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Carbon Ocelot's Xenosaga: Episode I Walkthrough

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Chapter 2: Pleroma

Introducing Ziggy
After the worlds second longest set of cut scenes, you'll have control again. This time, however, you're not Shion. You are now Ziggurat Industries "Ziggurat 8" - soon to be known as Ziggy. You're invisible, so don't worry too much about being seen (or heard, actually). Head slightly right and save your game. You don't REALLY want to watch the whole cut scene again if you screw up, do you? After that, head up the ramp and directly right. You can blow up some suff here to get a Scope . From where you get the Scope , head maybe two steps up and blow up the red barrel for 2x Ether Upgrade S . Go examine the A.G.W.S. if you want, then try and go up the ramp to the upper right.

Watch the cut scenes and then you get to have some real fun. You have to make your way right. You'll want to hold down R2 to keep from having your footsteps echo and bringing the enemy running. If you head up the stairs at the top of the screen, you can get a feel for what the layout of the area looks like. Essentially, you'll want to run, er no, walk to the right without walking into a guy. I usually go just watch to see which way the guys are walking, the step into their pattern.

On the next screen to the right, there's a Revive hidden in a box at the bottom left. At the top, there are two boxes. Blow them both up, and they'll reveal a doorway heading left. Go left and walk left (behind the wall) until you get to the chest. There's a Snake Hunter (it prevents poison) in there. Equip it. Just above the chest is a wall you can blow up, behind which is hidden Segment Address 4.

Head back down the hidden corridor and slowly walk past the guard at the top. Just past that fire pit, you can hide in a little walk way at the top, and wait for the next set of guys to go past. Follow him all the way around his fire pit an you can get by without being seen. Go on to the next screen to your right. Just so that you know, in the center of this screen is a hidden chest containing the Segment 11 key. If you blow up the center box thing, you'll find it - but be ready to fight a LOT of guys to get it.

Walk all the way across the walkway and on the next screen, read the sign. Wander to the bottom right corner and listen to what ziggy says about the A.G.W.S. there. You need to distract it. On the lower left is a crain. Hmm... Why don't you try pressing that switch? While the A.G.W.S. is looking at the remains, head back to the right and go down the ladder. (Incidentally, if/when you defeat this guy, you'll get Decoder 4 , which will net you a Theif's Ring from Segment Address 4.) Keep going right on to the next screen.

Watch the cut scenes and get ready to fight. You should be able to take these guys no trouble. My Ziggy started with over 400 HP, though.

After the battle and ensuing cut scene (that's Momo, btw), you'll need to find locate the Master Key. Head down the stairs at the bottom left of the screen. On the next screen, you can avoid the people and robots if you are carefull. Go down the stairs and head straight back to the right along the top wall. Just past the car, you'll find some boxes you can blow up, and just down from that is a doorway. Go through the doorway. On your left is a room with six boxes. The lower right is a Bio Sphere . The upper right is an Ether Pack S. The lower center is a Med Kit S. The upper middle is 100G. The upper left is a Revive . The lower left, however, hides a pair of cyber crabs - I don't recommend fighting them. Anyway, head back to the hallway, and go through the first (well, only, I guess) door on your right.

Fight the Remote Activation Unit. Guard, then hit him with the Triangle - Triangle - Circle combo a couple of times. In the chest up and right of where that robot was, you'll find the Master Key. Heal up, then head back to Momo the way you came. Unlock the door to the left of Momo's cell first. There's a save point in there. The next cell over has a Speed Stim in a box. Now go open Momo's cell and say hi.

Try to go back the way you came, and you'll have to turn back. Instead, take the down and left. Have MOMO use her healing ether and have ziggy attack (if you get in battles). The chest in this room has 2x Veil . Anyway, head down and right to the door again. Head into the control room. When the cut scene ends, press the red button on the right hand counter, then head out through the door. Head across the hall and down the ladder.

