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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

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Disc 2

Hang on a Second:
If you go back the way you came, though, you can participate in Battle 09 at Fort Condor (see the Fort Condor section of the walkthrough - be sure you leave them with enought Gil!) You can also stock those enemy skill materia you have now. There are only a few really good enemy skills to get. Here are the five great ones to have (be sure to swap out your counter materia with manipulate for these battles, though):
Enemy Skills:
1. Stop off by the chocobo farm and fight a Midgar Zolom (or two, or three). Get them near death and learn enemy skill beta.
2. While near Fort Condor (in the brown, rocky area), manipulate a Zemzelett to get the other enemy skill materia the "White Wind" skill.
3. In the beach area by the weapon smith (or any beach near Gonga), manipulate and learn mighty guard from a Beach Plug.
4. Head to the beach area by Wutai and find an adamantaimai to manipulate. Cast Death Force on each of your characters to learn that skill (can't morph these guys).
5. While around here, go to the dark green grassy area and find a Razor Weed. Learn the Magic Hammer Skill.

You can also level-up using some of the Guard Source and Power Source morph monsters (see the level up section). When you have the above enemy skills, go back to the Sleeping Forest, and head back to the Forgotten Capital.

Northern Caves:
Throughout this WHOLE area, enemy skill: Beta really is your best friend. Combined with Enemy Skill: Magic Hammer, you have an unlimited number of entirely too powerful fire-based attackes that will almost without exception kill off everything in one shot. See the paragraph above for more info on these skills. Really; it's that useful!

At the beginning of Disc 2, you'll wake up in the Forgotten Capital. Go down the left path to save your game, then take the right path all the way to the end (the direction you saw Sepiroth going earlier). Go left all the way around the large spiny thing to get the Viper Halberd from the chest, then come back around to the front. Cloud should jump up the spine on his own.

At the top, you'll go all the way to the top of the shell, then back around to get to the exit on the ledge to your left. When you enter the cave. there are a few chimneys you can climb up. Here's the order to do this most efficiently:

1. Take the left chimney, at the top exit left.
2. Take the left chimney and at the top exit left again.
3. Go right back into the chimney and go up. At the top, you'll jump left and be able to get Bolt Armlet . Go back down, and this time exit right.
4. Walk right until you get to the next chimney you can go up (you can't jump into the first one you pass).
5. Go up and exit right for a Megalixir .
6. Get back into the chimney and go down.
7. When it asks you, exit right and then immediately jump back on heading down again.
8. Toward the bottom, you'll exit left and get the HypnoCrown from the box (you'll want this if you have trouble manipulating things).
9. Climb all the way up the chimney and go left at the very top.
10 Take the next cleft up and walk left until you hit the ladder.
11. Climb to the bottom (Cloud climbs automatically) and you can get a magic plus materia.
12. Get back on the ladder and go up.
13. When you jump off, get back on heading up (you'll have to climb here, don't ask me why...)

When you get to the top, head right. If you run across an Acrophies (HP 2400, MP 220) steal a Water Ring - you can use a couple of magic hammer enemy skill attacks to keep him from casting huge tidal wave over and over and healing back up. You can't get anything else useful from them, though. There's a Power Source in a box just as you enter the next cave. If you happen across a Grimguard, you can steal a shrivel (uses mini on one opponent) from them.

You'll emerge from the cave in the Icicle area. Head slightly south, then west until you hit the ocean and then turn north. You should go past a bunch of chocobo tracks. When you get there, look off to the east (right). When you get to the ocean on the north, head east and you'll find the town of Icicle. Save your game, then head into town.

The Weapon Shop just left and straight ahead has some decent weapons. Be sure to sell off all Aeris's weapons, too. Sigh... The next room over is Gast's House. There's a Turbo Ether to the right of his bed downstairs. Head upstairs and examine the equipment at the far end of the room.

Watch all the videos for a little more information on what's going on. The next house over has a kid that hurt himself snowboarding. The far right building has a back room with a Hero Drink and a Vaccine . There's also a map hanging on the wall. Grab it. The final building in town is the Inn.

Upstairs, hidden in the leftmost corner of the room is an X-Potion . After you've looked around the town, head to the far end and talk to the nice man (if you thank him, he'll teach you how to ride a Snowboard ), then try to leave (go past the guy); when the Turks show up, you'll get punched - try to (mash left) dodge it.

If you succeed, they'll go trailing off down the hill. If you don't dodge, you'll wake up in Gast's house. Head right and talk to the kid who got hurt snowboarding (two or three times) then take his Snowboard . Run to the end of town, and head right down the hill. You'll be thrust into the Snowboard mini-game. It's kinda fun, but it does get old pretty quick. Depending on the route you take during this game, you'll end up in one of three spots at the end of the run. For optimal starting position, I recommend going right when you get to each fork in the road.

When the mini-game is over, you'll wake up in one of four spots. Hopefully you took the right-hand turns, or the instructions below will be confusing. Check you map by pressing the square button (or if you're not using a PS controller, use whatever your companions tell you as soon as you wake up.)

Note: If you take too long to complete this area, you'll collapse and end up in the mountain house. You can head south from there to return to this area, and you'll appear at the top of the map where the check mark is. If you come to a hot spring, touch it (not to reset your warmth gauge; but to make you 'dirty', which is important later on). While there aren't any great eneemy skills to learn here, be sure to equip at least one (along with any cool weapons you bought back at the Icecycle Inn). Beta works REALLY well here, and don't forget you can recharge your magic with magic hammer. Figure out where you are on the main map.

