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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

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Disc 3

Did any of your materia level up during the last battle? If so, you probably want to think about swapping them out now. You're welcome. :) Also, don't feel like you're stuck here. While traveling in the overworld, You can press "cancel" while over the northern crater to decend the Highwind into the cavern.

Take the ladder down (don't worry, you can get back up). Head down and left. On the next screen, Cloud will complain that "we can only slide down". That's OK. Just select "Alright, let's go" (don't worry - you can get back.) When you have control again, the box past the cave has a Save Crystal in it. If at any point you want to return to the Highwind and do other stuff, you can take the cave here to a smaller cave on the previous screen. Once you emerge from that cave, walk (don't run) to the right and examine the path next to the cave. It's not marked with a green pointer, but it's a ladder that will lead you up. Go up from there to get back to the highwind. FYI, doing pretty much anything else on that screen will cause you to slide down to the screen where you found the Save Crystal , and you'll have to go back into the cave and try again.

Ok. So the thing about this area is this - there are three paths that all lead down to a spot where the rest of your characters will be waiting. That's where you're going to fight a major battle. As you go down a path, it may become impossible to go back up the way you went. I'll tell you where the various paths down branch off, and where you can get back up from each.


Gargoyl: While going around the spiral here you may find a gargoyle or two, it's an un-morphable two-stage enemy you can steal an X-Potion from. It will kill of any character that is at a level divisible by four. Luckily 99 isn't, so I'm OK. Anyway, hit the first stage of the gargoyle with anything at all (it's invulnerable until you hit it), then when it wakes up you can smack it around a bit. You can win an x- Potion from it. Frankly, I like to equip all my enemy away materia on this screen. You won't find any gargoyal enemies after you get to the bottom of this pit.

Dark Dragon: Steal a Dragon Armlet from him, then morph him into a Vaccine . If you manipulate him, you can learn enemy skills Dragon Force and laser.

Parasite: Steal a Remedy , then morph into a Remedy . Note that this guy can hit you with Sadness, so have a rememdy or Hyper handy. Better yet, equip everyone with a Ribbon accessory. Don't have three of those? Just read the next paragraph. :)

Master Tonberry: If you run across this guy here (small guy with floating star above his head) steal an Elixir and morph him. Even if you lose a guy or two, it's worth it to morph this guy. He turns into a Ribbon ! If you have Yuffie's Conformer and her morph does 9999 damage, it's possible to farm ribbons here. I'm not 100% sure why you'd want to, but I've validated that it *is* possible. If you "just" manage to kill them off, there's a possibility you'll get a Megalixir from them.

Sissors: You can steal an Ether from these guys. I'm pretty sure you don't need them by this point, but I figured I'd tell you anyway.

Armored golem: You can steal a Turbo Ether from these guys and morph them into a Guard Source !

Mover: These show up in groups of three. Are you using Yuffie's Conformer weapon with Sneak Attack and Morph? That's great! These guys can be morphed into a Protect Ring and will give you 800 AP each. In other words, you'll get a total of 2400 AP just because you ran into them. That'll level up your Knights of the Round materia somewhat more quickly that you were probably expecting.

For now, avoid the cave and head left. You'll jump across the ledge and go counter clockwise in a spirla aroud and around and around - down to the bottom. On the way, stop off at the box and get the Guard Source . When you get to the bottom of the cave, you'll be on a screen with a bunch of switch backs.

  1. Head left and jump down to the next level.
  2. Go left and climb up the ledge at the end; open the box for a Power Source . Head all the way right and get the HP absorb materia.
  3. Go back and jump down to the previous ledge.
  4. Go right on the next level open the box for an Elixir .
  5. Wind your way right-left-right and down to the next level with a box; open for a Magic Source .
  6. Go down one more level and right; at the end go up the other ledge.
  7. Climb all the way back up to the top and go down the other side.
  8. The first box this way has a Guard Source .
  9. The second box has a Mind Source .
Jump all the way down and go to the next level/puzzle. Note that you're a bit more likely to hit the Tonberry and other high-level enemies here. (This screen has 6 levels and various caves in it. The first time you go through here you'll want to get all the loot. The second time, just head right on level 1 to jump to level 3, then jump right, go into the cave, come out down on level 5 and head left, right, left, left, and then on to the next screen.)
  1. Head slightly left to jump down to the first level.
  2. Go into the cave on the far left. Head down and right into the hidden cave looking thing, then come out above.
  3. The chest here has a Power Source .
  4. Toward the bottom is another chest with a Guard Source .
  5. Exit the cave using the bottom exit.
  6. Go right and open the chest there for a Hero Drink .
  7. Go back into the cave and go to the top.
  8. Exit the cave and go right until you fall down.
  9. On that level, walk left until you get to a chest; open it for Mind Source .
  10. Walk right and jump up to the previous level.
  11. Walk left and jump down to the next level, the go into the cave on the right.
  12. There's a Megalixir here.
  13. Go out; jump back then walk right.
  14. Go down twice and use the loop-around cave to get to the next level.
  15. Walk left and jump down, then right and jump down, then left and jump down twice.
  16. Finally, go right and you'll be at the next area.
Head right and climb down the icicle things. OK. This is the first of three branches. You'll have to split your part a few times before you can return and try other branches, though. You'll split into two groups at the bottom. I took Cloud, Yuffie and Cid to the left, and had all the rest go right. On the next screen, I had everyone go down. There is a box here with a Remedy and another with an Elixir off to the right. An X-Potion is on the lower level. Down one more screen is a ledge you have to jump DOWN from, then wrap around to get both the boxes. The left one has a turbo Ether , the right one has a Vaccine . Climb back up the surface and head down the left fork. There's an X-Potion on the next level. Down farther is a Turbo Ether , next to which is a floating ball in a Mako fountain. If you're fast enough, you can grab a mega all materia, which is epic and cool and everything!.

