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Carbon Ocelot's Xenosaga: Episode I Walkthrough

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
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Chapter 7
Side Quests
Segmet Addresses

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Segment Addresses

What are they?
Segment addresses are left over technology from construction of various things.

Segment 01
Door: On the Roof of Our Treasure. Walk "up and right" to get to it.
Key: After talking to the Pink Bug in king's wharehouse on the Foundation Colony, search the right hand sitting area of the Durandl Park.
Item: Robot Part Head .

Segment 02
Door: On the Dock Colony, behind the junk in the basement of Talk To Me!!
Key: Kill a really nasty enemy in Tower Two of the Song of Nephilim.
Item: Kelbim Dragon (Robot Torso)

Segment 03
Door: Hidden behind a bookshelf in the Dry cleaners on the Foundation Colony.
Key: Beat bunny in a foot race in the forest encephalon.
Item: Robot Part Right Leg

Segment 04
Door: On Pleroma, up a corridor hidden behind two boxes.
Key: The A.G.W.S. that you fake out using the crane (two screens right from the door).
Item: Thief Ring (increase rare item aquisition by 10%).

Segment 05
Door: On Miltia, during the ecephalon. From the opening playground scene, it's through the locked gate to your left. You'll have to come aroud at that gate via one of the manholes where the Kobalds are lurking.
Key: Durandal Hanger; during imprisonment scene.
Item: Double Buster . You WANT this.

Segment 06
Door: Planetarium on Proto Merkabah.
Key: Defeat large robot on Proto Merkabah
Item: Trauma Plate (Prevents Critical Hits)

Segment 07
Door: In the first chapter, on the Woglide. You'll find the door when you talk to Sargent Swaine.
Key: You can obtain he key from Seargent Swaine on the Woglinde, during your first encounter with the Gnosis.
Contains: Robot Part Right Arm .

Segment 08
Room: On board the Elsa, hidden behind some cabinets.
Key: Give the Engagement Ring to the lady in the Ironman bar.
Item: Robot Part Left Leg

Segment 09
Door: On the 3rd floor of the office complex within the cathedral ship.
Key: Guarded by a Gnosis near the end of the Cathedral Ship level.
Item: Robot Part Left Arm .

Segment 10
Room: You can find Segment 10 in the opening scene encephalon dive on board the Woglinde.
Key: On the Elsa, in a chest hidden down a flight of stairs. You have to found the Disarm Key on the couch first.
Item: 2x Booster Pack (Boost +1 in battle).

Segment 11
Room: When you first control Jr on the U-TIC ship, you'll find this just past Door No. 4.
Key: On the U-TIC hideout on Pleroma, you'll find the key hidden in the center ofthe "Echoing" corridore.
Item: Coat * Ice.

Segment 12
Door: In the second tower of the Song of Nephilim, behind a series of five boxes in a row.
Key: As Jr, on Miltia, in the sewers, behind a locked door.
*Item: W Hammer Rod (MOMO's weapon: Causes Confusion for Biological and Gnosis enemies)

Segment 13
Door: On the Gnosis Cathedral Ship, behind the Unicorns, Segment 13 is hidden behind some boxes.
Key: On the roof of the bakery in the Foundation colony. Get there vai the their floor of Our Treasure, after the Gnosis have invaded.
Item: Samurai Heart (increase counter rate!)

Segment 14
Door: On the Elsa, this door is behind a barrel on the Catapult deck.
Key: Floor 5 of the first tower of the Song of Nephilim.
*Item: Speed Shoes . This gives the wearer +25% speed increase.

Segment 15
Door: On Miltia (in the encephalon dive) as Jr., hidden in the subway, just up from the save point at the bottom of the stairs.
Key: You get the key by defeating the Hydra inside the Flower Shop onbaord the Gnosis Cathedral Ship.
Item: Angel Ring (reduce EP consuption by 1/2).

Segment 16
Room: You can find Segment Address 16 on the Woglinde, in the corridor two screens right from the E.G.W.S. hanger.
Key: Use the U-TIC Card on the U-TIC ship when you first meet Jr.
Item: Stim DX

Segment 17
Door: Proto Merkabah, Research Lab 43rd Floor
Key: In the Third Tower of the Song of Nephilim, in the 2nd area, third floor.
Item: Junior's ultimate gun: BLOOD9.

Segment 18
Room: You can find Segment 18 in the cooridor of the Woglinde, near Shion's Room.
Key: You can get Decoder 18 on the woglinde AFTER you first aquire Kosmos.
Item: Coat * Lightning (requires skill level 3).

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