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Carbon Ocelot's Xenosaga: Episode I Walkthrough

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Chapter 2
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Chapter 4

Hello, Jr.
After a LOT of cut scenes, it'll be time to REALLY be confused. Heh. When you finally get control of Shion, talk to everyone, and head left. Talk with Allen for a bit, then keep going left. You'll find out that "Inside the Cathedral Ship" has been added to the EVS before you can even leave the Zohar hangar in the isolation area. If you've been doing things right, you may end up with a Code Disarm Key Plug-in on the next screen. It may take a little longer, though. Continue left until you come to a train.

If you are doing the email side quests, be sure to take the train to the Hangar first. I got an email for the investment side-quest there that included the code disarm plugin.

Take the train to the Resdential Area. Head left from the station and follow the right wall until you reach the Game Room. There's a save point here. At the far right is a chest containing a Cassino Passport. Congratulations. You can now make some real money. See the Casino section for more details. I spent about 2 hours here (well, actually in elsa, located at the dock area; see the casino area for more information) and made a half-million G, then I decided to play some drill!

Anyway, the Residential area is made up of 3 areas: The shuttle area, the first residential area (to the left of the shuttle area), and the 2nd residental area (left of the game room). In the first residential area, head left and talk to the people there. The room on the far left from the shuttle area is where you can get some rest. If you leave that room and head up, you can blow stuff up for 2x Booster Pack . At the end of that little hallway, you'll find the game room on the right (with a save point) and the entrace to the 2nd residential area on the left. The 2nd area looks much like the first. You can get a Med Kit S nd 2x Ether Upgrade A in the left room, though. Just blow stuff up. You can blow stuff up here for a Med Kit DX, 2x Ether Upgrade A , and an Eher Pack S. In the room at the upper right is a Med Kit DX and a shop.

Once you're finished pillaging the residental area, you can wander around the ship and talk to people if you want, but there isn't anything else to get (yet). Head to the park. Go up one screen to the actual park. You'll be treated to (surprise!) a cut scene, then you'll have control of Shion again. If you invested in Alkimia, you may get your dividend (24,000G) if you try to leave via the right-hand exit. (Not to long after that, you'll probably get another email if you're doing the hacker side quests. If you've been getting the Namco spam, you'll probably get another one when you next get to the residential area, too.) There's something you can find here later on, but I can't find it now. I'll tell you again when it comes up later. Talk to people if you want, then head to the Residental District. Head to Shion's room (The one to the left of the entrance). I usually save at this point, before heading to the room.

After a few cut scenes, and wholy mixed-appopriateness music, and a bunch more cut scenes, you'll be in control of Shion again. Head to the Dock (you might wanna save en route). After a bunch of cut-scenes, you can once again head out. You start out on the beach. Try to leave, and you may get an email, if you've been following that part of the guide. Be sure to check out the email section of the guide so you don't guess wrong. ;) Anyway, leave the beach (I don't think you can do anything else here, yet).

At the bottom of the screen where you select where you want to go, head to the bottom to the A.G.W.S. parts facility. I went as MOMO and got stuck at the opening. Talk about annoying. I had to reset the playstation and start over back at my most recent save game. Actually, this turned out to be something more sinister. There's an incompatibility with my PS3 (80 Gig version) and this game. Let's move to the PS2 for this part of the walkthru. >.<

The window to the left of the entrace sells A.G.W.S. weapons, accessories, and card packs. You may want to take this opportunity to upgrade your frames and generators. Be sure to Restore FHP if you upgrade. I had plenty of cash from playing poker, etc, so I maxed everything out. XD Continuing left, you'll find a stairway leading down. Take those stairs and you'll start [Professor's Giant Robot Training Hall] Chapter 1.

Robot Acadamy: Chapters 1 & 2
Welcome to the Robot Acadamy. Talk to this guy for a bit, then leave by going back up the stairs. When you get to the next screen, just turn around and come back. If you've followed this walkthrough, you should have both Robot Arms. Talk some more, blow up 10 things (unfortunately, there do not appear to be any prized hidden inside), and then go talk to him again. You'll get "Throni Blade." You can now go into your menu and equip this as an ether attack. This is all you can do for now, so go ahead and head back upstairs.

