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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough


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Chicobo Card (Disc 2, after FH):
If you successfully call a Chocobo in all the Chocobo Forests, you can get the Chicobo Card. Basically the way this works is you walk around pressing Triangle until you hear the cheep sound change and see the red bar on the bottom right of the screen jump around more. (If that doesn't make sense, pay the kid to teach you how to do things.) When the sound and red bar change, you're ready to blow the Ziner. Use the card-talk button to switch to that and use triangle to call the chicobo.

1. The Beginner's Forest:
To get to this forest, head to Shumi Village (waaay up north on the map) and look off to the left. There's a small circular patch of forest there. (Hey, why not stop of at Shumi Village for a bit of Ultima Magic, while you're at it?) Pull up the menu with Square (card-talk) and chose Sonar. Go toward the back of the forest and blow the whistle with triangle (menu escape) as you walk around. Eventually it should be obvious where things change. Use square to switch to Ziner and blow it to call down a single Chocobo. Talk to that Chocobo with X (main select) and you should see the mother chocobo drop down. Now switch back to sonar and look along the back left wall until you get a hit. Use the Ziner there and the mother chocobo should go dig up an Aura Stone for you. Talk to the Mother to ride it out of the forest, and go south to the next island down.

2. The Basics Forest:
Ride the chocobo you caught in [1. The Beginner's Forest] south, then go left around the mountains until you see a small dome of forest pretty much directly south of the other one. You don't need to bother dismounting - just ride straight in to that forest. Select the sonar and find the spot near the middle back where it goes off. Use the Ziner and three will come down - one at first, and two that follow it. Next, walk directly on top of the front right chocobo and blow the ziner again. Two of them should fly away, leaving a lone chicobo you can talk to in order to summon the mother. Use the sonar along the back-left snow bank to find the next treasure. When you find it, use the Ziner and the mother should dig up a Flare Stone for you. Ride this chocobo out of the forest to...

3. The Roaming Forest:
Ride the chocobo south into the water, then continue south until you see another shoreline. That should allow you to get to Trabia Garden. Head around the mountains east of the garden. Use the sonar to find the right spot (I pressed triangle as soon as I arrived and they dropped down - YMMV) then use the Ziner to call them. You should see two. Use the sonar to find the spot between them and use the Ziner there to make a third drop, then watch them all head back up. Go almost all the way out and use the sonar to find the spot by the log where the Ziner will call a single Chicobo. Talk to it to summon Momma. Use the sonar to find a spot WAY in the back where you can blow the ziner to get a Shell and Holy Stone. Ride the mother chocobo alllll the way back north to the first forest near Shumi Village.

4. The Solitude Forest:
Get back in Garden and head to the northern most point of the Centra continent (it's due south of the island of Balam.) You should see the forest surrounded by mountains at the northern edge of the contient. Park the garden south of those mountains and walk around them on foot. Use the sonar to find the place just left and behind the chocoboy where it goes off. Talk to the chicobo to summon mama. Talk to Chocoboy to get him to move (begin a card game if you have to, but I don't think you need to beat him.) Use the sonar to see where you'll need to tell mama to dig. I had to step aside in order to switch to the ziner, but I was able to get right back and use the ziner where the chocoboy was standing, which causes the mother to dig up a Protect Stone and a Meteor Stone. Ride the chocobo out of the forest and head southwest to get to...

5. The Fun Forest:
This one is located near Edea's Lighthouse. If Galbadia Garden is near the lighthouse, you'll want to ride a Chocobo here. Use the sonar to find the first spot to use the ziner (just right of the middle of the clearing). Three should drop. Next, find the spot in the clearing just right of chocoboy. A fourth should drop. Finally, find the spot down and left of Chocoboy and blow the ziner twice. Talk to the lone chicobo to summon mama. Use the sonar to find the dig spot way in the back right of the clearing where you can get a Meteor Stone, a Flare Stone, and an Ultima Stone! Ride the chocobo out of the forest and head south-east until you come to a desert. Just south of that is...

