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Carbon Ocelot's Xenosaga: Episode I Walkthrough

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Throughout the game, you'll receive various email. Some of them just let you know a little more about the game mechanics, some appear to be spam, some are investment opportunities, and some are regarding a hack that's taking place. There are certain places that you have to be at certain times to receive the emails, and missing them can mean you miss out on some cool opportunities. The two biggest things of note are the hacking emails and the investing emails. I'll cover each of them in their own area, but I'll also cover them here so you can refernce them all in one place.

Hack this
There are a total of 8 emails you receive about a hacker on the loose. You are asked if you want to participate in helping to catch this guy. Below is a list of emails and appropriate replies. You get a lot of money for this, so you may want to think twice about skipping it!

  1. In Chapter 1 (under the heading "The Woglinde," you walk through room where a bunch of realians are being fixed. As soon as you are done helping out, leave via the door at the top of the screen, and then come right back into the room. Just run around in circles if it doesn't come right away. :D It should be titled "Tracking Coorperation Request." When you get it, you'll be asked to assist in tracking down the hacker. Reply with "I Will Help You."
  2. When you first have control of Shion in Chapter 2 (under the heading "The Elsa"), wander around the ship with the curry in hand. Just outside the door to the bar, you should receive an email titled "I Would Appreciate Your Help." No reply is needed.
  3. When you finish investigating the catapult (chapter 2, under the heading "the elsa"), you should receive an email titled "Intruder Confirmed." Your rabbit will talk with you for a bit, then you'll discover he's been hacking from space. See next email...
  4. You should recieve a follow-up email immediaetly with 3 options to choose from. Your A.I. thinks the hacker is on a "Cargo Ship on Asteroid Lutz." Reply to that email that "Cargo Ship Seems Suspicious."
  5. After you find Momo on the Durandal, you should receive an email with more information. The guy's name is Lev Vandevorst (alias Snake Charmer). For your assistance, you should receive a Code Disarm Key Support Plug-in. Notice how the A.I. is convinced this case is completely closed. LOL. You probably suspect this is foreshadowning, don't you? ;) Anyway, be sure to download the attached file so it can be installed.
  6. When you leave the Kukai's Private beach, check around for another email - this time from the hacker's sister! (Sooo you have a SISTER...) "Nishikigi Flower: Snake Charmer." You should get some clues about where she is. You should receive a decoder from the investment side quest, too, and that combined with the one above should help you figure out where she's hiding. The hints for mine were "There is a bridge. There is no fountain. There is a casino. There are environmental bugs, floating aroundin a dimly lit area. There are no prison cells." From that, I guessed "Durandal," which was the 2nd choice.
  7. When you finally beat the Encephalon level, you should get an email when you get to the train (as you leave the Residential area of the Druandal). It's a little confusing, but as you probably guessed, your reward will eventually follow.
  8. You should get the reward for catching both these guys when you beat the Sog of Nephilim. Not that you likely need the money, by this time, unless you really want a more powerful A.G.W.S. or something. ;)

Invest in WHAT?
Throughout the game, you'll receive emails asking if you want to invest in various companies. I found it's a good idea to invest - you can get some great discounts, some free items, and even a cool weapon for KOS-MOS. You have for opportunites to invest, but you have to be in a certain place to get the email, and a certain place to get the award from the company as well.

  1. On the Woglinde (Chapter 1), take the right-hand path past the elevator. On the next screen over, head up and pass to the left of the plant in the glass case. Spend the 500 and reply immediately with "I Will Invest in Vector." To receive your reward, take a detour through the crew quarters with the key (See chapter 2 under the heading "The Elsa" and you should receive an email titled "Dividend from Vector" with Ether Pack S x5 attached. Don't forget to download them!
  2. On the Elsa (Chapter 2), as soon as you hear it's time to check out the Catapult, leave the bridge and detour to the right where the save point is. See where it where says that "people hve been speculating that the beam weapon Vector Industries has been developing will make use of the Rigel particle accelerator?" That's your cue to invest 1000 in Venture Link. A little later on, you should see a reply (likely while showing Momo and Ziggy around) titled "Divident from Venture Link." Head to the room with the other save point - not the one near the bridge (one screen down from the slide deck switch). It's where Ziggy hangs out. Wander around, if you need to. You should get a 4000G dividend (as an attachment that you don't need to download).
  3. Just after the email above (Chapter 2), take MOMO and Ziggy to the Catapult Deck and head toward the top of the screen. You should get another email offering investment choices. Note that Vector Com. has a partnership with Venture Link, whom you previously supported. That's a clue to invest 2000G in the company. Go ahead and reply "I Will Invest in Vector." When you get to the Durandal, you should see your reward.
  4. At some point, likely during chapter 4, you should receive an email with a Code Disarm Key Plug-in for your investment above.
  5. When you are supposed to be looking for MOMO (at the very beginning of chapter 4), head to the Hangar and explore the whole area. you should receive an email about investing. You'll find out that investing in Alkimia will help facilitate the development of new technologies! You better have the 6k! Reply with "I will invest in Alkimia."
  6. At some time during Chapter 3 or 4, you should receive your reward. I got it at the dock colony around 31 hour and 30 minutes into the game. In fact, that was BEFORE the final email above. [I dunno if that means anything will be different later. It may seriously limit the output of the device if I haven't completed the needed investments.]

Miyuki's Secret
Shion's friend Miyuki has a tendency to like to experiment, it seems. Be sure to check out the emails she sends you and reply promptly (and correctly.) Your reward for this is the KOS-MOS weapon F-Scythe.

  1. You'll receive the first email (titled "Secret Email") in chapter 1, on the Woglinde, look around the little rest area alcove just up and left from the guy complaining about loosing his key.
  2. When you have visited the bridge, you should receive an email from Miyuki titled "Here's a Sprinkle." When you get it, immediately download the plug-in.
  3. Much later in the game, you'll automatically receive an email when you've completed the Gnosis Attack on the Kukai Foundation.
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