  1. Exit this screen at the top left, then continue left a full screen. You'll arrive at a lake. There's a Potion on the lake toward the right edge. Head out onto the ice and grab the Potion , then return to shore and go up. Exit the screen at the upper right corner.
  2. On the next screen, go all the way to the right. You'll end up on a screen with a Tree and three exits. Take the left exit, and continue left two more screens until you come to a little log bridge.
  3. Go left across the bridge and head down (left on the overhead map), then go left on the next two screen.
  4. At the caves, head into the nearest cave and go to the upper left corner for an Elixir .
  5. Go out either exit, and head to the bottom of the screen (lowest exit = south on the world map).
  6. Head right until you get to the tree, then go down and take the exit to the lower left.
  7. Head right until you come to the Ice Gate (three screens).
  8. Go up
  9. Go right
  10. Go right
  11. Go right
  12. Run left out on to the lake and walk this path when you have to hop on things:
    1. up
    2. up
    3. left
    4. down
    5. left
    6. up
    7. up
    8. right
    9. right
    10. right
    11. up
    12. left
    13. down
    14. left
    15. up
    16. up
    17. right
    18. up
  13. Inside the cave is a Safety Bit . Go back the opposite of the way you came:
    1. down
    2. left
    3. down
    4. right
    5. right
    6. down
    7. left
    8. down
    9. right
    10. down
    11. left
    12. down
  14. When you are back on the lake screen, head back to shore and take the right exit.
  15. Continue right until you come to the tree.
  16. Head up and right three screens until you come to a place with two left exits (you're on the lower one), one right, and one down.
  17. Go up and right.
  18. On the next screen, you'll head up and left.
  19. Then go up and left again (on this second one, be careful: there's an added cut materia here - pair-equip this with enemy skill!).
  20. Touch the hot springs here (you'll need to go up and left a bit to touch it; it's not obvious how big this screen is).
  21. Now go right, then right and up (for a few screens). At the two-left screen, head down and follow the path.
    (We're stalling - At the end of this path, you should pass out.)
  22. After talking with Holzoff for a while, save and head outside.
  23. Go south (down) to the ice field, and head straight south to get to the cave (place markers frequently to make sure you are traveling in a straight line!!!)
  24. When you get there, go inside for an all materia. When you leave the cave, head due right.
  25. Go right another three screens and you'll come to a cave.
  26. Head up into the cave and talk to the woman in blue (you have touched the hot spring, right? If not, exit the cave and go down-right two screens, then use the topmost left exit to get to the hot springs. You can try to backtrack to the cave, but you'll likely pass out; that's fine - just repeat the previous few steps). For this fight, I used beta twice, and she was totally gone. Which is a shame, because if you're good enough to steal from her you can get a Circlet , which is pretty amazing for your mage!
  27. You'll get the the Alexander materia (and a quote based typo), possibly along with an Ice Crystal .
  28. Return to the mountain cabin (via the reverse of the path you took here) and save.
Now it's time to scale the mountain. Head north from the mountain cabin and follow these guidelines to get to the top:
  1. Press up until you get to the next ledge, then press Square a bunch to warm up.
  2. Then, go to the upper right of that ledge and press circle to get on the next area.
  3. You'll press square a bunch when you get there, too.
  4. Repeat a few times: Essentially, you're going whereever the flags are.
  5. When you get to the top (pause and warm up at each ledge) go into the cave.
Let's start with a quick word about this area... At some point you will run across a Stilva (HP 2000 / MP: 300). You can learn the enemy skills Trine and Magic Breath from this guy. If you've already completed the Pagoda trials in Wutai, this is your last chance to learn Trine. If you've saved that side quest for later (i.e., if you don't have the Leviathan materia), just concentrate on teaching all three of your enemy skill materia the Magic Breath enemy skill. I recommend putting all three enemy skill materia on Cloud along with a Ribbon . One of your other characters should wear the Hypno Crown and have manipulate materia junctioned. The other enemy you want to learn from is a marlboro. Try to manupulate it and learn bad breath (not magic breath). Note that you will soon be able to equip a second Ribbon . Since Cloud should be fine because of his ribbom, you'll want to immediately use white wind after you learn the bad breath skill!

Anyway, now that you've made to the cave, follow these directions to get through and maximize your spoils! Cave Directions:

  1. Proceed to the far back of the cave.
  2. On the next screen, double back to the left and re-enter the cave you left (but through the left entrance).
  3. Go straight across that bridge, and continue on through the tunnel that's hard to see. You'll be rewarded with the 2nd Ribbon .
  4. Exit the hidden room, and head up along the near wall, then back across the entrance. The box up there has a Javelin in it.
  5. There should be a doorway to your immediate left; go through and across the bridge, then all the way to the top left of the screen and up, right, then down a bit; you'll pop out of a cave.
  6. Push the bolder you've come out of the cave near. See the crystals it broke?
  7. Go back the way you came (all the way to number 2 above), until you come to the area opened up by the boulder. Continue along that path through the caves,and out the far right exit.
  8. Go across the bridge, and to the far right exit to the next phase of the cliff climbing.
  9. Use square to warm up (don't forget to do this any time you're on a ledge, OK?), then left a bit a climb. You'll eventually be asked to choose which way to go. Go UP (right is a dead end). Warm up and then start climbing up next.
  10. Go right at the next part and warm up on the ledge, then start climbing again.
  11. Warm up on the next platform and head up and left (right is a dead end).
  12. Warm up then head up and right until you get to the cave.
  13. When you get into the cave, follow the right wall and open the box for an Elixir .
  14. Save your game in the upper left corner (really, do you WANT to do all this again?!?), then go out the exit on the far (upper) right corner.
You'll head outside and need to head forward, then double back around to the right and back into another set of caves.
  1. As soon as you enter, go to the right and open that box for a Fire Armlet .
  2. Run left, and you'll have to fight some icicles and bats. Use Beta on them.
  3. Say you don't want to jump down, and continue on; fight again, and a third/fourth time.
  4. After the final battle, go to the far left and open the chest for a "Last Elixir." A quick check of my current items and last save point makes me think this is likely a " Megalixir ."
  5. Walk along the ledge to the right and "Jump Down" to the next level.
  6. Go to the far left and use the icicle to access the chest in the corner for a Speed Source .
  7. Save your game and head through the center exit.
  8. Grab the Enhance sword on your way out, and continue around the bend and back to the near left corner of the screen.
  9. When you come around back into the cave, you'll run forward to the near edge of the screen and begin the final summit.
  1. Warm your character up, then begin climbing on the right edge of this ledge.
  2. When asked, head right (you may have to hold right even though you're going up and, inexplicably, left).
  3. On the next ledge (with two flags), head to the left, warm up, and climb.
  4. When you are asked, head up.
  5. Warm up on the next ledge, then climb up to the next ledge.
  6. Warm up. It's hard to see, but the next climb point is left of the flag.
That route should take you to the final cave. There's a pool to the right of the save here which I recommend using (HP/MP restored) - Yes, I recommend using both the pool and the save. ;) Choose your materia wisely. I recommend having enemy skill materia on pretty much everyone. Also, equip both the ribbons. When you're ready, head right. When you come to the tunnel, you'll be heading toward the near end.
  1. When you get attacked by Schizo (Left AND Right) use magic hammer on both sides until you've taken all his MP. I was able to steal a Protect Ring from Schizo (Right) (left had nothing - even before I stole from right). Then heal up and just wail on him. Be sure to keep your guys at 1/2 HP at least - this guy's death retaliation can do serious damage. They each have 18,000 HP and 350 MP. Did you learn Aqualung? You can use that if you'd like, but he doesn't do much once you use up all his MP. ;)
  2. Go back to the pool and save. ;)
  3. Back down the corridor and you should be outside. Notice your body temp thing is gone? COOL! (heh heh...) Head to the right of the tunnel entrance and examine the cliff.
  4. Climb up and watch the cut scene at the top.