6. The Enclosed Forest:
South of the desert at the far eastern edge of the Centra continent is a tiny forerst kind of hidden next to two other larger forests. Ride the chocobo from the previous forest here. Use the sonar to find the following spots, and blow the ziner when you find them: 1) just down and lef from chocoboy; two chicobos come down. 2) Just back and right from the left-most Chicobo; one comes down, one goes up. 3) Just left of the big rock where the chicobo just flew up from; one comes down. 4) Way in the back, just right of the forked tree; one comes down. 5) In the middle of all the chicobos; all go up, one comes down. Talk to him to summon mother. Use the ziner all the way right (behind the rock) to have mama dig up a Metero Stone, a Holy Stone, and an Ultima Stone. Ride the mother out of the forest and...

7. The Final Forest:
Ride the Chocobo from the previous forest north a very short bit and go around the little mountain range until you see a shoreline you can use. Ride north along the east side of the continent and look at the water color. You want to follow the shoreline until you see a place where you can turn north toward the next continent up. Do so, and follow it's shoreline around the east side of the continent. You should come to an inlet heading west relatively soon; note: it's the thin river of water, not just the water past the first island. Follow that north until you come to a shoreline of a very thick forest. Go across this forested area and continue north until you come to a second shorline of a thick forest. You'll follow a cliff face northeast a bit, and then you'll see a spot where you can cut through and head north. Do so and continue north and a bit west. You should eventually come to yet another domed chocobo forest area. Head inside and talk to Chocoboy. After chatting with him, head foward a bit and watch the chocobos do a fun dance. Do you recognize the dance waltz music? That's right! It's the same track from the dance party where you first met Rinoa! When there's only one lone chicobo left, talk to him for the Chicobo Card. Talking to him again will grant you a Gyshall Green (at the expense of 600 Gil). Talk to Chocoboy again and (despite the typo) have him call you a Chocobo so you can leave.

One Final Note: Once you get chicobo, you can cheat if you're playing the PC version of the game. Otherwise, you're probably SOL if you're playing on an Emulator, etc.

Shumi Village (Disc 2, after FH):
To complete this area, go to Shumi Village (Just North of Trabia Garden on a little island). Now, DRAW ULTIMA from behind the guys. This draw point will respawn after you have taken a bunch of steps. The easiest thing to do is just come back after every time your characters receive their Garden Salary. Go to the elevator and go down. You will be given special permission to hang out here. Note the blue and red orbs in the elevator, reminicent of the orbs on Norg's device. It doesn't mean anything, but it's sorta cool to see.

  • When you get down, enter the first doorway, the Inn, and save your game upstairs.
  • Leave the inn and go all the way to the last hut. That's the Sculptur, in the back; you'll talk automatically. He'll insist you go talk to the Elder.
  • Leave this hut and head right to the next screen. The moomba should be out of the way, so you should be able to go inside. After a chat, you'll be asked to help out with the statue. Head back to the statue and talk to Sculptor. He'll tell you he needs Blue Stone.
  • Look beside the statue for Blue stone (if you need it, there's a Firaga draw point behind the statue). After examining it, you'll find out you need the Wind Stone next.
  • Leave the hut and go right two screens. Look at the rocks by the only hut you can't enter (near the entrance) for Wind stone. Go back and give the stone to Sculptor.
  • Now you need some Life Stones. Leave the hut and go one screen right. The life stones are in the tree roots to the right of the Moomba outside the Elder's hut, get them. Go and give them to Sulpter.
  • Now you need Shadown Stones. Take the elevator back up to the surface and look where all the shadows intersect (just run around the shadows until Squall tells you it's near; if the Draw Point has spawned more Ultima, grab more!) Take the shadown stones to Sculptor.
  • Now he needs Water Stones. Leave the hut and head next door to Artisan's house. Read the Timber Maniacs magazine on the couch, then talk to him. Keep talking until he starts repeating himself, then look at the sink to the left of him. Take it to Sculptor, talk to sculptor normally, and then return to the Elder.
  • When you try to leave the Elder's hut, you'll get a Phoenix Pinion. If you are confused, have Squall explain it to you after you leave the hut.
  • After you hear the loud cry, go and visit the Sculptor again.
  • By now you should have walked enough for the Ultima draw point to respawn, and it doesn't appear you can advance the story line here until you've at least taken the elevator to the top. So leave via the elevator and draw if you can.
  • After checking on the Ultima, go back and visit Elder. He'll tell you to go and see Atendent helping Sculptor.
  • Go talk to Attendant, then to Sculptor, then leave and go talk to the Elder. He'll ask you to talk to the Moomba outside.
  • Do so, then go and talk to Assistant again. Then leave the screen and then immediately come back.
  • Talk to both of them, then go and tell the Elder what is happening, and get a bit of info.
  • Now go talk to Sculptor again, then Assistant. Twice. Now go back and talk to Elder. Now go talk to Artisan.
  • Hmmm. What to do? What to do? Didn't he give you a bit of a hint earlier? Oh alright. I'll tell you. Go and talk to the guy at FH with the Moomba doll. He'll give you what you need (the doll.) Take it back to Shumi Village (don't forget to see if you can draw ultima both ways, if you've walked a bunch) and walk to Artisan's house.
  • The doll contains a message that makes everything turn out better. After delivering it, head outside and meet the fisherman!
  • Talk a bit and Artisan will be happier. Now head over to the shop and talk to all 3 of them.
  • Now go talk to the Elder for a cool gift. I got a Status Guard.
Note: Complete this on Disc 2, then return to Shumi Village when you first get the Ragnorok on Disc 3. Visit the Elder, then go visit the statue. Talk to all three of them and then try to leave, then talk to Master Fisherman. Talk to the elder, then leave and head out. After a long cut scene, you'll be back on the elevator. When you leave, head back one last time to hear the last little bits of the story, then you can leave for good. While you're there, if you would like to hear an interesting spin on the "Eyes on Me" song, head into the Inn and examine the Moogle-in-a-snow-globe at the far right.

