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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

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Leveling Up

General Info:
I recommend these in the order they are presented. Start when you first acquire the morph materia after visiting the Temple of the Ancients. I usually recommend NOT leveling up until this time, actually. There are certain materia it's a really good idea to equip while you level up. enemy lure materia can seriously limit the ammount of time you spend waiting to get into a battle. Knights of the Round materia can take a very long time to level up. Depending on what you are using to wear down your opponants, you may not want to have your characters develop a limit break.

You can give any character a tranquilizer to inflict sadness. This will delay them from getting limit breaks. You may be asking, "Why the heck would I want to PREVENT a limit break?" Well, if you are tryint to morph your enemies into attribute increasing items, hitting for too much damage can kill them off before you can morph them. Play around with it for a while; I'm sure you'll see why.

f you check in the STATUS item in the menu will show you the stats for your characters. If you are using the various status up items, you'll notice that the stat never appears to go above 250ish. You actually CAN; it just looks like you aren't. You can actually get to 325.

Strength Up: Power Source :
Prep work: You are going to be getting a BUNCH of AP here (If you get 200 power sources, that's 9,000 AP (18,000 for materia in a double slot). Later on in the game, you are seriously going to want to have one of each kind of materia at master level. For now, I recommend at least one of every yellow materia you have in a double slot (except enemy skill materia).

Also, one of every summon (red materia). Once you start getting master level materia, you can swap in your magic materia (green) until you have master levels for one of each.

Once you acquire the morph materia, feel free to get a ton of power sources (str up). Head to Gonga Village, and take the first right at the fork in the road. Go a few screens up to the burned out reactor. Equip sense materia to two characters, and morph materia to the third. Run around the reactor until you find a heavy tank (HP: 1600 / MP:25). Have your characters attack him a few times to get his HP down, then morph him.

You'll have to play with the numbers a few times, as your characters will do different damage than mine did. Once you have him down low enough, use the morph and he'll turn into a Power Source (str+1). If you're getting worked by him, consider using the mini magic on him to reduce the damage he does to your guys to 1 or so. These enemies give you 340 XP and 45 AP. If you are using double-AP weapons/armor, you can end up with 90 AP for each of these battles.

That's a pretty big number early on, but later in the game it's less appealing. I usually put my summon materia into the double (or tripple, if I have the apocolypse) slots to get them up as fast as possible, but you may have a different strategy.

Vitality Up: Guard Source :
Head south and east to the Mideel area to smack around some spirals. You can hit them for pretty good damage with Fire 3, then Cloud can morph them into guard sources. Oh, and did I forget to mention that you can steal X-Potions from them? They have 2800 HP and give you 1400 XP, 160 AP and 2600 gil. If you don't have fire, you can also use Demi-3 (plus mime works well) to make quick work of the. An easy path to these guys uses Demi 3.

Two shots of Demi 3 and you can usually morph them in a blow or two. If you have Gravity, Morph, and Mime, this is an easy battle. Demi 3, Mime, Morph, Mime. If there are three enemies, one more morph. You can get a LOT of vitality in a very short period of time with this.

Underwater Crash Site:
When you first get the submarine, head to the dock area just east of the Golden Saucer, and then go to the souther area of the bay. Dive around here to see a sunken plane. Approach it with the sub to get inside. The Disc 2 section of this walkthrough explains how to get cool stuff out of this plane, so I'll concentrate on the level-up part in this section. Basically, any enemy you find around here can be morphed into one stat-up or another.

There are a few things you can do here that make your guys work together well. For example, you can have three characters, one with a morph materia, one with a master level gravity materia and one with mime materia. Casting Demi 3, Mime, Morph, Mime is *really* effective against enemies that are vulnerable to gravity damage. Be sure you understand how the HP<->MP materia works, too.

A player who has 9999 HP and 999 MP can swap them to enable him/her to carry 999 HP and *9999 MP*. This makes Demi 3 go a LOT further. ;) If you junction steal as well materia to your morph materia, you can rack up some additional cool items.

Here's a list of the sections of the plain, what you can find there, how to beat them, and what you get:

Cargo Room & Research Room:
These are the room with the busted up helicopter and all the boxes (one screen up and one screen left from the save point), and the room with the large reactor (one screen up from the save point). Unknown (HP: 11,000 / MP: 110)
* Steal: Fire Armlet
* Counter: None
* Demi: Yes
* Morph: Power Source
* Gives: 1500 XP, 150 AP, 5000 Gil
* Strategy: Demi 3, Mime, Demi 3, (Morph, Mime until all gone).
Unknown 2 (HP: 13,000 / MP: 130)
* Steal: Aurora Armlet
* Counter: None
* Demi: Yes
* Morph: Guard Source
* Gives: 3000 XP, 300 AP, 10,000 Gil
* Strategy: Sleepl. Demi 3, Mime, Demi 3, (Morph, Mime until all gone).
Unknown 3 (HP: 15,000 / MP: 150)
* Steal: Bolt Armlet
* Counter: Creepy Touch (Inflicts Sadness)
* Demi: Yes
* Morph: Magic Source
* Gives: 2000 XP, 200 AP, 7500 Gil
* Strategy: Sleepl, Demi 3, Mime, Demi 3, (Morph, Mime until all gone).
Serpent (HP: 14,000 / MP: 290) (Weak against Wind)
* Steal: Water Ring
* Counter: None
* Demi: No
* Morph: Mind Source
* Gives: 1400 XP, 70 AP, 2500 Gil
* Strategy: Sleepl, Tornado, Tornado, (Morph, Mime until gone).
The hallway is located exactly one screen left of the save point. This is one of my favorite places to level up. You get great XP and AP, and the morphables pile up quickly. As an added bonus, your guys get FASTER with time ( Speed Source ), so it takes even less time as you do it. If you have sleepl-all junctioned, you can even make sure you almost never get hurt. :D Bad Rap (HP: 9,000 / MP: 120)
* Steal: Ink (One enemy: Darkness)
* Counter: None
* Demi: Yes
* Morph: Luck Source
* Gives: 1,100 XP, 70 AP, 2,500 Gil
* Strategy: Demi 3, Mime, Demi 3, (Morph, Mime until all gone).
Poodler (HP: 6,000 / MP: 220))
* Steal: Turbo Ether
* Counter: Fire (unless you drain it's MP with Enemy Skill: Magic Hammer)
* Demi: Yes
* Morph: Speed Source
* Gives: 900 XP, 70 AP, 2500 Gil
* Strategy: Demi 3, Mime, (Morph, Mime until all gone).

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