Now you get to run down the mountain side. If you run into a Gigas, steal a Gigas Armlet if you want (they aren't all THAT great). You can morph a Gremlin into an X-Potion , and you can steal a Tent from them. If you run across a dragon rider enemy, be sure to try and morph it. They have 3500 HP, and will morph into a Mind Source (while this is a rediculously OP item at this point in the game, the enemy is equally difficult). You can also steal Turbo Ether items from Kill Bin enemies, and they can be morphed into a Mind Source as well. I like to make sure to get Cloud up to a limit break here (but don't use it; save that attack for Jenova-DEATH.) You'll have lots of time to get him the limit break while you wind through the various places here fighting random encounters.

Head left a screen, and on the next one be sure to pick up the Neo bahamut materia. It's on the same screen as the save point. When you get to the save point, go through it to the far side (save if you want) then turn left. You should see the airship cut scene.

Head left to the wind screen. Talk to the black dudes; they'll disappear and leave you with a Hi-Potion and an Ether . You have to wait until the wind looks like it's died down, THEN run. Walk up to the place where you can see the wind kind of cuts through the rock and be ready to sprint when it's died down.

On the next screen, don't forget to open the chest so you can get the Kaiser Knuckle , and be sure to talk to the dead black cloaked guys. You will have to examine a ledge or two to jump over them.

On the next screen, you have a similar wind dash challange as before, but this time there's also a green wavey line that will hurt you as well. Time things the same way as before, and head up to the next screen.

When you get to this screen, you have a small area at the bottom of the screen where you can run around and get into random encounters, and you can swap out weapons, armor, and accessories. I recommend getting Cloud a limit break with Omnislash if you can, or if you don't yet have that limit break, Meteor Rain. Once you move past the bottom 25% of the screen you'll run across an old friend with a very long sword. And of course you get another battle.

Jenova*DEATH has 25,000 HP and 800 MP. If your Cloud has a powerful sword, an Omnislash limit break, and if you did a little Str-Up morphing earlier, it's totally possible to end this with a single action. If that's not where you are in the game, don't worry. Give your enemy skill materia with the Magic Hammer skill to the other two characters, and drain those 800 MP as quick as you can. That will render this enemy pretty much useless. You can also use your big guard and white wind enemy skills as appropriate and wail on 'em. Don't bother Stealing, using Demi, or casting Bad Breath. Beta works for about 1k HP each shot, but Magic Breath is about 30% more effective. Finish off this battle and you should get a Reflect Ring .

Only Barret and Red XIII can take the Black Materia ; give it to Barret, talk to Tifa, pick up the mp turbo materia, open the nearby chest for a Poison Ring , and - most importantly - don't forget to save your game. Let me be clear here. If you *WANT* to go back and do anything you've forgotten this side of the Icecyle Inn, you can do so now. I've verified that you can backtrack all the way to whereever you landed when you did the snowboarding earlier. But if you haven't forgotten anything, there really isn't any reason to do anything more here. So... When you're ready to continue, head out along the path.

The next screen has wind, light and lightning. Better time this right! It's pretty irritating, to say the least. Run right up to the edge, then wait for the wind to die down. Unequip all materia and accessories from Cloud, and give him the worst armor you have. When you successfully run through the windy area, you'll get a fun flashback scene. You'll watch a bunch of scenes you can only peripherally participate in, and you'll watch the Weapons (I count 4) get let out. A week later, you wake up as Tifa in Junon.

BEFORE YOU TALK TO BARRET, equip him with a Ribbon , and make sure you're happy with his weapon, armor, and materia. While you're at it, us "exchange" on the matria screen to make sure Cait Sith has his materia configured appropriately. Now go and talk to Barret. You'll become him after a minute. Follow Tifa out the doorway and save the game. As far as I know, you can't really do anything yet. Just follow everyone and pay close attention. You'll notice a few names you recognize, and you'll see the guard accidentally drop a key in front of Tifa.

When Weapon appears, you're gonna have to fight as Barret and Cait Sith - that's why you had to materia them up, and put a Ribbon on Barret. It sounds so weird to say that, doesn't it? Anyway, after that fight, re-equip Cait Sith as needed. I recommend one of your enemy skill materia for this area. Go and try to get into the chamber. After a few cut scenes, you'll have control of Barret and Cait Sith again.

Go talk to Tifa, then head out the door he was guarding. Cait Sith warns you to run toward the airport. Head out the door to the right and run toward the near end of the screen. See the reporter there? Go talk to her. Don't forget to use your enemy skill here.

When Yuffie (you DID acquire Yuffie earlier in the game, RIGHT?!?) joins your party be sure to equip her and materia her up. When you have Yuffie ready, head toward the near end of the screen. You'll be magically whisked to the airport; head to the yellow square on the middle of the screen (the elevator controls) then, at the top, head to the airship on the far right.

When you again have control of Tifa, Press X (legs) until the key is right in front of you, then use X-Triangle to pick it up, then X-Square to unlock your arm, then Square to unlock the other arm and get out. You may have to do it a few times. Run around to the top and press the button to turn off the gas, then run to the exit; watch the cut scene.

