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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough


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Back to Edea's House:
After saving and swapping discs, Squall is back in command. Don't forget to junction your new GF, Alexander. You probably want his "High Mag-RF" skill. Leave the infirmory and head to the bridge. If you like, you can always talk to Rinoa first. Ha ha. Just kidding. You can't talk to her 'cause she's DEAD! No, you know I'm only joking when I say that. This isn't like FF7 where you know who DIES and REALLY PISSES OFF A LOT OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I'm not bitter. No, not a bit. (Stupid $!#@&*$ game.) Anyway, head up to the bridge and talk to Nida if you'd like take off for Edea's house, but...

This is also a great time (prolly the last chance, actualy) for taking on the Card Club in Balam if you have followed the two main principals. (Don't spread any rules to Balam and get lots of cool cards early on. Do the GF quests that you can for cool cards! Odin Rocks!!!!) If you head into the Training Center and go to the left branch, there's a Weapons Mon Jul magazine laying on the ground there.

Anyway, on to Edea's house... If you walk along the shoreline due west of the house (and keep pressing X), you should eventually find a Holy draw. Anyway, when you get to Edea's house (first screen up has an old issue of timber maniacs, next screen to the left has a curaga draw point). Cid will appear from the right, and talking with him will allow you to go on to the next screen. As soon as you do, you're able to play cards against Edea and win her card from her. When you're ready to advance the plot, talk to Edea a few times. You'll learn all sorts of things. ( If you seem lost at Edea's house, just try to leave and everything should work itself out. )

Now, if you have been following some other guides ( or the game logic for that matter,) you would jump to the conclusion you should be searching for a ship right now. That's wrong. You should now check that Squall has junctioned his GF and at least one other character has too - make sure you remember which character it is. If Squall and this characters already know Flare or Meteor, consider transfering their magic to someone else, as you'll be able to draw these from an enemy soon. When you're ready, go talk to Rinoa in the Infirmory and the scene will switch to Laguna.

Laguna the Actor:
Remember I said to check Squall and another char's junction earlier? Here's why. Now we see laguna's acting career. Watch the scene (right out of the Marx Brother's) unfold then battle the Dragon. If you get knocked down and select "I'm done for..." the game will actually end, which is totally stupid. Just tell the game you want another try. The best way I've found to get through this is to never defend and just use triangle as fast as possible to keep attacking, and thereby prevent him from attacking. When you knock down the dragon, Laguna will call for Kiros.

Select "Wait a minute," and you will be able to save and junction some GF to Kiros as well (since the previous junction was only for magic). If you have the game auto-junction for you, be sure to check and verify taht you don't have Fire/Wind magic junctioned to your attack (as for defense, that's actually a good idea!) While you're at it, if you have Tonberry, junction Lv-Up and Lv-Down to someone. If you get the Red Dragon at a high enough level, you'll be able to draw Meteor from him! (You can also get Flare, if you don't have enough of that already.) Don't forget to free up space, if either of your characters are full of magic. BTW: If you run around on these screens you can find Bite Bug and Mesmerize enemis, if you need.

If you head left after selection "Wait a minute," you can save your game, which I kind of recommend. :) Heh, heh. One time I totally got a Zantenzuken here. :D After defeating the dragon (by the way, a Mug will earn you an infirno fang) you will be held captive by Ellone's "charm." Eventually Squall get's the bright idea to talk to Edea. ("Hey wasn't Squall just talking to..." "SHUTUP!" "Oh.")

Back to Edea's:
OK. Despite the fact that now ALSO seems like a perfectly logical time to go after the SeeD ship, you're going to go talk to Edea. Head back to Edea's house. In route, stop by and look at Selphie's Diary logs of Laguna's articles. (If you missed it before, grab the 'Timber Maniacs' on the floor and read it.) Then go back and see what the new mag is. When you talk to her you will get a piece of paper that allows you to board the white ship. (If you want, save your game and then try without going to her house.) In any event, to find the ship:

  1. Go to Edea's house.
  2. Head north until you see some forest.
  3. Go forward and float above the island in front of you.
  4. That Orange thing that just showed up north and slightly east is the ship.

White SeeD Ship:
When you get to the ship you will be told that no "one believes you; go away." That guy is a jerk, head strait and say hello to a couple of old friends... After a delightful conversation about the good times you all shared (   >.>   ), head up the stairs and talk to Zone (you may have to talk several times). Give him the "Girl Next Door" magazene you got from Timber Maniacs Head Quarters and get the Shiva card in Return. Read the timber maniacs there too. In retrospect, the Shiva card really isn't worth the trouble it takes to aquire it, unless you're doing the queen of cards quest. Head back down the stairs and go past Watts and down the next set of stairs. There's a Holy draw point here, which you can draw from after a few moments. If you leave this area and head back toward where you first arrived, you'll be able to talk to one of the White SeeDs to hear a really creepy story. When you're ready to advance the plot, go back to the room with the Holy draw point and talk to the guy in the captains cabin a few times. You'll end up back on Garden. This is your last chance to do stuff for a while, but don't go to FH or talk to Rinoa until you're ready to move on.

