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Carbon Ocelot's Xenosaga: Episode I Walkthrough

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Chapter 6

Saving MOMO
Leave the bridge, and head to the dock. You can board the Elsa there. First things, first. SAVE YOUR GAME. You can do a lot of extra stuf here, but let's not get too carried away. You want to make sure you've got everything you need for your final battle. You'll want to make sure you do a few things first:

  • Give the Flower Seed to Luty. (See Luty Side Quest below).
  • Visit the Gnosis Cathedral Ship and open the locked door there (See below).
  • Buy a better A.G.W.S. You can buy an AG-04 for 50,000 while aboard the Dock Station. You can also by a VX-4000 for 30,000, but it's only slightly faster than your VX-10000 or VX-7000, but it's got lower stats for everything else. On the other hand, if you need an extra A.G.W.S. to have for extended battles, it's an OK addition to your arsonal.

Luty Side Quest
Once you have the Seed, head to the dock colony. You'll have to find Captain Mathews and tell him that's where you want to go. Head into the clinic and talk to Luty. She's looking at a vase along the far wall. You'll need to actualy leave and come back before this flower will bloom. You can't just hop in the E.V.S. and "go" somewhere.

Return to the Cathedral Ship
Now that you have Key 13, Head back to the Cathedral ship by selecting it from the E.V.S. submenu at any EVS Equiped Save Point. The door is located behind the unicorns in the lower level of the tower. You'll have to fight a lot of guys to get there. When you do get there, you can get a Samurai Heart (Increase Counter rate). Once you have this, you can safely leave, unless you left early on your first pass through here. There's another exit point further on, so if you want to level up a little bit, you can head for it instead of backtracking. Just lead out the left exit and past the rocks in your path. You'll go past some Lizardman and Fairy Gnosis. Your guys should have "all enemy" attacks at this point, so this should be fairly safe and quick. Head through all the enemies, and down the elevator you unlocked on your previous pass. At the very, very bottom is the exit.

Saving MOMO
Now that you've handled all the side quests for now, it's time to head to the Song of Nephilim. Talk to Mathews on the bridge of the Elsa, and watch a brief cut scene. When you dock, head left out the hatch (see, the Song of Nephilim has it's own atmophere that makes it easy for people to breath... out in space... or something...) and board the Song of Nephilim. Watch a cut scene. Figuring out what to do at this point is fairly elemental. Head left and, I'm sure this will shock you, you DON'T have to watch a cut scene on the next screen. Head left one more screen. This is your first puzzle. Figuring out how to get to various floors.

First Tower: Elelator go up!
OK. There are 7 floors here, and you're on number 1. Depending on how much weight you remove, you'll be able to change the height the elevator reaches. For every 3 boxes (not stacks - actual boxes), you'll go up one floor. When you watch the elevatr going up, you can see the number of boxes to the right of the floor number. It's fairly straightforward. You'll want to avoid floors 2, 4, and 7, though; there's nothing here but enemies. When you get to a floor, you can head right to go back down, or left to fight and get stuff. All floors a laid out the same - two doorways where enemies might lurk, and a box at the end - with either a prize or a monster-in-a-box you'll have to fight. Well, some might be empty, but that's no fun. ;) After you get stuff from each floor, just head down the chute on the far right to get to the next floor. Here's a run down of each floor. Don't forget, you can call the Seraphim ether summon for Shion, now.

Floor 2: Nothing
This floor takes three boxes to get to, but you can skip it, unless you wanna fight for no prizes. There are plenty of places to do that in this game, though, so I recommend skipping it.

Floor 3: Switch
Blow up 6 boxes (not stacks, some stack have multiple boxes), and press the blue switch to start the elevator. Go through the passage and head left. Kill off the guys here, blow up the box at the end of the passage for a Med Kit DX, and head down through the door on the lower left. Walk around up and left, and press the button there. Watch a cut scene, and then head back into the tower, past the enemies, over to the right, and down the chute. Heal up, if you need too.

Floor 4: Nothing
This floor takes 9 boxes to get to, but you can skip it, unless you wanna fight for no prizes. There are plenty of places to do that in this game, though, so I recommend skipping it.

Floor 5:
This floor takes 12 boxes to get to. Blow them up, head inside and go left. Kill off some enemies and blow up the box at the end of the hall to reveal a chest containing Decoder 14 . (That's one for the door on Elsa's Catapult Deck.) You can get Speed Shoes now, if you want. Head back down the chute.

Floor 6: Leaving
OK. Level 6 isn't quite the same as the others. Use 15 boxes to get here. There are no enemies on this floor, so head around to the near right and blow up the box for a Neo Armor Alpha (that's the greek symbol alpha, if you we uncertain). There are two exits leading leftof here. One goes just left (and leads to the third tower), the other goes left and up (and leads to the second tower). Take the exit leding up and left, and head across the bridge to the second tower. See "Second Tower" below.