Watch the cut scene, then head left. Blow up the barrels along the way to get medkits. A little ways on, you'll see a door at the top of the screen. Head through it to the chapel. The chest at the front has an Ether Upgrade Z . At the top left is 2x Ether Pack . On the right is 2x Ether Pack S. When you've collected the stuff here, head back to the corridore and continue left, picking up the goodie (2x Revive , etc). If you aquire 60 Skill points, be sure to get the Poison Guard skill. When you get to the slick pipes, you'll want to use the walk (hold R2) and use the arrow pad instead of the control stick. It's a lot easier that way.

Contine on and pick up the Ether Pack en route. At the far end, BE SURE YOU ARE REAY TO FIGHT, then head up the ladder. Have MOMO use Sheep beam to put the left (Mercurio) and right (Mercurio) enemies to sleep. Have Ziggy use one triangle on the middle guy, then guard to built up his attack to hit the guy in the middle. Don't let Ziggy use his BMP55SX , though. Thi will attack ALL enemies and wake them up. Let the red guy (Zolfo) shoot his subordanents. Remember, Ziggy can throw an Ether Pack to MOMO. If you can keep them all asleep, it's much easier. ;)

As soon as the battle's over, be sure to adjust your items, if you need to. You can get 2x Bio Sphere from blowing up the fork lift and 8x Med Kit S from the chest. Yup. 8x. Wow. There's nothing else to do here or back, so head to the upper right and into the command room. First things first - Save. Use the Battle Formation menu option to place momo directly behind ziggy if you aren't going to level up a bit. Head out the door at the top of the screen, and fight some soldiers. You can level up, then go back and save as much as you want, here. FWIW, I actually head right all the way to the Mecurio A.W.G.S. near the crane. With MOMO behind Ziggy feeding him health kits, it's not that hard to defeat this guy. Use the Decoder 4 you get from the battle on the Segment Address 4 red door a few screens to the left to get a Thief Ring .

When you're ready to go on, save in the control room, place MOMO behind Ziggy in the Battle Formation screen, use items to restore you health and ether. Be aware of what accessories you have equipped. If possible, try not to equip anything you don't have duplicates of so that your future characters can learn them. To get to the next boss, head out the door and quickly go left at a walk. Watch the cut scenes, and get ready to fight. This guy is tough. MOMO will be doing full-time healing. Have Ziggy guard, then attack using his Kicks. Ziggy will also need to heal from time to time. Be aware of what elements he's immune to, and don't use that kind of attack. (e.g., When he's absorbing lightning attacks, don't use lightning fist.) Defeating this enemy will net you 3000 gold, 1200 XP (each), 29 T.Pts, 30 E.Pts, and 13 S.Pts. Oh. And a Purple Ring .

The Elsa

Now it's time to watch some more cut scenes. Who's that guy by the nurse looking Realian? Hmm... Well, we'll watch more cut scenes. When you are finally back to being Shion, take the curry and head out the lower left door and talk to the Captain. Heh heh. Now head out the upper exit. You should receive an email from Vector about the EVS plug-in. You can now use the E.V.S. plates to re-visit places you've been before. The door straight ahead is your first destination. Search the couch cushons here until you find the Disarm Key . The next area up is the passenger cabin. It's empty now, so go around it and head up and slighly off to the right, to save. After that, head left and down, and enter the elevator.

Watch some cut scenes, and then blow stuff up to get an Ether Pack . Ahead and to the right is a door at the top of the screen. In there is 2x Med Kit and 2x Ether Upgrade S . Head down the ladder in that area and keep going down. At the very lower level is another save point. Save and talk to Chaos. Head down one more screen, then get on the elevator. Go left and get on the elevator on the other side of this room. Head up, and go through the door. Watch more cut scenes. And more... OK. Here we are... No wait. There's more cut scenes. When you are back in control of Shion, go out the lower door and down the elevator. At the bottom of the next screen you can get to the hanger, where you can pick up a Coat Beam from the blue chest. When you get back to the A.W.G.S. hanger, you can talk to Tony. He'll ask for your help finding the Hazardous Area Map . The next time you talk to Captain Matthews you can get the map, and Tony will give you a Med Kit DX for helping out. When you have control again, leave the place where Kosmos is, and head back to where you ran into Chaos. Save.

You can now walk around and get familar with the Elsa. Explore everything, and blow up what ever you can. To the right of the room where you met chaos you can get 350 G from blowing up boxes in the corridoor. Further up, you can blow stuff up to get access to a hidden door. You can get an Ether Upgrade A and 50 G.