While we're on the subject of things to do before moving on... If you aren't trying for a speed run, consider going back to the desert area at the far east end of the island where Edea's Lighthouse is. Each Cactaur you can defeat will net you 20 AP and very limit amounts of XP. This means you can really quickly get your GF's abilities learned without leveling up your characters (which results in high level enemies, and is generally considered a bad thing.) I would highly recommend getting Alexander's Med Data and Med LV Up skills so you can get 6xRemedy Plus (10 Remedy can become 1 Remedy+). If you have 6 of those in your inventory along with 6x Stell Pipe and 6x Malboro Tenticle, you'll be able to acquire a really powerful GF in the next area.

Finding Esthar City:
If you have found out that Ellone's in Esthar and have gone to talk to Rinoa in the infirmary, Squall will now magically show up in Fisherman's Horizon and attempt to walk all the way to Esthar with Rinoa on his back. Game physics aside, this is still a bit of a streach. When Squall is again controlled by you (like, 4 seconds later), walk right until the screen goes black and then appears again. Walk a little while, when you have control again, talk to Rinoa and walk some more. All your friends are, of course, waiting for you at the Esthar Contenant. I'm not sure how they got here, but they're here to wish you well, and of course to help you locate Esthar. You can take Edea if you want, but she seems a completely usless character to me. Anyway, enter the continant and head east into the funny looking blury area that looks like a big pit.

  1. Head strait into the icy wilderness.
  2. At the next screen, if you want Meteor or Thundaga, scale the head of the dinasaur skeleton on the right, and climb up his back to access the ridge off to the right. The draw point on your right is Meteor, and if you cross the little skeleton bridge over the path, you can get to the Thundaga.
  3. When finished there, climb back down and head strait along the path.
  4. Head right at the next screen, and under the two skeleton bridges.
  5. Go strait one screen to arive at the 'T'. Head right one screen if you wish to save your game, otherwise, take the left fork.
  6. The next screen contains an Abadon, so here are a few things you can do to prepare. Junction Holy to your Elem-Atk, make sure whoever has Alexander junctioned can call a GF, and/or make sure your team can use magic. Also, he can cast confuse, so make sure you've junctioned it to Status-Def if you can. If you're a high-enough level, you can draw Flare from him, so consider transfering the Flare from your three party members to other characters. This is a rather nasty boss that you cannot run from or card. You can however Mug a Power Wrist if you are either super Lucky or Super Patient. Call Alexandar, cast holy/curaga and he should be quickly gone. If he's at a high level, he may have Curaga, so you can draw-cast that at him for fun and profit. ;)
  7. After defeating him, head to the next screen (top right of screen).
  8. The next screen is the entrence to Esthar City.
  9. You may either enter the city or continue right to reach a dead end with no usefull stuff there. :) Random Side Note: How come Rinoa doesn't fall off when Squall starts climbing the lader? Are her arms THAT heavy?
  10. To enter the city, go to the middle of the screen (where the flashing ladder is) and press the 'inspect' button.
  11. Climb the ladder, and head strait along the catwalk you appear on.
  12. At the next screen, you may play with the control panel if you would like to learn something about the whole camoflage thing, or just go strait to activate the elevator.
  13. Watch the non-pre-rendered scenes and then eventually arrive at the elevator stop.
  14. Head strait again and watch the decently cool pre-rendered sequence.
When the moving hexagon stops (and suddenly becomes a trapazoid?!?) you should head right. You know, for an amazingly advanced civilization, why the heck can these people not invent HANDRAILS?!?

Laguna at the worst possible moment:
You'll hear that irritating sound (and if you are really unlucky your computer will freeze in the middle of it and make it go ON and ON and ON until you reboot and download the new drivers for your sound card. Some geeks have all the luck!) and you will be transported back to the land of Laguna. If you're trying to keep your level low, be sure to equip Tonberry's LV Down skill and use it over and over. When Ward and Kiros leave, go over to the elevator. Laguna will complain (big surprise there) about being hungry. Talk to both guards and eventually they'll go away. Talk to the moomba a few times, then the other slave a few times, then the moomba again. Eventually you'll be in an easy battle.