When you have control of Tifa, don't bother to equip and materia her up - just climb down. The Shinra guys are morons; they won't be able to catch up to you here. When you get to the bottom, run to the end of the gun barrel (top of the screen). Slap her around then run to the end of the cannon. Watch more cut scenes, then enjoy the Highwind.

Explore the ship and talk to everyone. See the guy by the "Operation" room? Ask him about how to fly the ship; he lies. You DON'T press 'select' to move ahead, you press 'OK.' The translation here leaves a bit open to the imagination, I guess. ;) Anyway, head toward the bridge. Talk to everyone here. When you talk to the pilot, Cid will tell you he has to instruct the dude how to land. Go to the operation room and chose a party, then come back to the bridge and talk to everyone again for control of the Highwind.

Fort Condor Note: You can participate in Battle 15 at Fort Condor now. See the Fort Condor section of this walkthrough for more information.

Optional 1: See the Chocobo section for direction to the Chocobo Sage's house. If you go there and talk to the Chocobo, you will receive the fourth and final Enemy Skills materia. Now that you have all three, feel free to take on the Wutai Pagoda quest (See Disc 1). Note that you can only do this if you put it off before. This is the only chance you'll get to learn Trine on the final enemy skill materia. After that, go teach the last one or two all the best enemy skills you've learned for the first ones.

Optional 2: While this isn't the best time to go and do the Chocobo Side quest - for starters, the Gold Saucer is closed - there are some really powerful materia you can get now if you do. :) Be sure to read through the Chocobo Racing section (see the link on your left?) to find out how you can get things like the mime materia, slash all materia, quadra magic materia, Typhoon materia, HP<->MP materia, and the Apocalypse weapon (Cloud gets three TRIPPLE growth slots!) You won't be able to get the Knights of the round materia yet, though - that requires a gold chocobo which requires the golden saucer be open.

Go to the chocobo ranch, talk to the girl in the stable, and buy one of every kind of green. After that, head down to Mideel. Head right as soon as you go into the city - don't go under the overpass. There's a lot of shopping you can do here, and there's a white chocobo running around. Now that you have the type of greens it likes, scratch it behind the ears like Cloe told you and you should get a contain materia. You can buy one or more Wizard Bracelet here; I like having at least three of these on hand; they let you use all the slots for materia. You can also buy pretty decent weapons here, too. If I don't have enough cash, I'll usually sell off a master level all materia here and stock up on things for everyone. At the very least - if you didn't already do it back in Cosmo Canyon on Disc 1 - I would also buy HP plus materia and MP plus materia for each of the three party members I'm using (and equip them in the last two defensive slots; that way I remember where they are, and I have them handy).

Anyway, when you've bought all you want, head to the lower level and talk to the dog just under the overpass. You may want to head out of town and save your game first, though. You can't do anything about the white chocobo yet, either. Anyway, you'll be forced into a conversation and you'll meet someone you haven't seen in, like, a WEEK.

Of course, Tifa has only really been awake a few hours... Whatever. After a LOT of cut scenes, you'll end up as Cid on the Highwind. Head to the operation room and talk to the people there to chose a party, then head up to the deck. Go right back to Mideel and go into the house you couldn't get into before (next to where the dog was).

There's an Elixir on the bed. You can also buy Gravity and Destruct (you could before too, you know). While you're in Medeel, walk up the stairs across the entry to town and examine the boards above (screen wise) the accessory shop - just to the left of the lady who says she's praying for you. Now you can try to get into the door at the back of the weapon shop. Now go back and examine the boards again. You might have to examine a few times to get the beat up useless old key. Go back and try that key in the "door" at the back of the shop to get the Curse Ring (well, if you apologize). Curse rings are interesting. They will boost all your stats (not status, which the in-game text confusingly states), but also give you 60 seconds to finish a battle before you're auto-killed. I found them useful when morphing enemies, but YMMV.

Head to Fort Condor and fight some battles. See the fort condor section. Be sure to talk to the old guy near the top of the entrance rope (he's the father of the guy at the very top of the tower) to get the Huge Materia .

North Corel Huge Materia :
Head to North Corel next (the town where you take the tram up to the Gold Saucer. Go to the North end of the town and take the bridge. After that, take the tracks all the way north. If you run into some search crown enemies, you can use trine to make quick work of them, but really. These guys are all just a joke at this point in the game (I had slash all materia, heh heh).

Keep taking the tracks until you come to the Corel Reactor, then go straight for the middle of the reactor. You'll get into a battle with the Shinra dudes, then you'll jump on a train. Alternate between pressing up arrow and triangle to catch up to the train. You'll automatically jump. Just run left and fight on each car. Don't use long time summons here (like Alexander and Neo Bahamut) and you should be fine.

I used Cid, Cait Sith and Vincent. They just beat people up well. Here's what I fought on the various cars:

  1. 1x Gas Ducter. Nothing to steal. Just use conventional attacks.
  2. 2x Gas Ducter. Nothing to steal. Just use conventional attacks.
  3. 1x Wolfmeister. Nothing to steal. Magic Breath works well, but Aqualung is really your best friend in this battle.
  4. 1x Eagle Gun. Steal a Warrior Bangle. Trine is great on this enemy.
  5. 1x Attack Squad. You *can* steal an 8 inch cannon, but you can do that against any number of these guys, so just go after him normally.
Even with writing this while I was typing, I got this finished with 4 minutes left, so it really shouldn't be any problem for you. Press up and triangle at the same time, then down and X. Do that a few times, and this section will be over. You now have your second Huge Materia . Walk into the middle of town. Remember that kid who kept telling you stuff about the glowing rock in the well?

Congratulations, you now have the ultima materia. You'll go to sleep as soon as you finish talking, but equip it as soon as you wake up. Your guys talk it over, and they decide to go visit Cloud and Tifa. After that you'll be heading to the underwater reactor at Junon. Go back to the Highwind and (if you haven't already gotten contain from the white chocobo) hit the chocobo farm and buy one of each kind of greens (don't worry about the various kinds of nuts), then hightail it to Mideel.

Mideel revisited:
When you get back to Mideel, save your game right outside town. Junction enemy skill materia and commet materia to at least one person, then go inside and talk to the NURSE. You'll rest up (useful for the next battle). Now talk to the Doctor then Cloud then Tifa. Head out when the earthquake starts, and you'll notice Weapon show up to play.