Lots of Ultima: After you finish the quest above, there's an easy way to get lots of Ultima. The Ultima draw point in Shumi Village refreshes based on the number of steps you have walked, and walking on a Chocobo counts as 2-3 times the regular number of steps. Just next to Shumi Village is a Chocobo Forest. See the instructions above to call the chocobo in this forest, then run around on the Chocobo until you get three disburments of your salary (probably only 4-5 minutes). You can now return and draw 8+ ultima. Repeat as desired. Note that - unlike when you draw from an enemy during a battle - increasing your magic attribute does not appear to result in receiving additional magic when drawing from a draw point.

Winhill (Disc 2, after FH):
Head over to Winhill to learn a little more about that cute little area, as well as solve a fun puzzle. Make sure you party consists of Squall, Zell and Quistis. When you first walk into town, talk to the 'seedy' ;) looking characters and then head to the main mansion. It's right next door to Ellone's Parent's house. Follow the directions below for a prize.

  1. Talk to the man on the stairs a few times, then go down and talk to his wife. Their precious vase is missing! You've got to help them find it! (Always the hero, ain't ya Squall?)
  2. You did remember to have Squall, Zell and Quistis, right? That's the key to getting the last piece. If Quistis isn't there, the joke won't be made. Go look at the suit of armor. You'll get a vase piece. Show that to the man on the stairs and you'll be told to let him know if you find more pieces. Here's a hint: There are four total.
  3. Optional: Head over to Elle's house and look at her parent's picture. If you want, head upstairs and save your game and/or draw curaga.
  4. Head upstairs in Raine's Pub and talk to the new owner until she tells you about the flowers. Then talk to the cat. o.O
  5. Now go down stairs and smell the flowers closest to the door.
  6. Go over to where Raine appears and she will become a cat. After a few moments, you will be able to pet the cat. When you do, you receive a Vase Piece. Go back and talk to the man on the stairs in the mansion.
  7. Now go outside and talk to all the other people around the area. The guy on the bench doesn't think to highly of Laguna. The Dispel draw point is still at the bottom of the stairs on that screen. The other draw points from Laguna's visit are still here, too - though one is all used up.
  8. Go over the bridge and toward the old lady. When she ducks inside her house and slams the door, follow her. Go look at the white flowers by the doorway and tell the lady you like flowers. After her story, smell them. This is Vase Piece Two. Don't bother trying to get more info out of the lady, she won't talk to you. Head out and go give the stair guy this Vase Piece.
  9. Now continue down the path and you'll run across a Chicobo. Time yourself just right and you can bump into him! The first three times you kick him you'll get a treat (including the third Vase Piece). After that, however, if you keep doing it a big Chocobo will come and kick you! It's worth it just to see it. :) Go and give this piece back to the owner.
When you give the last piece to the guy and you will get your final reward. A holy stone. What a jerk! Anyway, Didn't this remind you at least a little bit of the Shumi Village deal? Hmm. I think I'll go back there and get more Ultima.