When Kiros and Ward join you, don't forget to pause before the battle and make sure they've junctioned GF (since the Magic was transfered, but not the GF). Does anyone else find it annoying that you have to remember which combonations of GF work well together? I mean, I keep getting a good set, then the whole Laguna thing happens and now I have no idea what I was using. So for my game, I like to junciton Kiros with Shiva, Diablos, and Pandemona. Ward gets Brothers, Carbuncle, and Cerberus. Laguna gets the rest. Don't forget to have any "nnn Bonus" abilities junctioned. Also, I have Laguna using Tonberry's LV-Down ability, to prevent them from getting to too high a level. After a few battles, head up the elevator and walk over by the weirdly dressed folks to learn some stuff. Keep walking toward them until Laguna makes a brake for it (and accepts the position as leader of the resistance). When you have control again, draw death and/or save if you want, then head back into Lunatic Pandora. When you get inside, pick up the Weapons Monthly 1st Issue on the floor, then head down the elevator. Talk to Odine, fight a battle and go up an elevator. You'll get in the car and end up at Odine's Lab. Fight another battle and save your game/draw double if you want, then sit on the little chair in the center of the room.

When this elevator stops, draw flare if you want, then head through the door. Fight again, and head over to the control panel on the right. Inspect it a few times to unlock the door downstairs, then go to the glass window on the far end of the room. When Laguna finishes yelling, go back down the elevator you came up in, and head through the door at the far end of the room (it was locked before).

Back to Esthar:
When you regain conciousness, you will be acosted by the 'welcome commitee'. Eventually, Rinoa will be left in 'capable hands' (I'm still not convinced I know what the doc is capable of, but that's a whole different issue). You are now free to roam about the country. Talk to the Presidential Aide here and he'll tell you to head to the Lunar Gate. It turns out Ellone is in space. You would not believe how long it took me to figure that out the first time I played. (I didn't talk to the him the first time around.) You can also play cards against Odine to get the Ward Card. Leave the room and look at the painting over the doorway to the room you were just in. Doesn't that look familiar? :) To get to the Lunar gate, you're going to need to rent a car, but we really want to explore the city in the mean time. Since there are almost an infinite number of paths through the town to the rental place, here are directions for getting there in the minimum number of steps:

  1. From the presidental hallway outside the room where you left Rinoa, head right (this is the screen where the queen of cards will end up if she ever says she's heading to esthar) and sit on the elevator seat (select yes when askedto 'leave palace,') and watch the cool CG. Wait... They have a protective bubble now...
  2. Once outside, head down then right.
  3. There's another one of those floating Seat things. This is a tube junction. When you get to the tube junction, take the 'City Entrance via Shopping Mall.' When you get to the mall, feel free to get off the lift and do some shopping, or head on to the City Enterance. Be sure to try and visit all the stores (you're just touching a screen, though some of the stores will give you a gift the first time you visit, so go back to them a second time. If Johnny's Shop is closed, just keep trying and it will eventually be open. This one has some good stuff - if you've got the Call Shop / Familiar / Haggle / and Sell High skills learned, you can get as much Gil as you need pretty quickly. Just buy 100 Tents and Cottages, then Recovery-Med Refine those into Mega Potions to sell back to the shop. Repeat as desired. There's also Cheryl's stop. You can get a Rosetta Stone here if you try to enter it a bunch of times - really! This will teach a GF Abilityx4. If you missed a rosetta stone while playing cards in the Galbadia Prison, you probably want this one. I recommend teaching Shiva Abilityx4 - that way all three characters can get the fourth ability junction. You can draw tornado around here if you want, but if you've played the Card game at all, you probably have had plenty of Tornado since before you even left Balam for the Fire Cave. When you are ready to continue, just get back on the transport seat and select 'To City Enterence'.
  4. When you get off the tube, follow the big yellow triangle that points down (not the small flashing one pointing up), and examine the panel to the left of the rent-a-car access ramp. Select 'Rent Car.' (Trust me, it's worth it! The area around here is crawling with Malboro enemies, and they're not a lot of fun to fight. If you have to go on foot, I'd really recommend Enc None.)
  5. Once you are outside the city, drive forward until that road ends, then turn right. Take the 2nd left and you should be pointed directly toward the lab where Lunatic Pandor was. Head south from there to go to the Lunar gate. (Note: When you return to the city of Esthar, be sure to drive all the way to the city center - where you came from.) If you get lost, press select and pull up your map.

Doomtrain Sidequest Note:
NOTE: If you want, go for the 'Doomtrain GF' at this point. Leave the city and head east by souteast until you arrive at Lunatic Pandora. Turn south and you should see the 1/2 U shaped structure of the Lunar Gate. Head south by southwest and you'll come to "Tear's Point." Go forward two screens and pick up the "Soloman's Ring" on the ground. If you have at least 6 steel pipes, at least 6 malboro tentacles and at least 6 Remedy+ potions, you can use it and call Doomtrain. His St/Elem-Def-Jx4 skills are great, and his Junk shop comes in handy! Also, the Forbid Med-Rf lets you get refine Attribute-Up items from the cool stuff you can card mod. In other words, if you have him, and like playing the card game, you can get seriously good characters at fairly low levels. Really cool stuff! Use Quetz' Card Mod skill to turn an Elastoid into a steel pipe, 4xMalboro Card into a Malboro Tentacle, and use Alexander's Med LV Up (must learn Med Data first) to turn 10 Remedies into 1 Remedy+. Doomtrain starts out with status attack/def junction, so I usually junction him to whoever has the Shiva-Diablos-Pandemona combination. (Since Siren and Carbuncle also have Status Def junctions, this allows all three character to be able to defend against various status conditions (like confuse, instant death, etc.)