Buff up your A.G.W.S.
Since you are here, feel free to buff up your A.G.W.S. If you've been following what I said earlier, you should have enough G to max out all three of your A.G.W.S. for weapons, armor, frames, and generators. Be sure to swap out all your " Auxiliary Armor A " with Auxiliary Armor B . Now, go and play the "Game" on the far right. Q1: What is the name of the parts shop on the dock colony? A1: Talk to Me Q2: What is the name of the eccentric professor at the Foundation Robot Acadamy? A2: Professor. Q3: What kind of clohing is hanging second from the left on the wall at the cleaners? A3: Smelly-looking purple t-shirt. Q4: Who's all fired up about the drill? A4: Holgar (you have to scroll to see this option). Q5: What's the name of the girl that can't speak at the Dock Clinic, the medical clinic on the Dock Colony? A5: Luty. You get a PM Card C , which is a set of three promotional cards ("bunny") for the card game. Anyway, that's all you can do here. Leave the A.G.W.S. Parts Shop & Foundation Robot Acadamy.

City Sector 26 and 27
Head to the middle of the screen, to City Sector 26 & 27. Head left, and enter the 2nd door you come to (Our Treasure). At the right of this shop is a save point. SAVE! When you're saved, head back to the beginning of this area and talk to everyone. In the Ironman, you can talk to a lady about her Engagement Ring . If you talk to the little girl in Our Treasure, you can stay at the inn for free. When you've talked to everyone on this street, head one screen left to the next part of town. Be sure to go up the stairs and check out the stuff up there, too. When you enter the dry cleaners, be sure to examine everthing. You should be able to find a PM Card B and a Fish Detactor. Blow up a bookshelf to get 2x Ether Upgrade S , 1200 G, and reveal Segmet Address No. 3.

Talking to the people here, you'll learn about a secrete ladder. You can't get there yet, but don't worry - you'll be able to soon. If you talk to the guy by the punching bag, you'll see something weird. In that same room is a blue box you can blow up for a Tech Upgade A. Don't blow up the Pink Bug, though (It's hiding in the second blue crate.) Talk to him and ask for a "Great Story." He'll tell you about a segment key on the ground shaded by a potted tree. Oh yeah. And don't blow up the car in the middle of the room. That's just rude. ;) Nah, you can get an Esape Pack if you blow up the car.

Once you have the fish detector, head back to Our Treasure and save (if you got the PM Card B , you might open it up, too), then head to the beach. Yup, the beach. Since you have a fish detector, you can catch fish. You're looking for an Engagement Ring , remember? You can also get a speed Stim and a Med Kit . Once you have them, head back to sector 26 & 27 and talk to the lady in the Ironman to get Segment Decoder 8 . Save your game (open your card packs, if you haven't already), then head to the Launch Pad.

Board the shuttle and head to the Durandal. Play around a little, if you want. If you talked to the pink thing in the box you can get Decoder 1 from the Park area. Just go there, and then head to the bench on the right hand side. You should see a flashing blue light toward the far end. That's the decoder. You can save your game in the Casino if you want. While you're at an EVS point, be sure you buy (or win via Card Passport ) a bunch of Ether Up and Health Up items. These will make the upcoming areas MUCH easier. I went into this area with 99x MedKitS and 99x EtherPackS. If you took the trouble to get the Throni Blade, you NEED to stock up here - it turns the next area into a point gold mine. When you're ready, go to the dock, past the escalator, and hang a hard righ to the Elsa. Talk to Alan - you can't get to the lower level yet.

After a LOT of cut scenes, you'll fight a couple of federation soldiers. It looks like you'll fight as just Chaos. His modified Heaven's Wrath worked fairly well. Head up and right, and open the chest in that room for an Equip Item. Trust me, you want your stuff back. ;) You can also buy stuff here, if you need too. Head through the door on the lower right, and continue right if you want to save in the game room. After that, the lower left room has an Armory Key locked inside. Very useful!