Timber Maniacs:
From time to time during the game you run across "timber maniacs" magazenes. When you do, read them, then go and look at Selphie's BBS back on garden. There is some interesting stuff to learn there, and they are pretty funny. If anyone is interested, check out the "Timber Maniacs" section of the "Magazines" page. There you'll find out which TM magazines match to which Laguna tale.

Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell:
OK, strictly speaking, this is not (in my opinion) a side quest. All this entails is going to the farthest west and east islands and drawing some cool spells. Oh yeah, the toughest monsters exist here too so be carefull. It's a good place to level up, I suppose, but I don't really see any other reason to go here, though. I get the spells/stuff I need through enemy drawing and Card Mod.

Omega Weapon:
OK. To get here you must be at Ultimecia's Castle. Unless you know what you are doing (or wanna REAL challange) DON'T come here. If you do, here's how you fight this battle. Take the main party to the Green Circle by the fountain. Now take the dummy party up the main stairway and to the right. Go through the doorway there and down the stair to where the Rope is. Pull the rope the run to the green circle there. Switch to the REAL party. Head around the fountain and through the doorway to where the black cloud usually is. Go there and kick some Ultima Butt. Since you think you are cool enough to get here, I'll let you figure out just how to beat this guy. I will say this, however: If you can't have at least one guy with 9999 HP, don't bother. You WILL NOT win. Oh yeah, I beat this guy in 51 seconds. Anyone able to top that? Ok, maybe a few more hints: Aura is your friend. And don't junction Water or Holy to attacks, but you CAN draw-cast ultima, if you want. Oh yeah, and if you see the words "Terra Break," or "Medeo Flame" either summojn GFs, or kiss your hiney adios! Really. I mean it. Basically to beat this guy, you have to do REAL damgage, REAL quick. By the way, that 51 seconds I mentioned above? That was the only time I DID beat him. So don't feal bad if you keep getting worked! Alright, enough people have asked, so I'll tell you my strategy that sorta helps. Have one character cast Aura on Squall, and another character immediately AFTER that use a Holy War. That will allow you to not get killed. Let Squall use his Renzokuken three times, then have the character's get ready to do it again as soon as the Holy War wears off. I know, he gets a couple of free shots, but you shouldn't get hurt. I had Squall's Lion Heart connect twice while fighting him, and STILL this guy kept comming. What a pain. On the plus side, you get the 3-stars, and the GF get 250 AP! I went through 4 Holy War's doing this, btw; it's a real pain the nose.

Cactaur Island:
If you haven't already got all the optional GF, you might go through that first. Once you're done, if your guys are fast enough, you can earn your GF their abilities REALLY fast on Cactaur Island. Simply go to the island where you got Cactaur, and walk around in the desert. If you can beat these guys, you'll earn 20 AP for EACH ONE!!! I usually disable Ribbon on my guys and enable Initiative instead. That lets my guys strike first, which gives them a SLIGHT chance at hitting something. Heh heh. If you can hit them, you can get your GF Abilities in no time. During the course of killing off Cactaurs, you may end up with a large quantity of Cactaus Thorns. Use the GFAbl Med-RF (Eden) to turn 100 into a "Hundred Needles."

Obel Lake (Disc 1, after Timber):
When you've first left Timber, there's a large lake near by. You'll notice an isthmus that reaches into the center of the lake. Head out onto the isthmus and press 'x' at the end. You'll see a message saying "It's Obel Lake." with two options: 1) "Throw a rock" and 2) "Try humming." Choose option 2) Try Humming." You'll see a note saying, "A black shadow rose to the surface." Now select "Try humming again." You'll get a message saying, "Black Shadow ...Hello human. What a lovely tune." followed by "(There's something large there...) Press X again and you'll get a note saying "Thanks for speaking to me again. Can you do me a favor?" You'll have two options: (What is it) and (I don't want to hear it...) Select Option 1 (What is it) and he'll reply, "It's my friend Mr. Monkey... Can you find him for me? Please..." Press 'X' again and he'll say, "Mr. Monkey should be in a forest somewhere. Keep walking around, and I'm sure you'll find him." Press 'x' again and you'll see "If he's not around, perhaps he took a train towards dollet?" Head away from the lake a few steps, then come back and press 'X' again. This time select "throw a rock." You'll see a message with a bunch of dots and "The rock skipped n times." where n is some number. Keep doing this until you see a message saying, "The rock skipped many many times."