Back to the Lunar Gate:
But on to the Lunar Gate. When in doubt, be sure to check you map, which now contains the location of all stuctures in Esthar. When you arrive at the Lunar Gate, enter the building, follow the lady and enter the tube ("I'll do whatever it takes"). You have the choice to trust Zell or not, but the outcome will be the same regardless of what you choose, so you might as well be nice. I mean, that was my choice. You can choose to be a jerk to Zell if you want. It's probably not that far out of character for Squall, I suppose. You're going to have to choose a party here. I like the Zell-Edea-Irvine group. This group should get all junctions - not the Squall-Rinoa-X group. I like to send Selphie along with squall, FWIW. Once you've chosen the party, have Squall follow the third wheel through the elevator door. Watch the cool CG and then move the remaining characters outside. Exit the building, return to your car (you have to be on the world map to get in your car, btw) and head back to the city. Don't forget - you need to drive to the city center, not just on to that part of the map.

Back to the City:
From the 'City Enterence' (where the big yellow triangle is) head left two screens, and down one. Draw Quake if you want, then talk to the research assistant and tell him, "yes" you want to talk to the doctor. Follow him, and sit on the elevator seat. When it stops go through the door in front of you and talk to the doctor. The short version is this - you want to try and jump on to Lunatic Pandora as it is crossing over the city. There are three places where you can do that. You have 20 minutes to complete the mission, or it's game over. See below for directions to get to the first point within the 5 minutes alloted. When you have your instructions you can leave. Feel free to talk to him if you want to have massive overloads of useless information. Once you have your characters junctioned (Enc None is a must here), leave the laboratory and head for the first contact point. There is no reason to miss it, so I'll tell you how to get there. From Dr Odine's lab:

  1. On the screen where you exit from the Lab, head right to the main drag (meaning, get on the main drag, don't go right one screen).
  2. Go Left.
  3. Go Strait (upper left corner of screen).
  4. Go Strait (Not left) at next fork.
  5. Go Right (not strait) at next fork.
  6. Follow the road to the right.
  7. Follow the road to the right (you appear at the top left corner of the screen here; it's kinda hard to see your guys though).
  8. When you see two Esthar soldiers looking at a blue car, stop and wait at the upper edge of the screen. I got here at 18:40 on the clock.
  9. Wait for Lunatic Pandora to show up (it will show up when the timer hits exactly 15:00).
When Lunatic Pandora shows up, defeat the soldiers at the door, and you will automatically jump in. Don't forget - if you're trying NOT to level up your characters, Tonberry's LV Down skill can be pretty helpful.

Lunatic Pandora. Part II:
You should enter Lunatic Pandora towards the base. There are a lot of dead ends and other annoyances here, so just stick to the path described below to get through with the least headache.

  1. Draw Meteor if you want, and head up the stairs.
  2. At the top of the stairs are three elevators, conveniently labeled Elevator I, II and III. Draw Curaga if you want/need to, then take number 3 (far right).
  3. When the elevator stops, head down the stairs at the right and bottom of the screen, then take the ladder; you should end up at a confuse draw point.
  4. To the right is a LuvLuvG (if you did the whole Laguna picks up and looses the key thing earlier).
  5. From there, head left past the boulder and check each of the rooms.
  6. Get the cool stuff (My rooms had a Power Generator in the far right, a silence draw point in the middle and a phoenix pinion in the far left).
  7. Continue left. On your way, be sure to pick up Combat King 005!
  8. When you get to the little room, draw Ultima (unless you have all your guys full of it)
  9. Head back right a few screens, up the ladder, and back down the elevator. Because I had been fighting some battles for a while and had gotten paid by Garden, I was able to head straight down from Elevator 2 and get another hit at the Meteor draw point.
  10. Go to elevator number 1 this time, and draw Holy if you need to, then head left around the corridor (you can draw holy across from the elevator). As you go around the corridor, look for a small cave on the right. There will be a Speed-J scroll inside.
  11. At the fork in the road, head strait, and then you will be acosted by something you could probably beat, but you aren't given the chance to figure it out.
  12. After Zell orders the retreat, watch some CG and eventually you will be Squall again.

Moon (base) Patrol:
When you get the chance, you may want to swap GF again.