You have enemy skill materia junctioned, right? Use Big Guard, and steal a Curse Ring , if you want. Don't use demi, but you can use magic hammer to weaken him. Commet works well too. You'll scare him off (fairly quickly, if you do what I just said). Cid will taunt Weapon, then things get nasty, then Tifa moves Cloud directly into the lifestream. Because, hey, he hasn't had enough exposure to Mako, right?

Anyway, you'll wake up as Tifa, eventually. Talk to all three of the Clouds. Start at the bottom right, then the left, the the top. When he stands up, talk to him again. Try to exit the top of the screen, then you'll get a fun flashback. When Tifa finally shuts up, have her go talk to Cloud. After some cut scenes, head to the Cloud on the far left.

Now talk to the fourth Cloud who has just materialized. And the third Cloud, the bottom right Cloud. Follow number four toward the window. Watch a lot of cut scenes. Become Tifa, talk to Cloud. Blah blah blah. Become Tifa again, go back to Nibeheim, again. When you hear the REALLY annoying screeching sound, then you're going to be teleported to the world where Laguna is...

NO WAIT! Sorry, that's a different Final Fantasy with the same annoying sound effect. What I meant to say was, when you hear the sound, go and talk to the Cloud in the middle of the screen. He should be the only Cloud you can see now. You'll jump out of the life stream and have MORE cut scenes.

Eventually, you'll be Cloud again. Equip cool equpiment and then swap in materia from one of your other characters. Go back to Mideel. Talk to the old guy by the dog, then climb the green thing to his left. You'll run up to the weapons shop, the doctor and a white chocobo. If you have one of every type of green (and you haven't done it already), you can get a contain materia from this chocobo.

Just talk to him, then tickle behind his ears. If you try to talk to him and it says, "Chocobos act cold to humans who don't look like they'll give them any greens" then it means you don't have the right kind of greens. Now go MATE CHOCOBOS. (See the chocobo section). You can continue on if you want, but chocobos are really the only way to level up your characters in this game. Read the chocobos section for more information about WHY it's the only real way.

Junon Underwater Reactor:
Pack up your guys and head to Junon. Talk to everyone in the lower town (betcha didn't know you were engaged, did yah? heh heh). Talk to the guard at the bottom of the elevator to go up to the top and guess what? NEW MUSIC!!! Heh heh. You can talk to the guards who don't know how to keep their mouths shut if you go onto the airport exit (door that leads right).

You can get back into the locker room by going through the door that leads up. Neither one are really important. As you run down the main road, you'll get a different view for a second as Cloud says, "I may be mistaken, but...... Doesn't it feel like we're missing something?" You can probably see from the angle there that a very large "Junon Cannon" is no longer there. So don't freak out.

You haven't forgotten something. Anyway, there's nothing really useful in the city that you don't already have, so run toward the other side of town. When you go under the elevator (and hear the obnoxious whistle) you can head toward the bottom of the screen (and left). The door at the end of the hallway leads to the undersea reactor. On the way, you'll see Larry Moe and Curly's special forces strike team (kidding - sort of).

Anyway, look for the door leading up near the end of the hallway and you should be able to find it. At the bottom of the elevator, ignore the dog for now (we'll get to him later) and head down the path. If you see red buttons along the way, you'll probably want to ignore them. Go down a few more hallways to a freight elevator, and take that down to the bottom. On the next screen, run toward the top of the screen, and you should now be on a screen with an underwater glass tunnel (looking at the animals swimming around).

Hey look, it's Mr. Dolphin! "Hi Mr. Dolphin!" Anyway, you'll eventually run into an enemy on this screen called a Ghost Ship. When you do, be sure to morph it into a Guide Book. These guys have 6600 HP and 100 MP, and are weak against Holy. Attack to get the HP down, use Magic Hammer (Enemy Skill) to eliminate his MP, and then use morph (if you have mime, all the better) to get him.

Equip an enemy lure materia and wander around. Once you've fought one of these guys once and morphed it, you can take off the enemy lure materia. It'll probably only get in the way. Head down the path until you get to the room with the three cylinders at the top of the sceen (it's an elevator). NOW you can press the shiny red button. When you get to the bottom, exit the elevator and head left along the path.

Save (and/or Tent ) if you want, then head up and right. "Talk" to the first group of soldiers, then continue to head right. One group should consist of Underwater MP enemies. You can steal a Shinra Alpha from them, if you want. Keep going and you'll eventually watch the Huge Materia get taken by crane toward the submarine. Run right to try and stop it, then go forward and talk to Reno.

Strategy for fighting Carry Armor, Left Arm, and Right Arm: There is nothing to steal from these enemies. Carry Armor has 24,000 HP and 200 MP / Left and Right arms have 10,000 HP and 100 MP. They are all weak against Lightning, so fire up your enemy skill Trine. It should do about 2k dmg to each of them. That plus some mime and slash-all should make fairly quick work of him. Big Guard is also useful, but don't bother with Demi.

If you have mime materia, don't forget that miming an attack doesn't require MP!!! I was fortunate enough to have one of Cloud's limit breaks (meteorain) saved up when I went in to this battle, so it's a cinch. Of course, a 4xQuake 3 helped a bit, too. This battle certainly helped level up my materia, too. I received a God's Hand from this battle. After the battle, head left and open the box there for the Battle Trumpet . Now run toward that submarine at the far end of the screen.

There are two more boxes en route, thought. The first one has a Scimitar (Cid's Triple weapon). And the other is a MUST have: Leviathan Scales . Be sure you visit Wutai's cave where the flames shoot out now that you have this (See below). Now that you have all four things you needed from here, head toward that submarine. After a few battles, you should be good to go. Enter the sub, fight the both sides attack, and then save/ Tent (if you want) and head inside the cabin.

Take the guys there prisoner, then head to the top of the screen and examine the captain's chair. Read the manual if you haven't done his before, then start the mission. Read the instructions. It's easier than me trying to explain it, but I will say this: I beat this mission in about 30 seconds. However long it takes you, don't forget to pilot your sub to the wreckage of the red sub on the ocean floor, wherever you sink it. That's how you get the Red Huge Materia .

