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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough


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The following is a list of what each card Mods into, and how many of them are required. It is not yet finished.

Page 1

Num Card Becomes Good For...
1Geezard5 ScrewsWeapons Upgrades
1Fungar1 M-stone pieceLow Level Magics
1Bug-Bite1 M-stone pieceLow Level Magics
1Red Bat1 Vampire FangMakes Vampire Attack
4Blobra1 Rune ArmletGF learns SPR+20% ability; Supt Mag-RF into 40 shells; refines into 10 shell stones
1Gayla1 Mystery FluidQuistis Blue Magic: Acid; also ST Mag-RF into 10 Meltdowns
1Gespar1 Black HoleQuistis Blue Magic: Degenerator
4Fastitocalon-F1 Water CrystalQuistis Blue Magic: Aqua Breath; also refines to 20 waters.
1Blood-Soul1 Zombie Powder1 L Mag-RF into 20 Zombies
1Caterchipillar1 Spider WebQuistis Blue Magic: Ultra Waves
1Cockatrice1 Cockatrice PinionFeather with petrifying power

Page 2

Num Card Becomes Good For...
1Grat1 Magic StoneRefines to mid level magics
1Buel1 Magic StoneRefines to mid level magics
1Mesmerize1 Mesmerize BladeWeapons Upgrades; also 1 L Mag-RF into 20 Regens
1Glacial Eye1 Arctic WindCompatability: Shiva; also refine into 20 blizzaras
1Belheml1 Saw BladeWeapons Upgrades; also 1 L Mag-RF into 10 deaths
1Thrustaevis1 Shear FeatherCompatibility: ????
1Anacandaur1 Venom FangCompatibility: ????
1Creeps1 Coral FragmentQuistis Blue Magic: Electrocute; T Refine 20 Thundaras
1Grendal1 Dragon FinCompatibilty: ????
1Jelleye1 Magic StoneRefines to mid level magics
1Grand Mantis1 Sharp SpikeWeapons Upgrades

Page 3

Num Card Becomes Good for...
1Forbidden1 Betrayal SwordWeapons Upgrades; ST Mag-RF into 20 Confuses
1Aramadodo1 Dino BoneWeapons Upgrades; Compatibility: ????
1Tri-Face1 Curse SpikeQuistis Blue Magic: Lv?Death; also ST Mag-RF into 10 pain
1Fastitocalon1 Water CrystalQuistis Blue Magic: Aqua Breath; also refines to 50 waters
1Snow Lion1 North WindCompatibility: Shiva; also Refines into 20 Blizzagas
1Ochu1 Ochu TentacleWeapons Upgrades
1SAM08G1 Running FireQuistis Blue Magic: Gatling Gun
1Death Claw1 Sharp SpikeWeapons Upgrades
1Cactuar1 Cauctus ThornCompatibility: Cactaur
1Tonberry1 Chef's KnifeCompatibility: Tonberry; also weapons upgrades
1Abyss Worm1 WindmillRefine 20 Tornados; also Compatibility: ????

Page 4

Num Card Becomes Good for... Where to find
5Turtapod1 Healing MailGF HP+10% ability
1Vsyage1 Wizard StoneRefines into High Level Magics
2T-Rexaur1 Dino-BoneWeapons Upgrades; Compatibility: ????
1Bomb1 Bomb FragmentCompatibility: Ifrit
1Blitz1 Dynamo StoneCompatibility: Quezacotl; T Mag-RF into 20 Thundagas
1Wendigo1 Steel OrbCompatibility: ????
5Torama1 Life Ring1 L Mag-RF into 20 Lifes
1Imp1 Wizard StoneRefines into High Level Magics
4Blue Dragon1 Fury FragmentSupt Mag-RF into 5 auras; also GLrefines into 2 aura stones
3Adamentosie1 Turtle ShellVit+20% Ability
3Hexadragon1 Red FangCompatability: Ifrit; also weapons upgrades

Page 5

Num Card Becomes Good for...
3Iron Giant1 Star FragmentGF Learns SumMag+20% Ability
10Behemoth1 BarrierQuistis Blue Magic: Mighty Guard
10Chimera1 Regen RingGF LearnsHP+20% Ability; refines into 5 tents; refines into 2 ultima stones; L mag-RF into 20 Full Lifes
* 1PuPu1 Hungry CookpotGF Learns Devour Ability
1Elastoid1 Steel PipeGF Learns SumMag+10%; also Summon Doom Train; also refines into 1 aura stone
1GIM47N10 Fast AmmoAmmo For Irvine
4Malboro1 Malboro TentacleWeapons Upgrades; also Quistis Blue Magic: Bad Breath; also Summon Doom Train
10Ruby Dragon1 Inferno FangQuistis Blue Magic: Fire Breath
10Elnoyle1 Energy CrystalGF SumMag+30%
1Tonberry King1 Chef's KnifeWeapons Upgrades; also Compatibility Tonberry; also refines into death
1Wedge, Biggs1 X-PotionFully Restores HP

Page 6

Num Card Becomes Good for...
1Fujin, Ragin1 X-PotionFully Restores HP
1Elvoret10 Death StonesRefines into Death
2X-ATM0921 Turtle ShellWeapons Upgrades; GF Learnins Vit+20%
1Granaldo1 G-ReturnerRevivie KO'd GF
10Grerogero1 CircletTool-RF into 2 Aura Stones
1Iguion1 Cockatrice PinionST Mag-RF into 20 Breaks
1Abadon30 Dark AmmoInflict status with attack
1Trauma30 Demolition AmmoPowerful LB for Irvine
1Oilboyle30 Fire AmmoGreat against fire-weak enemies!
5Shumi Tribe1 Gambler SpiritTool-RF into 10 wizard stones
1Krysta10 Holy StonesElem-Atk J against undead enemies!