  1. Talk to the guy in the white coat, then pick up Rinoa and follow them into the room.
  2. Save your game.
  3. Optional: Abolish the Random card rule in this region.
    1. Hard Reset the game console (don't use L1,R1,Start,Select).
    2. Continue that game and do the following card challanges against the guy on the right:
    3. Challange and say no [1] time.
    4. Challange and say Yes, then Quit without playing [1] time.
    5. Challange and say no [11] times.
    6. Challange and say Yes, then Quit without playing [4] times.
    You should see the message: The "Random" rule was abolished from this region. If not...
    1. Challenge and say no [4] times.
    2. Challenge and yes Yes, then Quit without playing [5] times.
    It should be easier to win the Alexander card from Piet (the guy in the white coat here) now. Don't forget - if you challange often enough, eventually most opponents will offer the trading rule One instead of the normal one used in the region (in this case, direct - ug.)
  4. Talk to Piet (in the white), then go into the next room and you'll put Rinoa on the table.
  5. Save your game, then leave out the door on the right and head toward the control room (the far end of the screen).
  6. Go Forward (past the stairs) and look at the screen when directed to do so. You can now go visit Ellone - she's up the stairs you walked past on the previous screen.
  7. Go up those stairs and continue straight (that's toward you when you are playing and the game is upside down) and go through the door and talk to Ellone.
  8. Optional: Win the Laguna card from Ellone. She plays with it - but rather infrequently; just keep trying. If you're using an emulator, this is a good time to use the emulator saves. :) Note that you won't have another oppotunity at this, and the Laguna card can be Card Mod'd into 100 Heros.
  9. She agreees to come look at Rinoa. (BTW: If you didn't head to the control room already, then along the way she decides to take a detour and show you the moon; until you go over there and look at it, she won't follow you to the other parts of the station. Anyway, induldge her and then go ahead and follow her to the bridge. Go look at the monitor next to your other character, then talk to Ellone. You can finally get her to come with you to look at Rinoa.)
  10. If you have already been to the control room, then the red alert happens when you head down the stairs.
En Route, of course, the worst possible thing happens. The game begains to make sense... No Wait, that's not what happens. Rinoa becomes posessed, that's what happens. Anyway, here's what to do now (and yes, you do have to wait for her at each step):
  1. Go save your game (this is actually kind of important, esp if you miss the next one.)
  2. Follow her into the control room.
  3. When she deactivates the seal, try to grab her.
  4. CLick on the panel again and watch the neat Lunar Cry.
  5. Follow Rinoa up the stairs and into the hallway you went through to get to Ellone (you will be forced to look at the eyeball, er-moon zit poping.)
  6. Take the door to the right (it's kinda hard to see) and try to go out the air lock.
  7. Squall will decide he needs a space suit, so go look for one. (Hint: The space suit is behind door number three.)
  8. When you have it on, you can follow her out the airlock toward space.
  9. Hold forward on the controller until you get to the main docking doors and realize you cant get out, then come back down. (At some point Squall should say, "I can't get out; looks like I'll have to go back.")
  10. Follow the other clowns out of the area hallway.
  11. Go find Piet (FWIW, this is your last chance to win the Alexander card) and talk to him.
You'll see a little cut scene, after which you can talk to Ellone, and then you can follow people out onto the elevator, or press the button on the panel for a scarry cut scene. I didn't notice any time limits here, but there also isn't anything useful to do here (unless you LIKE playing card games with these God-Awful rules.
  1. Anyway, talk to Ellone, get on the elevator and go down, then watch another cut scene, (if your characters can draw, there is meltdown in a cupboard on the left, if you need it.)
  2. If you have move/find enabled, you may see a save point here. SAVE YOUR GAME. I'M NOT KIDDING. You don't want to have to do all this over again if you screw up here.
  3. Head through the door to your right.
  4. Go talk to Ellone, then get in your escape pod's harness.
  5. When you get out of your harness, go talk to Ellone, then watch the long and boring Rinoa Death scene (OK, some people may think it's not boring, but they're wrong. :) )
  6. When Squall decides to commit suicide, he leaves the pod.
  7. But wait, a really smart guy (Piet) said they were both going to die, so I guess they have to live!
  8. Anyway, point the controller up and right/left untill she lines up with him (point just up/down or just right/left if you are on the same verticle plane). If she's drifting away too fast, press and hold triangle for a boost.
  9. If you fail, you'll have to go through that whole scene again! (Just kidding, you'll get one more chance - and she wont be so far off center).
  10. A large red thing will appear, and you'll be able to manuver toward it.
OK, how come after the "OUT OF FUEL" light comes on Squall is STILL able to take rinoa to the space ship?!? (Sorry, force of habbit.)

The Rangnorok:
Once safely inside the ship, JUNCTION NOW SO YOU DON'T FORGET. Sorry, voice of experiance there. When junctioned, save your game and re-engage the anti-gravity by trying to leave. One you go through the door (and change clothes) you will get a reward for saving Rinoa. Again. Anyway, Ever-The-Ladies-Man-Squall botches another meaningful scene by pointing out to a vulnerable Rinoa that they are about to die.