After obtaining the Huge Materia from the wreckage, surface with 'X' and head to the dock at Junon Harbor. I would take this opportunity to save. Cloud implies that you MUST get to Junon harbor NOW or everything will fail. I usually head to Wutai to use the Leviathan Scales , then go to Kalm for the underwater materia, then I take the sub to the underwater wreckage (Gelnika) where you can get Yuffie's Conformer weapon, which will allow you to do some serious leveling up - though you might want to wait until you get the mega all materia before you spend a lot of time on that (see the level up section for full details.)

Optional: Wutai and Leviathan Scales :
Once you have retrieved the Leviathan Scales from the underwater reactor, head to Wutai and climb the mountain with all the statues. Use the select Button to see all the exits you can take. Take the first right, then the U-turn. At the "Tee" crossing, go right (up), and enter the cave. Inside is the Dragoon Lance (If you don't have it already). Approach the fire and it will die down. The first fire pit has " Oritsuru " inside (you may have to approach it twice), the second has steal as well materia.

Optiona: Kalm, Guide Book and the underwater materia:
When you finish the Wutai Leviathan Scales section above, hop back on the Highwind and head to Kalm. The house on the far right lower corner of the screen has a funny old guy upstairs. He wants three things. He wants the Guidebook , Desert Rose and the Earth Harp .

Now that you have one of them, go talk to him and you can get the underwater materia. This is one of the requirements (well, maybe not, but it certainly makes it easier) for beating one of the Weapons later on.

Underwater Crash site - AKA Level-up Central:
You have the steal as well materia from Wutai, right? If not, you really should make sure you have that before going through this area. I junction it to morph materia to farm Turbo Ether items. Wehen you have enough, junction morph materia to sneak attack materia (from the golden saucer) to make quicker work of these guys. If you have the mega all materia, make sure the same character has that one, too. If you do this to Yuffie with her Conformer weapon, you can start the battle with a preemptive strike that does 9999 damage to all enemies and basically morphs many if them before they get a single attack. See the level up section for more information on this one.

Take the sub across the see to the bay directly west of the Junon Harbor Dive when you get there and look for a wrecked plane at the bottom of the ocean. That's Shinra's Gelnika crash. In the bottom right corner is " Heaven's Cloud ;" get it then SAVE!!! Head left and talk to the Turks. You can steal a Ziedrich and a Touph Ring , then, if you have it, just summon Knights of the Round and be done with them, then go back and save.

You want to walk around here and fight enemies. It's worth it; trust me. You can morph any enemy you find here into some kind of a stat-up. For now, though, head straight ahead from where you fought the Turks, and go into the store room. Just in front of you is a box with a Megalixir . Head all the way to the far end of that catwalk, and then all the way to the right. You should see a box at the end with a Spirit Lance in it.

Head back the way you came and go down the stairs. At the bottom, head straight to the right toward the crashed helicopter. There's a glowing red orb just below the entrance to it. That's a Hades materia. Pick that up and then head toward the bottom of the screen. There's a box at either end. The right one contains a H1ghwind (teaches Cid his ultimate limit break). The one on the left contains the Outsider . Grab them and head out.

Return to your save point and go through the door there. Go straight ahead and off to the right to find a box with a Megalixir inside. Afterwards, head back toward the entrance and head to the far right for a box containing an " Escort Guard ." Head down those stairs to your left and into the far back right corner for the double cut materia. Yup. It's a command materia. Despite the fact that it's clearly purple on the screen there, it's a command materia. :D

The far left back corner has a Conformer . You're not going to believe how powerful this weapon is. Trust me - this is arguably the best weapon in the game. Really! If you don't have Yuffie in your party at this time, head back up the stairs to the save point and swap her in. Equip the Conformer to her. This weapon doesn't allow growth, so equip one or two of those master level HP plus materia until she's at 9999 HP (you pretty much only want master level materia on this weapon, since it's got no growth.) If you have them, equip master level cover materia and any master level enemy lure materia you've got. Fill the slots up with whatever master level stuff makes sense (speed plus materia, luck plus materia, etc). Now equip a rune bracelet and give her the morph materia. With this weapon equiped, every time Yuffie uses a morph attack, it will do FULL POWER - not that annoying 5% or so that every other character does. If she's not doing 9999 damage every morph, see the level up section for instructions on morphing quick Power Source items.

See the level-up section for more information on the cool stuff to do here. Again, any enemy here can be morphed into an item that will increase your characters' stats. With Yuffie's 9999 morph hits, you can very quickly max out your characters here, which will pretty much let you walk through even the hardest parts of this game.

Where else can I go?
You can also detour for the Gold Saucer stuff if you have missed some of it. At any rate, by this time in the game I have all of the summon materia except Bahamut ZERO (Alexander, Bahamut, Choco-Mog, Hades, Ifrit, Kjata, Knights of the Round, Leviathan, Neo Bahamut, Odin, Phoenix, Ramuh, Shiva, Titan and Typhoon), Cloud's weapon Apocalypse (See chocobo section), the w-summon materia (see Gold Saucer section), exp plus materia (see Gold Saucer section), two ribbons (see disc 1 section), slash all materia (see chocobo section), the major enemy skills such as magic breath, bad breath, beta, trine, magic hammer, big guard an death force (see beginning of disc 2 section), Cloud's stats all above 100 (see level up section), mater level materia for all magic materia except shield materia, master level cover materia linked with master level counter materia, steal as well materia (see optional wutai section above) and the underwater materia.

A few optional side quests:

Tifa's Ultimate Weapon
To get this weapon, you'll need to get back into Midgar. Head there on foot and talk to the guy lounging outside the gate. He'll tell you he lost the key at a dig site. Head to bone village, have them search for "good treasure" and when they point to the area just south of the nose cone of the airplane, you should be able to get the key to the slums. Head to Wall Market and check out the "item" shop (the one with the machine gun.) You should get the Premium Heart weapon. If you go and talk to the guy who sold you the batteries earlier, you'll have the option to buy an accessory that makes stealing items work better. That's most cool if you have the mega all materia (see the disc 3 section).

