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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

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Materia Guide

Huge Materia
There are four Huge Materia you can get in the game. Once you have access to Buegenhagen's planetarium thing, you can store them there.

Red Huge Materia :
Go to the place where you sunk the red submarine during your flight from the underwater reactor. Be sure to get this one. You should be able to retrieve this at any time. I got it between defeating Ruby and Emerald Weapon. I had already received the master magic materia at this time.

Green Huge Materia :
If you are successful in stopping the train from plowing into North Corel, you'll get this after the mission. If you fail that mission, you won't.

Yellow Huge Materia :
Fight the mini-game battle at Fort Condor. If you're able to defeat the boss, you'll have this available to you. Simply talk to the old guy sitting at the table just at the top of the first rope.

Blue Huge Materia :
When you are on the rocket in space, head right when you get a chance and input the proper code to get this materia. See the appropriate section of the disc2 page of this walkthrough for the code.

Master Materia
In Beugenhagen's planetarium thing you'll find all the Huge Materia you've been rushing around to save. If you missed one of the materia, however, you will not be able to aquire a master blend. Use the levers on the right side of the planetarium controls to raise the machine and access the materia. If you approach one of the green, yellow, or red Huge Materia , you can see if you have the appropriate materia for the blend (See below for a complete list). You will exchange a master level of each of those for a single materia that will do all the things. For the Master summon materia, that means it can summon as any of the traded materia.

Note that the translation on these is pretty poor. For example, if you have a master level of all 20 magic materia, this is what you'll see when you "get closer" to the green Huge Materia : "magic materia Blend. All maximum level magic materia will be blended. Maximum level magic materia has been lost. Received one master magic materia. Perform Blend?" The implication from the first few dialog boxes is that it's already happened, but you can choose at this point to blend or not. For the record, I typically recommend you go ahead with the blend. :)

You can get master command materia by blending a master level of each of the following (note these are not all of them) command materia:

  • death blow materia
  • manipulate materia
  • mime materia
  • morph materia
  • sense materia (listed as sence materia)
  • steal materia
  • throw materia

You may have noticed that this is *not* an exhaustive list of command materia. That is correct; there are several command materia which are not combined during the blending process: w-item materia, w-summon materia, double cut materia, enemy skill materia, and slash all materia.

You can get Master summon materia by approaching the huge red materia and blending a master level of each of the following summon materia:
  • Alexander materia
  • Bahamut materia
  • Bahamut ZERO materia
  • Choco-Mog materia
  • Hades materia
  • Ifrit materia
  • Kjata materia
  • Knights of the Round materia
  • Leviathan materia
  • Neo bahamut materia
  • Odin materia
  • Phoenix materia
  • Ramuh materia
  • Shiva materia
  • Titan materia
  • Typhoon materia
If you get close to the green Huge Materia , you'll see: magic materia Blend: All maximum level magic Matiera will be blended. Maximum level magic material has been lost. Recieved one "master magic" materia! Perform Blend? If you select Yes, you'll see "Received "Master Magic" Materia!" To perform the blend, you'll need one of each of the following materia:
  • barrier materia
  • commet materia
  • contain materia
  • destruct materia
  • earth materia
  • exit materia
  • fire materia
  • fullcure materia
  • gravity materia
  • heal materia
  • ice materia
  • lightning materia
  • mystify materia
  • poison materia
  • revive materia
  • seal materia
  • shield materia
  • time materia
  • transform materia
  • ultima materia

support materia:
You may have noticed that I've not listed how to get a master support materia. It turns out you can't. The following support materia are helpful to you, but there's not way (that I'm aware of anyway) to blend them - even if you get the blue Huge Materia .

List of support materia:

  • added cut materia
  • added effect materia
  • all materia
  • elemental materia
  • final attack materia
  • HP absorb materia
  • magic counter materia
  • mp absorb materia
  • mp turbo materia
  • quadra magic materia
  • sneak attack materia
  • steal as well materia

independent materia:
You may have also noticed that I've not listed how to get a master independent materia. It turns out you can't. The following independent materia are helpful to you, but there's not way (that I'm aware of anyway) to blend them.

List of independent materia:

  • chocobo lure materia
  • counter attack materia
  • cover materia
  • enemy away materia
  • enemy lure materia
  • experience plus materia
  • gil plus materia
  • HP<->MP materia
  • HP plus materia
  • long range materia
  • luck plus materia
  • magic plus materia
  • mega all materia
  • MP plus materia
  • pre-emptive materia
  • speed plus materia
  • underwater materia
  • independent materia
  • counter attack materia