You'd think even Squall would realize that THEY ARE ALWAYS ABOUT TO DIE! On a side note here, Rinoa ALWAYS limit breaked to 'Angel Wing' when I played this part of the game. Odd. (Of course, if you have Odin, you can also get Zenzotsuken here and make it rain, but that is treated as 'normal'). But now you get to play a little game. The basic scenareo is that the Propagators (these colored monsters) can revive each other. The hitch is that they can only revive monstors of the same color.

Depending on your perfered level-up procedure, you may want to roam around here. If you like keeping your guys low-level with butt-kicking GF, you can kill these guys out of order all day long. You'll get 5 AP and an item (some kind of stone - it's pretty much random) but no XP so your levels don't go up. Note that you can't card them, but you *can* LV Up and LV Down, so you can farm cure, cura, and curaga if you need. They've also got Life and Esuna, and you can mug Wizard stones, so you can refine high-level magic from those if needed. I like to junction sleep to status attack so these guys rarely even get to land a blow on me. If you want to level up a bit, don't forget to junction ALL your GF (usually there will be a few junctioned to someone else by this point.) I guess I would say, if you're only a few AP away from something, or if there's a thing you really want right now, then go ahead. Otherwise, you'll be able to get back to the Cactaur area soon enough, and that's a much more lucrative place to grind in my opinion. YMMV.

So way - you have four colors, purple, red, green and yellow. The trick is to kill them in pairs. Kill the two purple ones, then the two greens then the two reds then the two yellows. In other words, if you kill a purple then a red, the other purple will come and revivie it's friend while you are fighting the red and the first purple will be back alive when you are done fighting the red. You have to beat these guys in the correct sequence before the game will proceed, though, so... Follow this easy guide to do what must be done in the right order:

  1. Go down the stairs from where you first entered the ship and fight the purple guy.
  2. Take the leftmost (main) door (read next item before doing this one!)
  3. Run really fast and go through the door on the left side of the screen.
  4. On that screen (which I'll call the cargo bay) kill the second purple Propagator. Congrats, that's all the purple ones!
  5. Now go one screen to the left to where the ELEVATOR is and kill the green propagator there.
  6. Now go back to the cargo bay and exit through the door on the right (read next item before doing this one!)
  7. Run down (toward the player) and out the door to where you killed the first purple dinasaur (er, Propagator) before the red guy can strike.
  8. Now head through that right most door and kill the second green guy.
  9. That's all the Green Propagators.
  10. Save your game. (Now do you see why I said to save your game earlier?)
  11. Now go out the door and up the stairs to where you first saw the purple Propagator.
  12. Fight Red Guy Number 2 - Now with less cancer causing agent... No, wait, that's red dye number 2. My mistake. (Out of curiosity, where was he before? Obviously he was healing the other red one! Oh, sorry.)
  13. Then fight the red guy I have been telling you to run past for so long. :)
  14. That's both Red Propagators. (Assume best Rod and Todd voice: Yeah!)
  15. Now go back to the room where the ELEVATOR was and head through the door on the left to kill the yellow guy.
  16. When he dies you will be in the elevator room. Go down two screens (toward the player) and kill the other yellow one. Where was he, come to think... No, forget I asked. I don't want to know.
  17. Now go back and up the elevator
Now (thanks to the miracle of modern science) all the Propagator remains are gone. Once you go up the elevator notice that Squall can't follow directions and DESIPTE being told to go sit in the right seat, chooses the MIDDLE seat in the front group of three seats. But I digress. Anyway, NOW WE HAVE REAL SOUND! Oh sorry, I was just worried about the fact that there is real CD sound, not just MIDI. I don't know what do do in those situations. :) Well, we watch Squall learn how to say thinks other than "Whatever" and eventually we'll get back home. OK. So if you leave the "I don't know what to do" screen there for a while (don't hit any keys) the "Methos. Imotep" music sounds really dorky. Oh, wait. My system died right here. Ug, that's a lot of crap to go through again.... Anyway, Squall hits another crossroad in his life where he finally decides he actually LIKES Rinoa. I know, it doesn't make since, but there it is. :) Geeze. Guy hates life. Girl likes guy. Guy hates girl. Girl goes into coma. Guy likes girl. Girl becomes soceress and is capable of destroying the universe. Guy really likes girl. So the running theme throughout the game is: Don't do crack. Of course, it all makes sense. So after all that rot, go back up into the space ship. You will be in the Cargo Bay. From there, head left, then go through the door to the left of the elevator. When you regain control of Squall again, try to talk to Quistis. After you realize you are flying, go back out the door and get on the elevator to go up to the cockpit. Congratulations, you now have the Rangnorok. Now it's time to go save Rinoa.

Saving Rinoa:
Fly the Rangnorok to the Sorceress Memorial. When you get there, take the long stair to the top (and draw stop if you want) where the guards are. Talk to the guards to gain enterance to the memorial. Once inside walk forward to talk to the Lab Guys. Then, walk left when the alarm starts. Go forward until he takes over and watch the cool CG. After the big guy in the robes 'talks' to you, you can leave.