Now leave the lake and get on the tracks heading north toward Dollet (past the staition you exited at for Galbadia Garden). On the Dollet - Hasberry Plains, you'll see the tracks cross a road. Just West of that is a small forest along the North of the plains. Wander around in there until you see a note saying "There's the monkey!" You'll have the option to sing or "throw a rock." Select "Throw a rock" and he'll either taunt you or say "...OUCH! ...D-Darn it! ...You're gona pay for that!" If he just taunts you, leave the forest, come back, and throw another rock until it hits him. He'll throw a rock at you and run away. "...Upon inspecting the rock, it looks man-made, and has some carving on it..." "U R H A E O ...Is this... part of something?)

Leave the forest and head back to the lake. Hum again and you'll "relay the whereabouts of Mr. Monkey" to the shadow. Keep talking to him and he'll eventually say, "Oh, yeah... At the beach in Balamb, something special washes ashore at times."
When you can again get to Balamb, and search along the shore for the 2nd rock (S T S L R M).

If you keep talking to the shadow, he'll eventually say, "Oh, yeah... You'll find something on an island east of Timber, too." When you have a chance, search those islands (it was toward 1/3 of the way to the East end of the skinny island north of the Railroad bridge for me) for another rock "It looks man-made, and it has some carving on it. (R E A I D R).

If you keep talking to the shadow, you should get "There's also something on top of a mountain with a lake and a cavern." This one is a bit more tricky, and requires the Ragnarock to find. You'll have to land on top of the mountains directly north of the Galbadia Prison. Fly around and you'll see where the waterfall is coming out of the mountain. You'll get the message "A bird is warming an egg." If you "Check it out," you'll fight a few Thrustaevis enemies, after which you'll find a rock that says, "E A S N P D."

Take all four rocks back to the shadow, hum, and he'll put them in order. Read it right to left, top to bottom and it will spell out "Mordred Plains has treasure." Those planes are in the north-western part of the Esthar contient. That continent kind of looks like an H. If you go to the top-left side of the H and search over and over in an area that's a bit more brown than the rest, you'll see the following:
"There are many multicolor rocks with faces all over the place..."
"The red-faced rock tells you angrily, 'The treasure's to the nnn!'"
"The blue-faced rock whispers, 'Some of us just repeat the same thing.'"
"The blue-faced rock whispers, 'Some of us just talk nonsense.'"
"The blue-faced rock whispers, 'People call us the liar rocks.'"
"The blue-faced rock whispers, 'Some of us just say the opposite of what we mean.'"
"The blue-faced rock whispers, 'I don't know where the treasure is.'"
"The white-faced rock tells you coldly, 'It's nnn.'"
"The black-faced rock tells you sternly, '...The treasure is probably in the direction of the North Star...'"

So basically none of these guys tell the truth - but one is ALWAYS telling a lie. That's the red one. Do the opposite of what it says and you should eventually come to a spot where you see the phrase, "The red-faced rock tells you angrily, 'The treasure's not here!'"

Search there again and you shoud see "What's this?!...." "Found Three Stars!" You know how you can use tripple to cast three spells on your turn? Well three stars lets a GF learn an ability that makes that only cost one magic instead of three!

Random Mysterious Hint: "Oh, yeah. Do you know what? Take a break at the railroad bridge." I don't know if this is related, but if you search around on the railroad tracks bridge to the north (on the way to Dollet), you'll find a fire draw point. Whee.

Random Mysterious Hint: "Take some time off at Eldbeak Peninsula. I bet it's a wonderful place." If you go to the very nothern tip of this continent and look east, you should see a bit of another continent. Head there and go to the tip - you'll know you're there because you can see a bit of Dollet off in the distance. Search around until you see "There is a stone pillar. If you look closely, there's something written on it. TRETIMEASUREATMINOFFDESILE. OK, so the hint is to "take some TIME OFF at..." So if you take that out of the middle, you're left with treasureatmindeisle, or "treasure at minde isle." That's the island off the coast of Esthar, in the south west (at the bottom of the H that the continent kind of makes.) If you search in the eastern light-colored areas, you should find a Luck-J scroll.