To the left of that is a Speed Source in a box. Go down and left to get to the next area; there's a Luck Source in the box just down and slightly right from the entrace. A little farther down, all the gang shows up. If you talk to everyone that's not in your party, you should get several interesting things. I especially like how vincent gave me a Last Elixir , which is pretty much just a Megalixir . This is when you can go back up and try the other three paths to get more cool stuff. Some of which is great, and some of which is required if you want to max out your characters.

Go back the way you came. When you get to the place where you went "down" with all your characters, go up. In the next cave, the magic pots are the best way to level up. Really! Use the w-item materia to allow you to get unlimited elixirs and feed them one each, then kill them. This should get you enough AP to level up any materia you want. I like to combine junction sneak attack materia to morph materia on Yuffie to make this go quicker. Once you've got all materia in a category leveled up, you can return to the top of this area, climb back into the hightwind, and head to Cosmo Canyon to get some master level materia. A few screens beyond this you'll find a w-magic materia.
  1. Go down and right along the vines; jump up at the end and open that box for a Magic Source .
  2. Go back to the entrance, then head up and right.
  3. After a short swim, head up and left to open the box with a Remedy in it.
  4. Backtrack slightly and enter the next room.
  5. Pay close attention here: See that green shiny thing at the top of the screen? You WANT it.
  6. The chest at the top left of the screen has a Vaccine in it.
  7. The green flashing thing is a shield materia.
  8. Go STRAIGHT DOWN from that to swim to where the far left box is; it has an Imperial Guard in it.
  9. Go STRAIGHT DOWN from THERE to swim to the other side of the screen.
  10. Go up and left, then loop back around on the pathway to get to the final box (far right). It has a Hero Drink in it.
  11. Backtrack a little and take the exit at the far right of the screen.
Go left and down then left and up to get to the center of the glowing area. Examine it for a particularly cool counter materia (Did you get hit? Morph that jerk!). Head out the cave on the left. You should be where the rest of your party is. Follow the trail to the right and head out of this area. On the next screen, go right and you'll jump up to the next ledge. Remember that double-jump you do that goes past the floating orb in the middle of the Mako fountain? Go over there and examine right as soon as your first jump finishes. If you time it right, you can grab the mega all materia out of the fountain. After that, backtrack to the place where your party first split. This time, take the road to the right. Wind your way down the cylinder and, on the next screen, go down. There's a box down here with another Mystile , and around the corner is an Elixir . Wind your way down around this one too, and you'll find a box at the bottom with a Speed Source in it. Down and left is a box with a Tetra Elmental (Drains Fire/Cold/Lightning/Earth attacks). Further along is a box with a Megalixir . Left of that is a box further along with another Megalixir . Now head to the far right of this screen and go to the next one. Head left and wind down the skeleton if you wish to go on to the end of the game, otherwise, head back up to the place where everyone split and go outside back to the ship. NOW is the best time to fight Weapons! (See Weapon Side Quest Section for more information).

When you're *TOTALLY* done and ready to move on...

Back to the End of the World:
OK. Now that you have pretty much beat everything there is to beat, head back to the crater and decend to the bottom. When you get to the screen where you first met up with all your party, make sure to create a save point using the Save Crystal . After that point, you'll have to jump from time to time by pressing the "accept" or "OK" buttons. Go in a spiral pattern around the outside left until you get to the center of the floating square thing. Anyway, as long as you have KOR at this point, it's a total cake walk. When Jenova shows up, w-summon KOR. After you beat Jenova, you'll fall down a long drop, and then you'll see a "Li....ght." I guess it's a light, but whatever. Sephiroth will show up and get the group back together again, then you'll have to split your party into three groups. Since I spent so long leveling up Cloud, Tifa and Cid, I made them the party leaders. I had Cloud, Barret and Cait Sith. Tifa, Red XIII and Vincent and Cid and Yuffie. I made sure they had their best weapons, then Divy up your materia accordingly. You'll hear your people cheer you on, then you'll fight. One KOR and that was the end of it. He really is a pathetic wimp. Next he changed form, so I used a Megalixir to get another shot off, and KORx2'd him. After another Megalixir , I KORx2'd him again. He killed off my guys, so I had to bring them back, then use a w-summon of Hades/Phoenix to get back into action. That, oddly enough, killed him off. All that to say, three good guys will waste him. Screw using more then that. YMMV. At the end of the battle, you'll end up where I told you to make the save point. Thankfully, Cloud goes all mental and we are saved from reality by the sheer lack of understanding that is thrust upon us. At least we get a fun cut scene here. Ah yes. Sun, moon, stars, synapsis. It all makes sense... No actually, it doesn't. Let's kick Sephiroth's butt, shall we? Omnislash the heck out of him, yah? 9999xd6!!! Sorry... I had a bit of a homestarunner moment there.

Watch the pretty lights. You'll get the LIFESTREAM lecture here. I'm not sure what the heck is up with Aeris, to be honest. Cloud grabs Tifa and let's get the heck out of here. OK I'm just joshing you. You can't do anything here. Just watch Cid curse and hang on for dear life. Various towns get nuked and you evetually see Meteor get replused (I think that's Marlene's eye's view your watching) and then Midgar gets munched. Eventually, you'll see that stupid thing that fell out of Aeris' hair start to work its magic. No wait, that's the lifestream. OK. I give up. I don't know what the heck is going on here. I'm just in it for the money/fame/glory. Yeah right. I wrote the whole frickin' walkthrough and what, 5 people maybe will read it. Heh heh. That's OK. I helped Cam. That's all I really care about. Heh heh. Oh. And Lewis. If you actually got here, you rock, dude!

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