Lots of things to do:
Check out the Side Quests and Other GF sections for a very large number of things which you can do at this time. I highly recommend getting any new GF, then heading to Cactaur island for some grinding to get them lots of AP to rapidly learn their Abilities. You may also want to get your weapons modified as high as possible at the Junk Shop. This may involve fighting monsters or winning and modding cards to get the required items. You can also continue the Queen of Cards quest if you won the Alexander card from Piet. You can also go after the Pupu Card (see the cards section.)

Also, if you go to Esthar and have Squall sit on the couch in the presidential palace, you'll see Odine leave the room. If you talk to the presidential aide, he'll tell you that Odine is still an important guy. From there, you can follow him to Odine's lab and play cards. At least, I don't think there's anything else you can do except look into the restraining room and watch squall mock Odine by suggesting he sequester himself there.

Optional: Dinner Time:
Do you have the GF Eden? Eden has an ability called "Devour" which you should really understand. By using Devour on an enemy that's been sufficently worn down (to around 25% of their total HP), the enemy will be consumed and you won't get XP (so your levels don't go up to fast). Depending on the enemy, this can have interesting side affects. For example, do you need some Adamantine to get your characters their best weapons? Head to the thin strip of island coast line north and a little east of Deling City. This area is called Dollet - Long Horn Island. Run around the beach area an you'll fight two types of enemies: Fastitocalons and Adamantoise. Devour on fish with simply restore your HP. However... If you use Devour on an adamantoise that's above level 30, your character will have his or her Vit attribute permanently raised by one. Here are the best things to Devour, and where to find them:
Enemy Becomes Notes
Adamantoise Vit +1 Found along beach of Long Horn Island, North and a bit East of Deling City. Must be level 30+. Use tripple-cast demi by two characters to quickly wear it down. Can drop adamantine.
Behemoth Mag+1 Best found on Esthar Continent after acquiring Ragnarok. Must be level 40+. Actually, better found in Esthar itself at the same time.
Malboro Spr +1 Best found on Island Closest to Heaven (way North from Lunar Gate and a bit east). Must be level 30+. Set battle speed lowest & wait. Cast tripple and 3xDemi for all chars. Probably starts at level 100, so use Lv-Down once. Junction Status-Def as Berserk, Confuse, Pain, and Sleep.
Ruby Dragon Max HP+10 Best found on Island Closest to Hell (westernmost island). Must be level 30+. Can drop Dragon Fangs.
T-Rexaur Str +1 Best found on Island Closest to Hell (westernmost island). Must be level 20+

Edea's House and the Presidential Palace:
Back abord the Rangnarok, you decide to head over to Edea's House. Have the Rangnorok take you there (autopilot can be engaged by viewing the 'big map' while piloting around) and go on inside. Follow Angelo left one screen. After a while nothing happens. Yeah. Try talking to the dog. After a bit Rinoa shows up (or depending on your party she may be there all along.) Talk to her to begin another long and boring (but at least not pointless) dialog. After you are interupted, head right and try to leave to force Edea to talk to you. After a brief story, head back to the Rangnarok and over to Esthar City. Land on the big cylindar on the middle of town, the airstation. It's the default destination of the autopilot. You may have to nudge the airship forward to initiate the landing dialog. Head to the presidential palace following these directions:

  1. Head down from the airstation.
  2. Go right until the road ends and take the upper branch.
  3. Follow that path strait until it ends in a triangle branch (not the first 'T' style branch).
  4. Optional: Do you need Energy Crystals to refine Ultima or mod into powerful weapons? Head down one screen and talk to the hard-to-see all black character down the stairs to your right. This will start a battle with an Elnoyle. You can mug Moon Stones from him, or don't mug and receive Energy Crystals after the battle is over. You can also draw Pain, Double, and Holy, if you need these. You can turn him into a Card, if you don't want to get all the XP from the battle. If you need more crystals, leave the screen via the right path and return to respawn him.
  5. Take the rightmost branch to the enterence to the palace.
  6. Head forward past the guards and get on the little elevator/transporter thing.
  7. When it stops, head left one screen - this is the entrance to the room where you first left Rinoa. Are you playing the Queen of Cards side quest? If so, go in the room and win the Phoenix Card from the Presidential Aide there. That is the last card in this quest.
  8. Left a few screens from the entrance to this room is a door with two guards at the end of a hallway.
  9. Step to the center of the room, but read below if you're playing cards.
First things first - before you ask him any questions. Do you play the card game? If so, the first thing you should do is challange him to a game of cards. Laguna has the Squall card and if you don't win it NOW, it'll be a while before you can. If you have a full card deck with all the cards, you should see a yellow star by the Cards menu item, signifying that you've acquired them all. Be sure to ask Laguna about everything (start from the bottom of the list and work your way up). He has some interesting tales to tell. :) You should be able at this point to figure out someting major. For starters, think about this. When Raine died, Ellone was sent to an Orphanage. But wait! Didn't I hear somewhere that Raine had a child just before she died? (OK, you sort of have to read between the lines to figure out that one, eh?) Would that child have been sent to the same orphanage? Hmm. Makes you wonder, huh? Figuring out the point of this little story is left as an excersise to the reader. :) When Odine starts talking pay close attention if you want to know what is going on! (If you don't care and just want to get to the battles, why the heck are you reading this walkthrough?!?)

