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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

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Weapon Strategy

Things you NEED

  • w-summon materia. You can purchase the w-summon materia using battle points in the Battle Arena at the Gold Saucer. You'll have to battle for a while, which means you'll need GP. The easist way to earn these is by racing chocobos. You'll need to race in order to get another needed materia anyway:
  • Knights of the Round materia. You'll need to capture, race, and breed chocobos to get this materia. Follow the instructions in the Chocobo Section for full instructions on acquiring this summon materia.
  • underwater materia. See the Junon Underwater section of Disc 2 for information on obtaining the underwater materia. Basically you just need to morph a certain enemy.
  • final attack materia. You can get the final attack materia by competing in the special battle at the Gold Saucer. You will need to be ultra powerful and use Cloud's best weapon (which you cannot get until after the underwater Junon area). See the level up section for info on how to max out your team's stats, and the Golden Saucer section for information on getting through the battles.

General Strategy
My weapon strategy is this: Equip one character with w-summon materia, Knights of the Round materia and anything else you want leveled up. Then equip a mime to each of your other characters and have them mime the KOR w-summon. You'll want to get the KOR materia via the steps in the Chocobo section and you'll want to level up your first mime materia to master level so it will "birth" a copy of itself. This will allow you to have two characters who can Mime the KOR summon used by the third.

Floating Weapon:
There is an opportunity to learn an amazingly powerful enemy skill here, but it can only be learned by the character who kills him off.

  1. If you don't have Knights of the Round materia, equip an enemy skills materia to everyone so you can learn Shadow Flare when he's defeated. If you have it, equip all the enemy skills materia to the character who has it. I recommend giving them to a character who is using a powerful weapon with no growth on the materia slots. If you've been using Yuffie to level up your team, her Conformer is a good option.
  2. Fly to the crater where you found Lucrecia and obtained Vincent's level four limit break and unltimate weapon (hint: it's a waterfall in a round valley due east of Junon).
  3. Hovering there you should see a floating weapon - land nearby to equip/ Tent /save, then appropach him in the highwind.
  4. Steal a Circlet , then attack. If you're using KOR summon, it should only take a single attack. Even if you're not using KOR, you should beat him pretty quickly by this point, but you will get no XP or AP. Yet.
  5. Follow him to the next continent and head toward the Ancient Forest (east and south of Cosmo Canyon).
  6. Take him out with a single Knights of the Round, but make sure the character who's using it has sufficient HP to withstand a pretty powerful retaliatory attack. If that character has all four of the enemey skills materia junctioned, all four will learn this attack.
When you've defeated him, you should receive an Ultima Weapon . This is the most powerful weapon for Cloud. If you've talked to the guy near the Battle Points exchanger at the Golden Saucer, you've probably learned that there's a battle for only those with "the most powerful weapons." The Ultima Weapon is the key to participating in those battles. See the Golden Saucer section for more information on how to win the final attack materia. That's a requirement for defeating the Ruby Weapon.

Ruby Weapon:
Quick bug note: If you don't see a red tentacle thing in the desert around the Golden Saucer at this time, simply land and fight a random battle. If that doesn't trigger it, go into a town, stay at an inn, and then return. That should fix it. Apparently the code for determining if this enemy appears does not get executed unless you do one or both of those.

OK. You'll likely wanna read this whole section through a time or two in order to get the gist of it. This guy cannot be hit if his tentacle-arms have not been submerged. The key is to wait until his arms disappear then wallop him. Unfortunately, he has an attack that will remove one or more of your characters from the battle (permanently). He won't use it if you have only one live character, though. So you will want to go into this battle with two dead and one live character. Kill off two guys first (before you even start this battle), making sure the last guy (your most powerful character) has w-summon materia, Phoenix materia, and Hades materia equipped. Link Knights of the Round materia to your mp absorb materia and, again, make sure to link Phoenix materia to final attack materia. The latter will automatically revive any downed characters in a single action. Your remaining (initially dead) characters should mime materia.

Also, there are a couple of materia you don't want to use during this battle. Be sure not to use counter materia, otherwise your guys will end up accidentally using mime on a weak counter attack instead of the Knights of the Round summon. That would be bad. Also, don't use cover materia. The attacks of this enemy can do 7000+ damage even on a buffed up character. Cover will prevent you from being able to respond quickly enough to heal up your characters - likely with catestrohpic results.

Finally, don't forget to change the settings to slow down the battle speed and change the ATB from Active to Wait. Since I usually come straight from a signinficant amount of level grinding, my battle speed is maxed out and ATB is active, which means Weapon is basically guarenteed an attack any time I have to choose an action. For most enemeis, it just doesn't matter if they get in an extra shot or two. When fighting Ruby Weapon, however, it can be seriously problematic.

When you're ready, use a gold chocobo or the Highwind to ram him. He's the little red thing poking out of the sand surrounding the Gold Saucer. When the battle first begins, you may have to heal up a little from time to time, but mostly he should just start off by sticking his hands into the ground. When this happens, w-summon Phoenix/Hades (point Hades at HIM, not the tentacles; you must disable his ultima-counter for KOR by causing him to "stop"). On your next action w-summon KOR and KOR. Have the other two characters mime this attack. Depending on how powerful your KOR attack is, you should be able to kill him off in 6-10 summons. My characters do 9200 per knight (Cloud), 6500 per knight (Cid) and 5800 per knight (Tifa). You may need to do a w-summon of Hades/KOR if he unstops. It took 9 attacks for my guys.