You'll need to fight your way past a bunch of guys. When you get to the train, head to the Hanger (the park is closed). Kill off these robots, and open the armory door here. Blow up the boxes for an MSS54 (ammo: Ziggy's Physical Attack + 12), a Frame Repair Z , and a chest containing Decoder 5 . After that, head to the dock. Fight the robot just below the train station, and head down the emergency access hatch. Use the ladders to get inside the Elsa. Watch the cut scene involving the worlds most useless "cargo hatch." What? They're carrying groceries? How small is that thing. Once inside, head up and right, and down the ladder. Now go down and left. Use Decoder 8 to open Segment Address 8. Go in and get the Robot Part Left Leg that's there. Now head to the maintence bay. Pop down to Lab #1 and save. Do down one screen and take the two lifts so that you arrive in Lab 2 (were Kosmos sleeps). Watch the cut scenes and listen to the girl humming "What child is this?"

There was a lot that happened during those cut scenes, so I hope you didn't miss it. You at least caught the little girl's name, rigth? Anyway, when you again have control, you'll be Ziggy, MOMO and Jr. Step 1: Be sure to equip you most current weapons/skills/T.Pts, etc, OK? Step 2: Save. Head to the right, and try to stay out of the searchlights, if you want to avoid battles. If you follow the bottom edge of the screen, there is a chest with a Coat * Sword. If you blow suff up, the search light fix on that point. If you blow stuff up, you can find a Ruby Helmet, 5x Bio Sphere and 5x Med Kit DX. I was able to avoid all the search lights. Head to the far lower right to leave this area.

You'll watch a bunch more cut scenes. OK. Who decided that loud angry piano music was a good idea? On the bright side, Allan isn't participating in battles with you. It's a quandry, isn't it? Half the time I'm thinking, "Why the heck isn't he HELPING?!?" But the other half of the time, I'm just as glad to not have to look at him. Freakin' weeny. Anyway, make sure you're up to the task of hurting Gnosis, and head to the playground. Hidden behind the slide is a pole you can blow up with a Frame Repair Z . A simialr pole on the other side contains a Defense Shield . Head forward and enter the building. There's a save point on the immediate right. Blow up the animals onthe walkway for 5x Ether Pack S, a Blade Soul , 3x Bio Sphere , a Rejuvinator , Gnosis Bugbear (Oops, that's an enemy, lol) and 5x Revive . Continue on past the fallen bunny statue (examine for a laugh), and you'll come to a new screen.

Head down and left, and fight the Bugbear and Kobolds. I found this to be a great time to learn about the Throni Blade's power. If there's a golden egg on Shion, you can get a LOT of pts. Set both Throni Blade and Boost 1 in Shion's Ether menu. Next, have Shion Boost on her first turn, and then she'll be able to boost in just before the golden egg, so she can ALWAYS get really high point values on these enemies with the Throni Blade. You can use this time to level up Chaos, too. When he hits level 20, he gets the Angel Blow attack, which damages all enemies. At the bottom right of this area is a chest containin a PM Card E . If you come across a human, it's really a larval doll in disguise; be sure to HEAL him quickly, using medica or other items - and this enemy can confuse your team, so be ready for that, too.

Blow up a block at the far left top and go down the resulting man hole. Head forward and around the corner. On the next screen, press the button just ahead of you, then head DOWN the next flight of stairs (you can save if you want). You'll head under the overpass and fight a troll Gnosis. These guys have 1200 HP, so use your powerful attacks. You'll find segment Address No. 5 here. This is handly since you just picked up the key on the Durandal, right? Right?!? There's a Double Buster here. When you get it, equip it or learn it for Shion. Now instead of doing square, square, circle, you can do square, circle, circle. That means your tech attacks can connect TWICE in one turn. I don't know about you, but *I* think it's worth it.

My level 22 shion can do over 1200 pts of damage in ONE turn. On your way back, unlock the other door by presing the button at the top of the stairs. Just above the right most doorway is a hidden doorway leading to a sign. Blow up that sign for a chest containing a guard cleaner, because, hey, why wouldn't you find A.G.W.S. paraphanilla in Kosmos' dream world? ;) Now save, then head back to the manhole and go down the OTHER one. I keep a bunch of Bio Sphere and ether restore items on hand so that I can go through this last little area at least 3 or four times. The point really add up, and I like to have level 25 guys when I leave here. Besides, you get all the skill points, ether points and tech points, too.