Last chace for other stuff
After Laguna's Flower Power speech (and accompanying leg cramp) you'll be back abord the Rangnarok and heading for trouble. But first things first. HEADING TO LUNATIC PANDORA IS A POINT OF NO RETURN. Don't do that until you've finished all the other stuff you want to do. Be sure to check out the Side Quests and Other GF sections for a bunch of stuff you might enjoy. Also, if you do the Balam Garden Card Club quest, you'll be able to to a lot of really high power cards during the final sequence which will let you massively level up your guys. I strongly recommend getting all the GF, if you can.

If you'd like to use the Disc 4 Card Club rules to seriously level up stuff, I'd suggest you use this last opportunity to abolish the random rule from any place where it exists. Hopefuly you've nuked it from Lunar earlier. You should also considre removing it by playing games in Trabia Garden and Winhill. See the emulator note in the Cards section for more information.

Lunatic Pandora:
OK, this is your last warning. If you want to do any side quests, this is your last chance. At least get Odin, as it's fun to watch him fail for once. :) When you're ready to advance the plot, pilot the Rangnarok into Lunatic Pandora and do a bit of prep work. Do you have all the Full-Life magic you want? You'll be able to draw some soon, so if you want to transfer some away from your current party, this is a good time to do so. Make sure your team can draw, then save your game in the far right cargo bay of the Ragnorok. When you're ready to move on, exit the ship using the cargo bay one screen to the right of the cockpit.

Old Friends:
As soon as you get out, you will be forced to battle Raijin and Fujin again. First off, draw as much full-life as you can get from Fujin. If your charcters aren't a high enough level, she may only have cura. If at least one of your characters is level 30, it's worth reloading from the save point a few times, as her level is kind of random based on your charater levels, so give it a few chances. You can Mug a Power Wrist from Raijin and Megalixirs from Fujin. When you are finished drawing and mugging go ahead and kill them off. After the battle (I mean RIGHT after) make sure to junction to your new found wealth of Full-Life. I think it works best as Staus protection. Also, Ultima as an Elem-Def junction renders your characters IMPERVIOUS to any elemental attack!

More Old Friends:
If you are ready to move on, head left and then strait until you come to a dead end. Head left from there to see Biggs and Wedge. You can avoid them altogether, or go over and listen to Biggs whine. Don't worry, you don't have to fight them this time. They finally learned their lesson. :) Anyway, (save game then) follow them out into the hallway, then you are once again loose in Lunatic Pandora.

To the center
If you followed my instructions so far, you have basically cleared out this facility already. If you want, you can visit some of the draw points that you missed earlier (and some of them have recharged) but I will assume you know how to do that if you want. For now, what you have to do now is go beat some people. So, go strait down the yellow tube to the door marked 2. Go down and head left to the door marked 1. Go up one, and head left until you find the save point. Save your game, then continue along your present course (the path off to the right seems to be a dead end). When you come around the corner, you are ambushed by something called a "Mobil 8." In stead of just beating the crap out of it, try to mug. I was able to mug 2-4 [Vit Ups] from Left Probe, 2-4 [Str Ups] from the Right Probe, and a Laser Cannon from the main Mobil Type 8 enemy. After that, just beat up on the Mobil Type 8 (the middle one; don't bother attacking the sides!)

When that battle is over, you have a chance to switch your junction before the next battle. OK, I kind of lied when I said there was a point of no return. Technically you can go back to the ship and leave if you want/need to. Since you can draw Aura in the next battle, I like to transfer any Aura I have on my current party to my reserve party members to free up some space (and of course make sure everyone has the Draw Ability junctioned). Again, if your characters aren't all over level 30, be sure to save before continuing. When ready,follow Rajin and Fujin on down the path and save Ellone. When Siefer's buddies ditch him, go and beat him up. Draw Aura if you want. Oh, and if you have Odin, don't worry, he won't keep you from being able to draw Aura. When he can't kill Seifer, his sword goes up into another plane and grants you the power of Gilgamesh. See the GF Side Quests for more info on these two guys.

For the Seifer battle, I like to have everyone draw the magic they want, and when one person is finished (of if they were full to begin with), I have them cast triple on themselves and use Curaga on the whole party to keep everyone healed up while Seifer is attacking during the Aura Drawing phase. I then have someone Mug him for a Hero, and then just wail on him when everyone has the magic I want. Once Seifer is defeated you will see a small scene, then you will be asked to save your game.

Congratulations. You have finished Disc 3. When you're ready to continue, head to Disc 4.

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