweightsTime Mag-RF into 20 Hastes (each)
1Alexander3 Moon CurtainsSupt Mag-RF into 100 shells (each)
* 1Phoenix3 Phoenix Spirit
1Bahamut100 Megalixirs
* 1Doomtrain3 Status Guard
1Eden3 Monk's Codes

Page 10

Num Card Becomes Good for... Where to find
* 1WardGaea's Ring
* 1Kiros3 Accelerator
* 1Laguna100 Hero
1Selphi3 Elem Guards
1Quistis3 Samantha Souls
* 1Irvine3 Rocket EngineTime Mag-RF into 50 Triples (each)
* 1Zell3 Hyper Wrist
1Riona3 Magic ArmletsWin from her father in Deling city. Lose Ifrit card first.
1Seifer3 Diamond Armors
* 1Squall3 Three StarsTime Mag-RF into 100 Triples (each)

* Indicates that I have received this info from contributors, but have not verified it myself. The * will go away as I verify these.

The following items are not part of any Card mod, but it's nice to know what you can get out of them...


Num Item Refine With/Becomes Good for...
1Aegis AmuletTime Mag-RF / 100 HastesGood Magic for speed junction!
1Bomb SpiritF Mag-RF / 100 FiragasBest Fire Magic
1Phoenix PinionF Mag-RF / 100 FiragasBest Fire Magic
1Healing WaterL Mag-RF / 20 CurasBetter Cure magic
1Healing RingL Mag-RF / 100 CuragasBest Cure magic
1Dragon FangSupt Mag-RF / 20 EsuanasCure status ailments
1Steel CurtainSupt Mag-RF / 100 ProtectsProtect from physical attacks
1Med KitSupt Mag-RF / 100 EsuanasCure status ailments

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