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Carbon Ocelot's Xenosaga: Episode I Walkthrough

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
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Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

Things to do
When the cut scene is over, head out the door. Eventually, you'll have control again. Leave the bridge, and head to the Elsa. We're not heading to Proto Merkahba yet, though. You should get an email or two letting you know a few things. Kosmos can use R Dragon, and the Song of Nephilim is added to the map. Head to the dock, and board the Elsa. You can buy a new gun for Jr. here, and a new weapon for Momo. There is also a new set of armor for everyone. If you want to buy a really cool A.G.W.S., make 300,000 G somehow.

Luty & Segment 2
Save, then head to the Dock Colony. Head to the Clinic, and talk to Luty. You should see the plant budding. Now head to the basement of the Talk To Me store next door to the clinic. Use the decoder and head inside. You'll obtain Robot Part Body . This is something you'll want to give to the Professor, I would think. If you have an exta 300,000 G lying around, you can pick up an AG-95 at the dock colony. It's got FHP 6000, PARM 120, AGL 05, DPOW 130, EARM 000 and WAGL 00. Anyway, when you're done shopping, leave the colony, and then come back and talk to Luty. If the flower isn't blooming, you didn't wait long enough between visits. When it blooms, you'll get a Tech Upgrade Z . You can also buy cooler A.G.W.S. weapons from the Talk To Me shop now.

Cards, etc
If you go back to the casino at this point, you can exchage coins for additiona PM card packs. You can get PM Card F - PM card P. When you open these in the Card Game, you'll receive: PM Card F: AG-05 PM Card G: Third Armament PM Card H: Testament PM Card I: AG-04 PM Card J: Phase Transition Cannon PM Card K: Invoke PM Card L: Destiny PM Card M: Dammerung PM Card N: So Weak! PM Card O: Rhine Maiden PM Card P: Unknown Armament

Level Up
The encephalon area with the search lights allows you to quickly kill off enemies and earn extra T Pts. This allows you to make sure you guys are maxed out on their skills. Make sure you get the Golden egg when you kill off the group, and you can get over 100 T. Pts for the group (on x4). By the time you have reached this point, your guys should be able to handle whatever they throw at you.

For actual levels, use the last battles before Albido to level up your characters. These are the battles where four Gnosis are on one walkway about two screens after a VERY long elevator ride down. Look for it futher down.

Erde Kaiser
After you retrieve the Robot Part Body from the Segment Door on the Dock Colony, return to the Foundation and go visit the Professor at the A.G.W.S. Parts Shop & Foundation Robo Academy. You'll getthe Kelbim Dragon. You can't do anything with it. Try to leave, and (if you've picked up all the parts) you can get a scene where the Professor tells you he can't do anything without Assistant Scott. Head to City Sector 26 and 27. Go into the Ironman and talk to Assistant Scott (he's at the front counter). You'll end up with the Erde Kaiser. Don't forget to equip it to Shion. Oh yeah, it takes ALL 12 pts!!! There are more weapons for your A.G.W.S. here too, btw.

While you are at the foundation colony, Stop b City Sector 26 and 27 and blow some stuff up for more goodies. You can blow up the trash cans for a Skill Ugrade A. There's a PM Card B in the laundry area. Blow up the desk leading to the ladder (in the dry cleaners) for a Skill Upgrade S. Blow up all the boxes in the Ironman's elevator area for a Tech Upgrade S.

Drill Game

On to the Proto Merkabah
When you're ready to head out, go to the bridge and talk to Matthews. You'll watch a bunch of cut scenes (by now I'm sure that shocks you to the core). You'll have control in a few minutes. Head outside the bridgeand save. Head off the Elsa, and inside Proto Merkabah. By this time, my guys were level 40, so I'm going to assume these battles aren't that tough for you. if you find them too tough, be sure to look into the section earlier on leveling up. First things first, set your guys to Poison Guard. You do have Erde Kaiser now, right? And the Angle Ring? Good. Equip those and Boost Pack to Shion. You should be able to walk through nearly any battle you want now (be sure to win on the Golden Egg). Oh, you'll need some Ether Packs, too. Be sure you stock up before leaving the Elsa.