Cactus Island:
Hover the airship over Cosmo Canyon, and point it directly south (well, maybe ever so slightly west, too.) Just down and a tiny bit left of that (toward the bottom of the map) is an island with a bit of green and a lot of brown called Cactus Island. You can find enemies here called Cactuer. If you defeat them in battle, you'll get 1000 XP, 100 AP, and 1000 Gil, which isn't really all that great. However, if you have Yuffie's Conformer , a master morph, and a master sneak attack, you can morph these guys into an accessory called Tetra Elemental .

We've completed all the major side quests we can at this point, so you can either:
1. Level up (See level up section) or
2. Get on with the game.

Since it's better to wait to level up much more than this until you have all the summon materia, let's move on until we get the Bahamut ZERO materia.

Junon Revisited:
Let's get the Huge Materia that's bound for Junon Airport now. Head to Junon and go directly to the airport. A far as I can tell, you can't do anything else at this point (well, you could shop if you needed to, I guess). You'll arrive a bit late, and Cloud will tell you that you all have to head to Rocket Town. Head back down the elevator, hop in the Highwind and let's fly over to Rocket Town. On your way in, hit the weapon shop on your left.

In the room with the fire is a box containing a Fourth Bracelet . The item/materia store back room has a box wih a Guard Source in it. Go to the rightmost house with Cid in your party to hear something that the game claims is a "joke." Anyway, head to the rocket launch area. Head over the ramps and 'talk' to the soldiers. If you want to steal another Ziedrich from Rude, equip a steal materia (not mug) and a mime to another character.

Be sure to not have your counter attack on - you want to steal before you kill him off. Head into the rocket (beat up Rude on the way). Kill the senior grunt in the hall then head through the doorway on the end. Watch a bunch of cut scenes then head right when you have control of your guys. Head up the ladder and get ready to enter the passcode on the device. Read this before you enter it, though, to save yourself some trouble.

You'll be asked to enter a four-key sequence. You can chose from Triangle, Cross, Circle and Square. The hints are:
1. You only push circle once. 2. The first key is not a square.
3. The second key is not a triangle.
4. The third key is a cross.
5. The last key is either a cross or a triangle.
6. One of the keys gets pressed twice.
7. The triangle key doesn't get used.

From this you have to figure out the passcode. We can reduce the above to:
1st key = Circle or Cross.
2nd key = Circle or Cross or Square.
3rd key = Cross.
4th key = Cross.

Based on 5, we can assume that 1 and 2 are not Cross, so we're stuck with either Circle,Square,Cross,Cross or Square,Circle,Cross,Cross. If you try them both, you'll discover that the first one (circle->square->cross->cross) is the correct sequence. Once you get it, try to leave the rocket the way you came in, and head down the ladder at the end of the hall.

(The area where Shera was concerned about, heh). Anyway, you'll follow Shera and watch a bunch more cut scenes, then you'll be on the Highwind. If you have a chocobo, you'd better land and pick 'em back up.

Anyway, head to Cosmo canyon, and NOW you can go up that rightmost ladder and around behind the store owner. There's a fullcure materia and an Elixir / Magic Source there. Once you have those, head up to the top of the mountain, into the planetarium room where you first leaned about the lifestream from Bugenhagen, and start another conversation with him. When he leaves, you'll head up the elevator.

Take a close look at the blue one on the right. Ta da! You now have Bahamut ZERO materia. :D OK. Here's how these things work. When you get master level of ALL the materia of a certain type, bring them here. You can have master level magic materia, master level summon materia and master level command materia. You have to have a master of ALL of them (within one of those categories), though.

You can find a list of each and where to get it in the materia section of the walkthrough. Now it's time to head to...

Forgotten Capital:
Hop in the sub and ride it (above water) toward the place where the northern continent has green grass. That's only a single place. You can't go over shallow water, so there really is only one place you can get very close to. When you get there, dive and if you swing the camera angle around, you'll see a cave to your right. Go inside and get the Key to the Ancients, then head back to Junon and get in the Highwind; head to Bone Village. Go through the forest. Go to the Forgotten Capital.

Take the left path and head into the cave. When Bugenhagen leaves, head behind the pillars around the back and into the area where he is. Go straight across the narrow bridge and talk to him. After a bunch of cut scenes, you'll be treated to an instant replay of some of the stuff that happend on the first disc. Eventually you'll have control again. Go into the middle of the waterfall and you'll see more cut scenes.

Try to leave. When you see what you need to do next, head to Midgar and save outside the city. Now you know the importance of the materia that Aeris dropped earlier.

Off to Midgar:

You'll be treated to cut scenes of Weapon en route. Head to the green area outside of Midgar, materia up, then save and get in Weapon's way. You can steal a Rising Sun from him. If you have the w-summon materia and Knights of the Round materia, this will be a short battle. Otherwise, unleash your most powerful magic/summon attacks. After a lot of cut scenes, head back to the Highwind and try to go to the crater at the far north.

If you are powerful enough, you may go after the various Weapons at this time. If you're a completionist, you'll at least want to hit up the floating weapon so you can get Cloud's Ultima Weapon so you can get inyo the powerful battles at the golden saucer's battle arena. With this, you should be able to get the final attack materia. Junctioning this to Phoenix materia is a VERY powerful "oops" prevention. Be sure to check out the Beating Weapons section for more info.

When you're ready to go on, FLY to Midgar. If you try to approach on foot, you'll have some issues. You'll notice Yuffie isn't parachuting. But on the deck, there she is?!? Heh heh. Whatever. Once you've watched the parachute cut scene, head up and save, then talk to Cait Sith and you'll be able to go down the ladder. When you get to the bottom, head up and right. Follow the catwalk until it leads up to a plank. Left from that is an Elixir . On the right (continue way past the ladder) is a Megalixir .

Go back to the entrance and head down the ramp, then down the ladder at the bottom to get to the next screen. Head right and you should jump down to the next platform. Head left and climb the ladder. When you get off that ladder, head left a little bit and then up the lext ladder to your left until you get to the next screen. Continue up the ladder and jump off to your right. Head right (under the ramp you came down) and jump into the chute there.