Floor 7: Nothing
This floor takes all 18 boxes to get to, but you can skip it, unless you wanna fight for no prizes. There are plenty of places to do that in this game, though, so I recommend skipping it.

Second Tower
In the very center of this tower is a save point. Go save. There are five exits here: 12 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 4' o'clock (you came in here), 8 o'clock, and 10 o'clock. You can ignore the bottom two. They lead to the other towers. You came through one, and the other doesn't have it's bridge enabled, yet. Don't press the button in the middle of the tower, until after you've enabled the bridge. First, lets go through the 12 o'clock passage (straight up). Just off to the right here is a chest containing a Cross , which gives damage -10%. If you extract that skill, enable it, and ALSO wear the Cross , you'll get DMG -20%, which is pretty usefull.

Backtrack, and go through the door at 2 o'clock (upper right). You probably don't see anything here. Put MOMO as your lead member of your party, and you should see a shinny blue thing here. Grab it and you'll learn Tech Attack "MOMO's Kiss." You'll also learn Ether skill "Starlight." Be sure to equip these. Welcome the newest member of your part: Sailor MOMO! Be sure to experiment with her new found abilities. ;)

Now head back to the center, save, and take the 10 o'clock path. Fight the enemies here, and head down the ladder. Fight the enemies here, and go up the first ladder you come to; blow up the barrel here for a Soldier's Honor , which prevents attack disable. Head back down and go right, then down the ladder here. At the bottom, head left to the end of the path, and go up the ladder here. You'll pass a ladder that leads down; we'll come back to it.

Go up the ladder and across a bridge. Before you go into this next area, though, let's do some prep work. There's a naty enemy here. The Athra 26 Series enemy is a Bio type enemy, so Momo's probably not the best choice. This enemy has 3000 HP and has the ability to become immune to your best ether attacks. Because of this, you'll want to select characters that can do physical damage as well as decent ether attacks. I recommend Shion, KOS-MOS, and Ziggy. Prep by enabling Dominion Tank for Shion and Gate for KOS-MOS. You can Steal a Revive DX from this enemy, so you may want to enable something to allow you to steal as well.

When you're ready, head right through the doorway and blow up a bunch of boxes. The first box is empty, the 2nd has a Defibrilator Vest (prevents Instant KO), the 3rd has a Neo Armor Beta (that's a greek symbol beta), and the fourth has this really nasty enemy. Use your most powerful ether attacks first. I used Dominion Tank and Gate (Gate missed, btw), and then had Ziggy steal (I transferred Psyco Pocket to him from Jr.) After that, I was able to connect with Spell Rain before he enabled his Morph Defense. This knocked him down to 500ish HP, at which I switched to using healing and physical attacks. KOS-MOS R-Drill was extremely useful here, as was the Knuckle - Lightning Blast combo. That's all it took to kill him off, and I got it on the Golden Egg slot for a 2x Pts. I got no loot from this battle.

If you don't want to use this same set-up, consider replacing Ziggy with chaos, but don't use your A.G.W.S. If he casts stop on it, and you'll be stuck. He totally rendered Shion useless like this once. I wasn't prepared for that battle and it was really tough. I used MOMO's Miracle star attack, and had Chaos beat him up with the "hand" accessory. He dodged everything else. He practically killed my guys off, too. You'll get Decoder 2 from killing him off, which you can use when you are again allowed to leave this area. Blow up the last box to get access to Segment 12. Head inside and get the W Hammer Rod for MOMO (confusion attack to B & G!) Heal up and head back across the bridge. Go back down the lader, and head for the ladder we skipped earlier. Go down that one too.

At the bottom of this ladder is a platform with exits at the bottom left, bottom center, and bottom right. The bottom left and bottom right ones go to a dead-end (for now), so take the bottom center and push the bottom. This lowers a ring that you can walk on. Go back out, and take the lower right path. Blow up the power cell here. Now do the same thing on the lower left door, but be sure to prepare first.

You'll want a party capable of fighting Rianon Se, a pretty hard Gnosis enemy. That means Shion, KOS-MOS, and probably chaos. You MUST be able to steal here - you'll be grabbing a Shield Armor , which means you never have to worry about status abnormalities again! Heal all the way, and have your guys full ether, too. If you think you might have trouble, you can head back up to the top and save again, but that's a lot of back tracking. He's got 5600 HP, so be sure to use powerful attacks. Be aware, though, that his power-up abilities are based on the total number of HP you've got, so stay out of the A.G.W.S. for this battle!!! He can do 500 HP of damage back-to-back, so have a healer handy! I suppose if you bring MOMO into this battle, you can place her behind someone to keep that character from being pushed to the back. Don't bother having MOMO cast stuff at him; it's not worth it. If he blocks your boost use Clear-All to help out. He might also suck out a bunch of HP from one member, so be ready. He's not impossibly tough, but he IS time consuming.