At the first fork on the catwalk outside the elsa, head down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, go left and blow up a bunch of boxes and fight some enemies. Next, follow that same level up and around the right, then left. Fight some enemies here, and blow up a box to find a chest with Defibrillator Vest. Return to the stairs and take the other path. It should lead straight up the middle. Take that, and kill some enemies. Head through the doorway at the end of the walk.

On the second screen, head right and up, until you come to a spot where the catwalk is missing. Go right (there are two walkways here; take the low one). Blow up some boxes to get 2x Frame Repair A , 2x Ether Pack DX and an enemy. Go past those boxes, and down the ladder. Fight the enemies at the bottom of the stair, blow up boxes just down from there (for 2x Bio Sphere and 2x Frame Repair Z), and head up and right. Blow up some boxes for 2x Ether Pack DX, then fight another enemy.

Continue up a little, and press the yellow button (from the back). Go left, and press another yellow switch. Head down, past some blue cars, and left. Press two more yellow switches over here. From the lower switch, head right and blow up some boxes for 2x Med Kit DX. Go up past the blue cars, and use the 2nd yellow sitch to raise the last platform (you had to lower it before to get to the rest of the switches). On your right is a escalator heading up. Take that, and head back to the left. You should now be able to follow the catwalk all the way to the elevator.

When the elevator stops, you'll find yourself in a switchback staircase, on level 40. Go up to level 41 and head left, and into the room here. Examine the green glowing thing to learn a little bit about Realian history. Go back to the stair case, and head up to level 42 (fight an enemy en route). You can fight an enemy in the back right corner of level 42's attached room, and you can learn about psycological disorders. You can't get past the barrier here (yet) so head bakc to the stairway and up to level 43. The right room on level 43 has a chest containing 2x Frame Repair Z . The left most room has a save point (hint, hint) and a bunch of info on the station.

When you get to level 44, you'll fight some Gnosis. Blow up the door in the middle back of the room for a Rejuvenator, then fight enemies and open the chest for a Dragon Rod. Continue left and fight more enemies. There are two doors on the left of this room, but only the bottom (blue-grey) one is unlocked. Go thru and head down to level 43. Blow up a box in this room to reveal Segment Address No. 17. Decode it and head inside for the "BLOOD9" item (Junior's ultimate weapon). Leave this room and head right.

There's a red switch here that you can use to open the hallway between the two areas. Open and use the save point in the control room, then head back to the left stair case and continue down. On level 42, head right and fight the enemy. The switch here opens the door on level 44. Once you hit it, though, you'll have to fight the enemy again. Leave the level, and head down to level 41. Fight an enemy and head into the room here. Go to the far right, and head down - exit through the door here and open the chest for an M Chip Guard . Now head all the way back up to level 43, save, then head up to 44 and go through the door you can now get through.

Head rigth and beat this robot. Blow up the box in the back corner to open a secret doorway. Blow up some barrels fro a Chakra Shield (prevents EP damage). Head back left and defeat another robot, then go down and "Jump Down" to start another batte. I busted out the Erde Kaiser for my first shot, and the battle was fairly easy after that. You get Fast Circuit 25 , Fast Circuit 50 and a Frame Repair A . You'll also get Decoder 6 . When this battle is over, head up and left o fight a couple of enemies. Again, Erde Kaiser is your friend. Continue left and head through two sets of doors. In the next room, head right and remove the locks on the door.

Ignore the door (for now) and go just up ahead Blow a box up there, and go down the ladder. At the bottom, blow up more boxes until you find the final segment register. Congratulations, you now have all the segments and their associated items. Head back up the ladder, and go up and left (around the hole in the middle). Head into the middle of the hologram, and examine the controls. After the cut scene, head through the door at the top of the screen, and then through the one on your right. Head through the door at the top of the screen here. Watch the cut scene. When it's over, you'll be thrust outside. Don't bother heading back. Go right instead. Use the elevator at the bottom of the short stair case, here.