While doing this walkthrough, I got Shion up to level 26 before heading on. Chaos is at level 25. When you get down the other manhole, you'll see things swarming around in the area below you. You can ignore them for now. Head across the bridge to the bottom of the screen, and blow up the box there for 5x Ether Pack S. This also opens a passage way that leads left and back up. If that door thing was unlocked, it would lead to the hallway you were in when you went down the first manhole. Anyway, go back across the bridge and head right, then down. Kill some stuff here, then press the button that it's hiding.

Cross the bridge leading down from here and head right. You'll fight some monsters and then head up. That enemy is a pair of Larva Dolls. QUICKLY use your healing potions and/or ethers. From here, you'll go down some stairs to your left, and head up the path below. You'll go off-screen, and come to as Junior.

Back to Jr.
When you return as Jr., move MOMO to the back row, then head left into the store front and blow up the box at the back for a Rejuvenator. MOMO can put the enemy pilots to sleep here, just FYI. ;) Head down and left. Go down into the subway. When you first enter the subway, take the stairs down (the top ones are not blocked) and make your way left to the save point. Save, then head up and back to the right. There's a doorway in the jumbled wreckage there. To the left of the doorway is a box you can blow up for 2x Bio Sphere . Go a little farther left, and you can blow up a window. See that doorway hidden in the back corner? That's important. Head back to the right and go through the door, then head left. Examine the red door to find Segment Address No. 15.

Remember that key you got in the flower shop? You can use Decoder 15 here to access a chet containing an Angel Ring . This item cuts the ether cost by 1/2 for all spells. Cool, ne? Head back to the save point, then up to the top of this screen. Go left down the stairs here. At the bottom, blow up some benches for a Veil , then fight the mechs here. Head down the stairs and then right. Fight another group of mechs and blow up a box here for 5x Neuro Stim . Head back to the save point, save your game (unless you wanna do this again if you screw up), and then go down the stairs there.

Don't blow up the bench in the middle of the platform unless you really want to fight a bunch of Kobolds. Blow up the box at the far left for 2x Frame Repair A , then head down the stairs that just appeared. A ramp on the left leads up to a Larva Doll. Have MOMO use life shot to quickly get rid of 'em, then make your way left, forward, and down and left. You can blow up a vending machine here to reveal a chest containing a Red Topaz , which keeps an enemy from casting Veil on you. Veil causes ether effects down 25%, so it's good to not have Veil cast on you.

Anyway, make your way back across the ramps, and this time head right. Fight the mecha here (you didn't forget that MOMO can put them to sleep, did you?) Continue right to get to the next screen. There is a ramp on the far right here (past a bugbear with some kobolds). Head up the ramp into a train car and blow up the back wall for an Ether Pack S. Continue right and down another ramp. Kill the Gnosis here and climb the hidden ladder in the back. You'll fight another Larva Doll here (you know the drill; heal 'em). Blow up something at the far left of the cat walk, and it should fall and break something below. Now head back to the the train car, down the ramp, and off to the upper left. Open the chest that is now revealed for a Venom Block .

Head back to the train car, and this time go out the back. Go up a ramp, acros another train car, then down a ramp to fight another Bugbear/Kobold, then head to the top of the screen, and right to get to the next screen, which should look familiar. You've finally managed to *almost* hook up with Shion and Chaos. Head right, then up and around some debris. You'll have to fight these gnosis of course. When you go under the 2nd bridge, you'll be able to blow something up or 4x Frame Repair A. Follow that wall to the right and up, so you can go up a few stairs. Next, go up a small ladder and through a door. There's a chest here with Decoder 12 . No go back through the door, down the ladder and stairs and head right. Go up the ladder here.