Page 7

Num Card Becomes Good for...
1Propigator1 G-Mega-PotionI don't really use them
1Jumbo Cactuar1 Cactus ThornAmmo-RF for Demolition Ammo
40Tri-Point1 Jet Engine50 = Spd Up
10Gargantua1 Strength LoveRefines into Aura via Supt Mag-RF
1Tiamat10 Flare StonesF Mag-RF into 1 flare (each)
1Mobile Type 810 Shell StonesRefines into Shell via Supt Mag-RF
1Sphinxara1 G-Mega-PotionI don't really use them
1BGH251F210 Protect StonesRefines into Protect via Supt Mag-RF
1Red Giant5 Meteor Stones
1Catoblepas1 Rename CardChange GF Name
1Ultima Weapon1 Ultima Stone

Page 8

Num Card Becomes Good for... Where to find
* 1Fat Chocobo100 LuvLuvG
1Angelo100 Elixir
1Gilgamesh10 Holy War
1MiniMog100 Pet Houses
* 1Chicobo100 Gyshahl Greens
1Quezacotl100 Dynamo StoneRefines into 20 ThundagasMayor Dobe in FH
1Shiva100 North WindsCompatibility: Shiva; also Refines into 20 Blizzagas
1Ifrit3 Elem AttacksDefeat Ifrit; win from Martine after losing it to Caraway
1Siren3 Elem AttacksDollet Pub Owner
1Sacred100 Dino BonesDefeat him in Tomb of Unknown King
1Minatuar10 AdamintinesDefeat him in Tomb of Unknown King

Page 9

Num Card Becomes Good for... Where to find
1Carbuncle3 Glow CurtainsSupt Mag-RF into 100 Reflects (each)Win from CC Heart in CC Side Quest
1Diablos100 Black HolesDefeat Diablos
1Leviathan3 Doc's CodeWin from CC Joker
1Oden100 Dead SpiritsDefeat Odin
1Pandemona100 WindmillBalam Hotel Owner (See Disc 2)
1Cerberus100 LightweightsTime Mag-RF into 20 Hastes (each)Defeat Cerberus
1Alexander3 Moon CurtainsSupt Mag-RF into 100 shells (each)Win from Piet on Lunar Base
* 1Phoenix3 Phoenix SpiritSee Queen of Cards side quest
1Bahamut100 MegalixirsDefeat Bahamut
* 1Doomtrain3 Status GuardSee Queen of Cards side quest
1Eden3 Monk's CodesDefeat Ultima Weapon (good luck!)

Page 10

Num Card Becomes Good for... Where to find
* 1WardGaea's RingWin from Odine in Esthar
* 1Kiros3 AcceleratorSee Queen of Cards sie quest
* 1Laguna100 HeroWin from Ellone on Lunar Base
1Selphi3 Elem GuardsWin from Selphie's Friend in Trabia
1Quistis3 Samantha SoulsWin from "guy in the back" in Balam's Cafeteria
* 1Irvine3 Rocket EngineTime Mag-RF into 50 Triples (each)See Queen of Cards side quest
* 1Zell3 Hyper WristWin from Zell's mother in City of Balam
1Riona3 Magic ArmletsWin from her father in Deling city; lose Ifrit card first
1Edea?Win from Edea at Lighthouse
1Seifer3 Diamond ArmorsWin from Cid (prefereably before leaving for Timber)
* 1Squall3 Three StarsTime Mag-RF into 100 Triples (each)Win from Laguna in Esthar

* Indicates that I have received this info from contributors, but have not verified it myself. The * will go away as I verify these.

The following items are not part of any Card mod, but it's nice to know what you can get out of them...


Num Item Refine With/Becomes Good for...
1Aegis AmuletTime Mag-RF / 100 HastesGood Magic for speed junction!
1Bomb SpiritF Mag-RF / 100 FiragasBest Fire Magic
1Phoenix PinionF Mag-RF / 100 FiragasBest Fire Magic
1Healing WaterL Mag-RF / 20 CurasBetter Cure magic
1Healing RingL Mag-RF / 100 CuragasBest Cure magic
1Dragon FangSupt Mag-RF / 20 EsuanasCure status ailments
1Steel CurtainSupt Mag-RF / 100 ProtectsProtect from physical attacks
1Med KitSupt Mag-RF / 100 EsuanasCure status ailments

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