At the bottom of the elevator, save. Get reay for some battles, then head left two screens. Use the elevato, and some gnosis will materialize on you trip down. Kill them off, and just be patient. You'll be in some fun fights. When the train stops, head right, and through the door at the top of the screen. There are four sets of enemies here. Kill them off, but don't go through the far door. (Well, you can go through it, but don't go too far in - just use it to leave-and-reenter the screen so you can fight more guys. Level up here for best results.) That's the end of the game. This is your last chance to do anything else you might want to, like run around and get leveled up. If you want to play the next game in this series, or if your characters are less than, say, level 50 - I'd relly recommend heading back at least to the top of the weird elevator and doing this whole area again. If you want to be more exotic, head all the way back to the Elsa. I usually walk up and down this corridor for a while, getting more and more powerful. Every few fights, I go back up the elevator and save. When you're ready to go on, head through the door at the end of the stairway, and keep going on! For reference, I get all the skills/eher/etc before going on. My guys were all over level 85.

Albido Begone
I'm going to assume you want to play the next game in the series, too, so I'm guessing you've leveled up here AND that you have the Erde Kaiser. I waited until I got all my guys all their skills, ether things, etc, then I went on. Head past the are with all Gnosis, and walk down the catwalk toward the large deal in the middle of the screen. After a cut scene, you'll be treated to a battle with Albedo. Since you probably have Erde Kaiser, just use it and waste him. If you don't have it, be creative. ;) You'll learrn a little bit more about Jr's background. Perception = pain? Weird. "feel my pain for yourself" What a dumb battle cry. lol. One Erde Kaiser and he's gone. There are parts of this cut scene that are just too corney.

The Last Stand
Albido can show me the world. "Shining, shimmering, splended! Tell me, princess... Oh wait. SOrry. I go side tracked. Once Albedo is beaten, he will summon massive Gnosis-Reactor monser, and KOS-MOS will switch to maximum output mode. Because apperntly Kevin from Vector was a freakin' sociopath. "OK... This code will ensure KOS-MOS only uses maximum output once! Yeah, that's a great feature!" Whatever. Anyway, start out with an Erde Kaiser and then use your best attacks. Feel free to use all your good items on this battle - you don't have another one. But if you've been reading this walkthrough, you're alredy aware of that.

Everyone has to have a good line to go into battle, then it begins. Actually, most of those lines are pretty dumb. He's got around 15,000 HP, so just wail on him. If he summons another guy, beat that by using "all enemy" attacks like Rain Blade. After this thing dies, you'll get a whole lot of cut scenes. You'll get a fun explination of almost nothing. Take a close look at some of the people you'll see during this scene. Some of them will appear in the next game. If you would like to mock along with me, read the next paragraph. :D

Why does MMO glow when she searches? If there's no time, why should we hurry...? Does anyone else want to slap MOMO when she starts whining like this? Come to think of it, given the opportunity, I'd rather slap Shion. "You better make it back! Or I'll kill you!" Oh, sorry. I like the "ending-ish" music, but it's completely out of place. In typical Matthews fasion: "What?" lol. And again, "What?" I wish I was able to "look with my heart." Take a good look at the name of the ship. Elsa Van Braun was Hittler's mistress (for those of you that want a weird bit of history). And more of Matthew's best dialog, "Huh? What? Hey!" And now for suspension of disbelief. HOW much does KOS-MOS weigh?!? I like Tony, lol, but does anyone else think that's just a bit too much like the Millenium Falcon coming out of the Death Star? And more Matthews, "Ya moron!" Another "What?" from the captain... Hey look! It's KOS-MOS with her fire-proof hair! All we need now are those funky blue eyes... Woah, check that out. She does, lol. And what's that? Wings? Apparently KOS-MOS is the Angel of Reentry. Now, then. I wanna slap Matthews. How did they survive? The answer, my friend - is blowing in the wind. It's KOS-MOS of the fire-proof hair! w00t! Sorry, I think my lack of excitement got carried away by my sarcastic need to make sense of a rather confusing scene. Don't worry, though. You'll understand when you've played the other episodes. At least I hope so. Otherwise I'm gonna go beat up some game designers somewhere.

FYI: The dude at the grave is Shion's brother. Pop in the other disc and you'll meet him. Save your game data (no really, save it!) and get ready for Episode II. The walkthrough for THAT game is coming soon. Or if you really liked it, start again. :)

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