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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough


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Chocobo File Updater - By Carbon Ocelot (2/21/2001)

NOTE: Make sure you have "Chicobo." If you don't have Chicobo, refer to the section below "Getting Chicobo."

  1. Load your favorite group of characters, and enter the save menu.
  2. Select the "Chocobo World" slot.
  3. Select "World" to send Chicobo to Chocobo world.
  4. Use Cntl-Esc to get to windows. (NOTE: With XP, you may have to use cntl-alt-del to break out of the game. This will bring up the task manager and let you switch to a different process.)
  5. In the ff8 save directory of which ever slot you are in, Backup the file called "Chocorpg" someplace safe.
  6. Unzip the 2 files "updater.bat" and "ch2" and place them in the ff8 save folder.
  7. Double click on updater.bat.
  8. Alt-Tab back to FF8. (You may have to use the task manager in XP.)
  9. Select "Home" to bring Chicobo back to this world. Chicobo should bring some goodies with him. If this does not work, you may have to edit the file. Email me at the address on the contact page for detailed instructions.
  10. Now send chicobo back to chocobo world, then Alt-Tab to Updater and press any key. (Again, use the TM for XP.) This will 'recharge' your chicobo.
  11. Switch back and forth as desired.

How I Use It:
I got tired of switching back and forth between the two games, so I rigged up a quicker way of doing this. On my internal network, I shared my save folder, and had another machine attach to it, setting it to mount it as drive H: (or whatever is available). Then I drop to dos, say H: (to get to that directory) and then type updater.bat. Now whenever I press the space bar on the OTHER machine, my choco file get's recharged. I put the keyboard from the other machine on the floor and press the space bar with my feet. Now I just bring choco back (collect toys) then send him to choco world. Then press the space bar with my foot. Then bring him back to collect more toys. It WAY faster, but requires a network, two computers and a little windows knowledge.

Getting Chicobo:
To get Chicobo, simply catch a large chocobo at one of the six chocobo forests. Your first catch (or payment to chocobo boy) will give you a Chicobo. The easiest Chocobo forest to catch a chocobo in is the one by Shumi Village on the Northern most island of the square map. It's the small round forest patch.

Legal Note: The author assumes no responsibility for your machine crashing as a result of using this, uh, patch. :) Also, when you want to play chocobo world, be sure to delete the three files "ch2", "chocorpg", and "updater.bat" and restore your old "chocorpg" file first.

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