I got 45,000 XP and 50,000 AP. Pretty much all my materia leveled up on that on, heh heh. You'll get a " Desert Rose " for this battle. Battle Play-by-play: Cloud: w-summon Phoenix, Hades. Next w-summon KOR, KOR. Tifa Mime and Cid Mime. He should be awake at the end of this, so w-summon Phoenix (if people are dead) and Hades (knock him out again). Have Tifa or Cid use megalixirs to heal people up. If you don't need to use Phoenix here, use Hades on both him and the tentacles. After the Megalixir kicks in, w-summon Hades/KOR and mime with both characters. You SHOULD find the battle over at this point. If not, level up and try again, or repeat the last few rounds (if you have KOR summons left!) Since a dead character's materia does not level up, I had to replay this 5 times to get my guys all alive at the end. You may not want to sink 4 hours into this battle, though. Anyway, once you beat him satisfactorily and SAVE, head to Kalm and talk to the guy in the upstairs room of the house in the lower right corner of the village square. You can trade this item to him for a Golden Chocobo!!!!!!! WOW!!! That's awesome!!! No wait, I already have one. And this one blows. He maxes out at 88 KM/H and 999 Stamina. That's worse than almost ALL of my other chocobos. *sigh* Well, at least I got serious AP out of the battle.

Underwater Weapon
Let's fight the Underwater Weapon now. You don't need the Hades part from the above, but everything else is pretty much the same. You'll want to use the underwater materia, too. You'll get 50,000 XP and 50,000 AP from this battle.

Option 1:
OK. I've got a Master summon materia and w-summon materia. Between that, mime on each of the others and the fact that I have all my characters at level 99 by now, I think I'm OK. I'm only partially joking about that last part. Cloud has 255 in Str, Dex Vit and Luck. His Mag is 205, his Spir is 130. Tifa and Cid are both 255 in str and Luck. That's pretty much all you need, I think. I decided to use my W-Summ0n, Master Summon and KOR stuff here. Cid gets the Phoenix materia connected to the final attack materia, but you only want to use that as a last resort. Move your guys all to the back row (you're not planning on using a regular attack, are you?!?) and use as little materia as possible (this Weapon casts Aire Tam Storm which kills off your guys if you have more than 9 materia (it does 1111 damage PER JUNCTIONED MATERIA!!!!) Anyway, some of you have asked for a blow-by-blow account of how to beat this guy. Here it is.

Cloud W-Summ0n KOR for avg of 8830 per smack.
Weapon: Hit Cloud for zero
Tifa: Mime for avg of 6447 per smack.
Cid: Mime for avg of 6996 per smack.
Weapon: Emerald Shoot hits Tifa for lots.
Cid: Megalixir
Weapon: Emerald beam All for lots
Cloud: KOR for avg of 8800 per smack.
Weapon: Revenge stomp, Aire Tam Storm. 7777 to Cid, who uses pheonix flame when he dies.
Cloud: Other unimate end (2nd KOR) for avg 8822 per smack.
Weapon: Aire Tam Storm, hits Cloud for 7777
Tifa: w-sum KOR for avg 6450 per smack
Weapon: Aire Tam Storm, Hits All - Cloud dies
Cid: KOR
Tifa: Wastes turn.
(Bring all back to life and heal up).
Cloud: KOR
One attack - Weapon Dies.

Option 2:
Depending on how powerful your team is, it's possible to beat Weapon without losing a single character. I went in with the following set up (all the materia I've listed below was master level.)

  • Yuffie: Conformer w/ Phoenix==Final Attack, Master Command, Underwater, HP Plus. Ziedrich . Ribbon .
  • Cid: Spirit Lance w/ Phoenix==Final Attack, Master Command, HP Plus. Ziedrich . Ribbon .
  • Cloud: Ultima Weapon w/ MP Absorb==Master Summon, Phoenix==Final Attack, W-Summ0n, HP Plus. Ziedrich . Ribbon .
With this team, All were at Level 99 and had Str, Dex, Vit, and Luck maxed out at 255. When the battle first started, the Underwater Weapon got one hit on Cid for around 7,000 HP. After that, Cloud w-summon KOR, Yuffie Mime, Cid Mime. Underwater weapon tried the stomp, but only hit Cloud for around 1300 damage. Then Cloud did another w-summon KOR and Yuffie Mimed it. That killed him off before a single Aire Tam Storm. I didn't get any XP or AP for the battle (again, all my materia was master level and the characters were at level 99, so I used weapons that had no growth but good attack values), but it was fun to just totally crush Weapon. XD

You'll get the Earth Harp for beating Weapon. Take the Earth Harp to KALM and give it to the guy in the upper room for the Master summon materia, master magic materia and master command materia!!! You can collect all three! Of course, by the time I got these using my "Option 2" team, I already had three of each, so it was kind of anti-climactic.