The platform you come down to has two boxes on it. The right box has an Elixir ; the one on the left has the Starlight Phone . Head up the stairs to end this level, or down the ladder if you want to get the rest of the stuff here. (I assume you want the rest of the stuff.) Go right at the bottom of the stairs and jump in to the thingy. At the top of the climb, go left and climb the ladder there to go up a few levels.

The box here contains the Max Ray weapon for Barret. Go back down the ladder, into the chute, then left and up the ladder to get to the platform with the two (now empty) chests. Head up the stairs to the left of the chute to get out of this place (feel free to use the save point en route). When you emerge from the chute into the subway, you'll be able to go either up or down. Go up to leave, or down to get the w-item materia. I can't recommend going down to get that w-item materia strong enough. :)

If you want to go down you can't take any of the left branches of the "Y" roads, just go straight down 2 screens and talk to Barret. Go down 7 screens and there's a box with a Power Source . Grab it and head down 2 screens for a box with a Guard Source and talk to Red XIII. Go down 2 screens and get the Mind Source and Magic Source . Go down 1 screen and pick up the w-item materia.

Equip this now, then save your game here and head back up past all 14 screens. The w-item materia lets you use two items at once; but it also duplicates the first item you select if you cancel the w-item action before using it. This lets you duplicate as many of any item as you want. I recommend doing this with your megalixirs. Here are the steps to make this easier to understand:
1. Chose w-item from the command menu in a battle.
2. Chose Megalixir and use it on your guys.
3. Chose Megalixir and then press "cancel" before using it.
4. Repeat step 3 over and over.

If you haven't gotten too side tracked by this coolness, you recall I previously told you to go back past all those screens you just came through. You can even climb back into the chute and save your game, if you're paranoid about going back down and up all those screens.

When you try to walk past the ladder you first entered the subway through, you'll be approached by the Turks. You can choose to fight them, or to ignore them. They're not really that hard, so it's really a question of whether you want to get some items. You can steal a Minerva Band from Elena. Successfully doing so will push her into the back row. Reno has a Touph Ring you can steal. Rude has a Ziedrich . Once you have those, you can just wail on them. If you find you're having trouble, Big guard/White Wind/Bad Breath/Womping. It doesn't look like you can get back out from here, so head further on down the road (up toward the far end of the screen).

There is a left exit and a right exit on this screen. The up and left one is a non-return path, so let's go up and right first (then left at the electricity).

There's a ladder here that you can climb. This leads to a save point and the entrance to Shinra Headquarters where Cait Sith will pop up and tell you the sister ray isn't here. Here you can visit the Turtle's Paradise poster (ground floor) if you missed it earlier. On the 2nd floor there's a fully automated shop where you can buy regular items at, and there are two boxes here, too. The right one has a Master Fist and the left one has a Pile Banger .

If you take the elevator up to the 63rd floor, you can get the glow lance. Actually, that looks like a grow lance once you get into your character equipment. I wonder if that's on purpose. ;) There's an HP Shout on level 64 in the locker that Cloud refused to take the megaphone out of waaaay back on disc 1. :) There's nothing on 65, and you can't get out on 66, 67, 68 or 69. That being said, if you go up and down the stairs on these floors, you can run into enemies that you can steal from or morph. For example, a Vargid Police can be transformed into a Tranquilizer and a Zenene can be morphed into a Remedy . A Sword Dance can be morphed into a a rather cool Light Curtain . Other enemies can be morphed into Smoke Bombs, Grenades, etc.

Go to level 59 and take the stairs down 1, 2, 3 (get the Behemoth Horn ), 4, 5, 6, 7, flights of 14 stairs and one flight of 10. Let's see, that's... 108 floors. Yeah. This TOTALLY makes sense. ;) Actually, I think each 2 stair cases counts as a floor, so it does add up to 59 floors. Whoa. It's actually on purpose. Sorry, I get side tracked by numbers pretty easily. Anyway, when you have all this junk, head back to the tunnels and go down 3 screens, then take the left fork of the "Y" split. At the end of this fork is the outside world. Move forward and you'll head up a ladder to the next level.

Head forward a little bit and you'll see a large robot come after you. After more bad dialogue, you'll get to fight the "Proud Clod." Yup, that's really its name. Big guard, White Wind, Magic Breath. Yup. Pretty easy. Wow. 15,000 XP, 2500 AP, and 40,000 Gil. And to think I didn't get any materia even leveling up. You get the Ragnarok after this battle. It also begins to rain. Go figure.

Anyway, head up one screen and open the two boxes at the very beginning of that screen for an Elixir and a Mystile . It's kinda hard to see, but you're supposed to run up the stairs (it looks like a ladder) just to the right of the save point and down toward the boxes. When you get to the top of the stairs, go to the top left corner of the platform, and then walk toward the bottom of the screen to go up the next set of stairs.

Left and up take you up the last flight. The Grosspanzer-Big you can fight here are quite wonderful for leveling up already high level characters. You get a decent amount of XP and AP from them. The rest of the enemies are alright. The Maximum Kimaira look funny, but you can morph them into a useful Guard Source . ;) The Soldier: 1st aren't as tough as you would expect a soldier first class to be, but you *can* steal a Shinra Alpha from them (but frankly I'd rather just have a Dragon Armlet instead). When you get to a level with lots of electricity sparking, be sure to get your guys ready for a boss battle.

After you are ready, go talk to Hojo. None of the enemies in this battle have anything to steal, and none of them appear to be morphable. Big guard/White Wind/Magic Hammer (on Hojo). I use slash all to damage the monsters he summons, and I use 2x cut to hit him. I have the third character use enemy skills above for maximum results. After you "kill" Hojo, you'll be treated to Helletic Hojo, Right Arm and Left Arm. Use the above pattern exactly the same way. has anything to steal. Kill him off to fight "Lifeform-Hojo NA." Same tactics works for me on this one, too. I got a Power Source for this battle, though. :D

Kill him off and the battle is over. 25,000 XP and 2500 AP. Still no materia level up for my characters. Whoa. Ah. In my game, I only needed to get a few more materia to master level before I could trade them in for a master all, so they needed a very large amount of AP. More on that later.

Watch a bunch of cut scenes and try and figure out what's going on. Eventually, you'll be offered the chance to save then asked to swap out discs. When you get control again, you'll be on the Highwind ready to jump off at the North Crater.

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