Start off by using Supreme Judgment to keep his HP drains from doing so much damage, and consider Down Force to limit the power of his physical attacks. I also started off with a Shion Dominion Tank attack, which only hit him for 800 and caused a boost counter that (thankfully) missed. You'll want to steal twice - once to get the Shield Armor (do NOT pass this one up!) and again to get the Boost Pack . He can cast something that will eliminate all status abnormalities, so be ready to cast Supreme Judgment again. I found Rain Blade and R-Cannon to work pretty well. Don't be afraid to use a Revive DX, if you need it. You can get a point multiplier when you kill him, but don't get everyone killed while trying for it! I got nothing for killing him off. >.> Grr. When you have the Skill Points available, be sure to extract Skill: All Guard from the Shield Armor so your characters don't have to worry about status abnormalities any more.

Head down past where you fought that enemy, and go outside. When you get there, youll see a button to your right. Press that, and you'll extend the bridge to the third tower. Head to the bottom left of the screen, and step on the pad just past the blinking light; it's an elevator. Ride the elevator to the top, and head to the upper right corner of the screen; use the save point unless you want to do those battles again! Finally, head back out through that door, and Cross the energy bridge leading to...

The Third Tower
Head through the door on your left. The upper right one leads where you came from, and the right exit leads to a dead-end, for now. Head left and go down the ladder in the middle of the room. Blow up the top three crates to your far left. This creates a bridge you can go across and get to a barrel. Blow it up for a Field Ring (it prevents stop; don't you wish we had it two main battles ago?!?). Head back across and all the way to the lower level. Use the trap at the bottom to render the guys here unable to use their big skills, and mop up with them.

Blow up the rest of the boxes on the left, and head across to the next area. Go up the ladder here and blow up three boxes. Go over to the third area, and head up the ladder there. Cross back over to the second area and blow up something in the far right corner. This should get you a Skill Upgrade S . Now blow up something on the lower left corner to expose a hole. Jump down for an Ether Pack DX. Blow up the door there for a Med Kit , then walk all the way around the floor there to open a chest containing Decoder 17 (you haven't found the location for this, yet).

Blow up the thing above the ladder, hop on, and go all the way to the bottom. Blow up he rest of the boxes on the left, then blow up the trap and kill off the guys there. Blow up the barrel for an Ether Pack DX. Run back across the brige and take the stairs that lead down. That will reset the boxes. Come back inside, go up the ladder, and blow up three boxes. Head across the bridge, down the ladder, and out the stairs at the bottom left of the screen. Go left one more screen. See how all the columns here are flashing and making noise? Listen to the pattern, then go back to the other room and blow pieces off the colmns, until the sound the column makes matches the corresponding sound. If you mess it up, don't wory. Leave via the right and doorway and the puzzle will reset. It should be 3 blues, 1 green, and 4 red (might have to do it in Green, Blue, Red order). This will open the door. Go outside (down), around the path, press the switch, and go through the doorway. Stand on the triangle, and maybe press circle. You'll go up.

Moving on
I really recommend saving here. Go out the upper right exit and save in tower two. If you need supplies or weapons, or whatever, head to the Elsa. Return to the Third Tower, and go out the door to the right. Go all the way to the right, down the chute on level 6 of the First Tower, and head to the Elsa via he lower right. You still can't leave, so you don't really need to bother talking to Mathews. Where ever you are, return to the bridge between the First and Third Towers of The Song of Nephilim, and use the elevator with the pretty colors. At the bottom, go through the door (you might have to kick MOMO out of your party before you can go inside.)

I chose Jr., Shion, and Kosmos. Go inside, watch the phycho. Eventually, you'll fight him. It's probably not that hard, just time consuming. After the battle, and a bunch of cut scenes, head outside. That's right, don't fight this guy. Well, not yet. Head up the elevator, Cross back to the Second Tower (via the Third Tower), and save your game.

Don't use Kosmos. She's a "Beam Weapon" kinda girl. Don't use rain blade, either. Set Shion for spell ray, or something. This guy is a little tough; don't use beam weapons on him. The cut scene before the fight is priceless, though. He prattels on for a while, then shion says, "Huh?" I think it's funny. Anyway, the first thing this guy did for my battle was disable attack on my guys. (so I can't use their tech attacks.) I used a bunch of cure all potions, and went into it. Be careful, though. He transforms when you first kill him off, so don't think you'll be totally safe. My strategy is to use the tech attacks, and get to the point that I have 4 boosts each, then wail on him.

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