Watch a bunch of cut scenes, and you'll be back to Shion. Set immunity to poison, save your game and head up and right. Remember to use the Boost/Throni Blade trick from earlier to seriously level-up here. Fight the gnosis here and head downish. If you run into some basilisk, don't forget your Throni Blade. Blow up a rock and go through a hidden tunnel to get to a camp fire area. There's a chest here with a PM Card D . Go back the way you came, and continue right to get to the next screen. You'll see a bunny in the back ground getting juice from carrots.

On the next screen, follow the path around and to the right. Fight the Troll and continue following the path. After you Cross a log bridge, you'll curve around underneith it. Head left across the little path here. Beat up some Kobolds (and a bugbear), then blow up two things on the left. Go through the cave that opens up, and blow up something else. Go across the water, and wrap around to the left. Blow another hole in the rocks, and head into the pond in the middle blow up the collumn in the middle to get the chest containing the Blue Topaz .

Head back the way you came, and continue right to get to the next screen. Go up and watch the bunny play near a stump, then run into his house. You can fight a troll here to get an Ether Pack S, then head down around and to the left. The enemies here are numerous, but between the Throni Blade and Chaos' Angle Blow, I didn't have much of a problem with them. Anyway, go to the far left (by the waterfall) and blow something up to get a bridge. Cross the bridge and head around and through the tunnel. Go left across the bridge here and blow up the carrots for some S. Carrot Juice. Head back *past* the cave, and blow a hole in a tree to the rigth for 2x Frame Repair Z .

Head back through the tunnel, and curve around to the left, under the waterfall, across the bridge, and back to the right, where the bunny was playing on the stump. Put a carrot juice there. You'll hide behind some bushes. Just wait until you can move Shion, and run toward the door when he's distracted running around. If you get there before him, he'll let you inside. Open the chest here for Decoder 3 . It does not appear you can watch TV, take a shower, sleep, or open the 'fridge. Just get the key and leave. Head left under the bridge, and go behind bunny's house, then head around to the right. If you get stuck, you might be *directly* behind his house, in which case you need to go back and take the little path leading toward the top edge of the screen.

Watch a bunch of cut scenes. When you have control of Shion again, there are a lot of things you *could* do. For example, you could take your guys through the disturbing vortex there and then down the ladder on the next screen. This will take you back down the path Jr, Momo, and Ziggy just came through. Or, you could go back to the left and take everyone back past the bunny. Other than leveling up, I'm not sure there's much to be gained by going through these pathways. In case you're curious, Shion was at level 30 in my game and had just acquired Rain Blade. This is what I save up her T.Pts for.

When you're ready to move on, head right and Cross a bridge. You're going to be fighting something huge, so be ready. Make sure your A.G.W.S. are all sufficiently healed up (Dont' worry about HP and Ether, you'll be healed in a minute). Set your guys to block confusion. Head down and right, then enter the church through the front door. Watch more cut scenes, then save your game, examine the door on the far right, and talk to Febronia. When you are ready, head through the door on her left and you'll watch some cut scenes.

This is a bit of a fun battle. I used Queen's Kiss and stole a B-MAX Circuit (want your A.W.G.S. to be able to boost?) Then Psyco Pocket stole Revenge Power (Auto-Boost when attacked if you've got a "Counter+10" skill is equiped). Looks like that's all there is to steal, too. Anyway, The throni blade can do 500 pts of damage to this, but heaven's wrath is kinda wussy. If two of your guys get K.O.d, the battle will become MUCH harder. Don't let that happen. Did you notice that the three guys you are walking around as are all potential A.G.W.S. pilots? Does that suggest a course of action to you? Hmm... When fighting him in your A.G.W.S., use the LG10AG and PB55AG . Do NOT have CHAOS kill this guy off. You MUST use Shion or Jr., but NOT while in their A.G.W.S.!!! Basically, he's an amalgomation of Jr. and Shion's bad memories, so each of them has to kill him. He'll reset to about 1500 HP after the first one, so be ready. If you have your guys set properly (to see his HP remaining, etc) you should be able to get some serious Pts out of this. I got him on a Pts x4 *and* leveled up both Chaos and Jr.

Once you kill him off, you'll hear the same What Child is This piano music and get an interesting cut scene or two.

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