Head back to the room where you met chaos and go out the upper door. Blow up some stuff here to find Segment Address 8. In the middle of the room is a flashing green light. Use the key you found to unlock it, and press the button. The slide going right has 200 G hidden there, and the one going left leads to a secret passage. Blowing up stuff in the secret passage reveals 50 G, a Bio Sphere , a Spirit Pendant and a chest with Decoder 10 .

Leave the secret area and continue up and to the left. There are four boxes you can blow up here, which contain a Med Kit , 5x Ether Upgrade A , and a Bio Sphere. Futher along the corridore, you'll come to a door on the far left. This door leads to the Catapult deck. There are lots of things to blow up here. You can get an Ether Upgrade S , locate Segment Address 14, a Fiber Suit , and 250 G. When you've gotten everything, head back through the door on the right, and head up to the door on the upper right - the one that leads to the ladder. Go up the ladder and leave that room. Head left and get on the elevator (note: don't try to get on the cargo elevator yet, that's not possible.)

Head up to the first floor and talk to Allen. It's good for a laugh, if nothing else. Head down to the bar and talk to the Robot there. You can get a Card Passpor there. You should now have three of the four passports. Head back past the crews quarters and save again. Notce the "E.V.S." display at the top of the golden thing? That means you can link your simulator up to it! Check out your Drill Passport and Battle Passport . You can also play the card game, but be repared to spend an hour or so the first time you play it. You MUST go through the whole tutorial and be sure you understand it. There are some things you simply won't understand otherwise.

Most importantly, though, the EVS lets you access places you've been before. Go to Menu -> U.M.N. -> EVS and re-enter the Kosmos Simulator. Now that you've got the key, go get that red door you missed earlier (Segment Address 10). You shouldn't have any trouble with these enemies at this point. If you want to level up, you should try going back to Pleroma with just Shion. It might be a good idea to save first, though. If she's good enough, go kill the A.G.W.S. that you faked out with the crain. He's guarding Decoder 4 . This gets into the doorway hidden in Pleroma (two screens left from that, up the hidden staircase). If you missed it before, where all the Realians were detonated on the Woglinde, you can now find a chest with a Stim . You can also try and take on some of the more dangerous enemies if you'd like to farm Ether Packs. As soon as you enter the simulator, there are two golems. Personally, I like to wait until the next section when I can come back to the Woglinde as Shion, chaos, and Kosmos - then you should be able to take these on no problem - and they're great for farming all 4 types of points as well as Ether Pack S items. To farm easily, run up from this area to the red door (Segment Address). Pop in and then leave quickly to respawn the Golems. You can now run down (I dodge around the other enemies - they're kind of worthless) and use the Red barrel to get all three characters a starting Boost. This makes the battle WAY quicker and you can always get the Golden Egg. This is probably my second favorite level up spot.

When you're ready to go on to the next stage of the game, (I spent about 30 hours playing the card game, heh heh) head to the brige. You'll volunteer to check out the Catapult. Talk to the captain to get the map Tony wants, then head out and down the elevator. Go down the ladder in the upper-right room of this level. When you get to the bottom, head out the door. To your left is the catapult deck, but you probably want to go down all the way to meet Tony for a Med Kit DX. If you talk to the repair bot at the top of the screen here, you can use the A.W.G.S. Tuning menu to upgrade your VX-10000. As long as you're there, get the 5x Ether Upgrade A in the boxes on your left. Now head back to the Cataput Deck, then examine the thing in the middle. You'll see a cut scene that implies you should do something. Don't worry, it's lying. ;) Head down to the bottom of the screen to trigger another email in the Hack This side quest. See the emails section for more information! You can save now if you like, and if you want all the fun of a dentist visit, be sure to stop off and say "hi" to Kosmos. When you're ready to move on to the next thing, head back to the bridge.

Guess who's coming to dinner?
After a bit of a cut scene with Ziggy and MOMO, and even more of a scene with Shion, then more, then more. A little more. A little more... OK. Time to go. When you first appear as Shion, Kosmos, and chaos, you have the opportunity to leave the bridge and visit the save point and store. However, you can also dive into the environment simulator and revisit places you've been before. I like to head to the Woglinde and farm Golem enemies (see above) to get lots of points and Ether Pack S items. When you're ready to move on, make sure you unequip all interesting accessories and take the Elevator to B1. Be sure to check any and all boxes as their contents have magically restocked! At the bottom of the elevator, start blowing stuff up. Here is a list of everything you can get. Finding all the boxes is left as an excercise for the reader. ;) 3 x Ether Pack 2 x Bio Sphere 1 x Escape Pack 4 x Antidote 8 x Skill Upgrade A 2 x Ether Upgrade A 2 x Ether Upgrade S 2 x Frame Repair A 2 x Med Kit S 3 x Escape Pack When you run into the corridor, you decide to use the magnetic floors. Head up and go down the ladder. At the bottom of the stairs, you'll become Ziggy and MOMO. Be sure to check your position, equipment, skills, etc, then head toward the bottom of the screen. Don't forget to blow stuff up on the sides and get more good stuff. Besure to take advantage of MOMO's Ether "Life Shot" between battles if you need to heal up. If you farmed some of the Ether Pack S items earlier, this are shouldn't be difficult. Go out the door, and head right. You'll meet up with Shion. After a bit of cut scene, you are all 5 guys. Go to the menu, and choose "Battle Formation" to chose who you want in the party. I chose Shion, Chaos and Ziggy. You can run around and do some leveling up, if you want. These enemies keep coming back. When you get to lab one, you can save. Don't forget, you can head right and get more stuff over there. Talk to the ever-obvious Cherekov, and head down.

You can't go down either the left or right sides, so head down the elevator, then go down the center of the A.G.W.S. (You can walk around to keep from getting attacked, btw.) Be sure to heal up just before heading down past this screen. Check you're using the equipment you want, and that Shion has the ability to use her "Shock Blade" with some combination. It will do "Slow" against M type enemies if you use the default BXS001V ammo. Look at Charcters -> Shion -> Equip and Tech Attacks -> Shion -> Use T.Pts. Be sure you have everything in place, then head around the platform and attack the DOMO Carrier. Use characters that can take the damage he'll deal out, and don't let him place his tremor attack in the critical hit slot. That just sucks. Also, don't use the A.G.W.S. I recommend Shion, Chaos and Kosmos. Let Shion and Chaos (or Kosmos) build up three (at least) boosts, then attack him back to back, over and over. Be sure to use the boosts to jump in if he's about to "tremor" too. If you transfer Shion's medica skill to KOSMOS, everyone can heal using ether, too. Chaos can heal everyone, though, and he can take a lot of damage. That's why I think he's a good one to have along.

You'll get Anti-Beam Armor when you're finished. Then you'll watch a bunch more cut scenes, and eventually get control of Shion, Ziggy and MOMO. Head up and right into the kitchen, then head up and left from there. Enter each of the octagonal cabins. Decline to call it a night, though. Feel free to stop off at the UMN store (grey spinny thing) and sell off your Scrap Iron , and you'll probably want to save your game again. Show them the bridge, then head down the elevator. Show them the catapult deck, both labs and the hanger. At the far end of the Catapult Deck, you should receive an email if you are following the Investment Emails. You may have to visit Ziggy's room (see below) and get the dividend before you can trigger this email - I'm not certain. See the Emails side quest area for more information. Just up and right from the yellow save point in the room that MOMO and Shion nominate for Ziggy to use, you'll get an email, if you are following the Investment Emails side quest (see the emails side quest for more infomation). Despite the fact that you didn't get the boxes in the hanger when they refreshed, you can't get them now. Don't forget to show them Hanger 2 (where you fought the DOMO Carrier). Head back up to the area where the crew cabins are and save at the save point by the bridge. You can use the E.V.S. to revisit any area you missed, and you can take MOMO and Ziggy with you. It might be worth it to try and get the things you missed on the Woglinde, or to farm Golems with these characters, too. After you've shown them around, head back up to cabin 2 (the lower one) and "Call it a day." Watch a bunch more cut scenes, then...

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