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Carbon Ocelot's Xenosaga: Episode I Walkthrough

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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Chapter 7
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Chapter 5

Wake up!
After a ton of cut scenes, you'll get control again, and you'll find out that there are new maps added for the Encephalon. Head to the game room and save. You might want to open you PM Card D and PM Card E packs, for Level 10 Kosmos and Level 10 Chaos. You'll also hear about extra Kosmos power allowed via email. Don't forget to download the attachment and equip (well, when you actually meet up with KOS-MOS again, that is.)

Finding Allen
First off, head to the park if you don't already have Decoder 1 . I know, he's not there; you're actually looking for something else, first. There's a key you can find on the upper right edge of the right-hand sitting area. You can get Decoder 1 . Next, head to the dock and catch a trip to the Foundation colony. Once you get there, head to Sector 26 & 27, and head straight for the Dry Cleaners. Yup. The Dry Cleaners. Decode Segment Address No. 3 for Robot Part Right Leg .

You can't get on the roof yet, so leave this area, and head to the A.G.W.S. Parts Shop and Foundation Robot Academy. Now that you have both legs, you'll be treated to a new scene, and you'll come away with the dominion tank. Be sure to set it in Shion's Ether menu. There aren't any new A.G.W.S. parts here, but you probably should get your frames repaired if you've been using your A.G.W.S.

Return to Sector 26 & 27, and this time go to Our Treasure and save, then go right, to the Ironman Bar and Cafe. Talk to Allen (he's by the poster, being a poser, heh, heh). You'll watch some cut scenes, then the fun will begin. You'll get control again on the bridge of the Durandal. Head to the lower level of the bridge, and then to the dock. Hop on a shuttle to Foundation, and head for sector 26 & 27. You've got to rescue 13 people here. If you haven't already, don't forget to sell off all the stuff you got in the last area. All those kobold blades, etc.

Person 1: Ironman
Head into the Ironman and beat up all the gnosis you can get to (not the one behind the counter). Now talk to the guy by the poster (twice). Leave the ironman and head next door.

Person 2: Our Treasure
Head in and save, then talk to the dying guy on the floor. He said his treasure is inside, and the code... photo... birthday... Walk around behind the counter to get the Swimsuit from the chest there. Equip this to a character to get 25% more T.Pts from your battles. Anyway, now head up stairs, one room right, and up the ladder. Read the birthday on the poster to your left. It was October 28 for me this time. While you're here, blow up a box on the right for a Tech Upgrade S . Head back down the ladder, and blow up a box for a Battle Gear . Continue right until you come to a switch. Push it, then head back left. Go back to the ground level of our treasure, and fight the troll in front of the safe. Enter the combonation (for this game, it was 1028, or october 28), and open the door.

Person 3: Ironman
Head back to the iron man, and make sure the crank out front has been used, so that the awning is covering the doorway. Then, blow up all the boxes behind where the elevator used to be for a Tech Upgrade S . There's also a guy hiding here. Talk to him. Head behind the counter and open the chest on the far right to get the Wooden Idol. If your guys are getting "cursed" too often, this can help solve that.

Person 4: Trash can
Leave the Ironman and head back to our treasure. Save, then head upstairs. Head right, and go up the ladder. Head out the door on the lower left. Walk off the left side of the platform, and you'll start sliding down. Hold up and left, and you should be able to reach a small platform above a smokestack. Go left, and follow the resulting catwalk. There's a chest in the middle of the water tower area with Decoder 13 in it. Head back to the right, and this time just walk right. You should fall down into the trash enclosure. Blow up the trash bins for 1000 G and a dude. Talk to the dude, and then leave. You should have 9 left now.

Person 5: The Statue
Head left to the next area, and kill the gnosis where the statue is. One smack of the Dominion Tank took the out for me. Blow up the statue to drop the old man, er woman, er man? I guess it's a man; I saw a beard. Whatever. Leave the statue area and head farther left. Watch out for the gnosis here. He does a slow sting attack that can do 300+ damage to your guys! Be sure to heal up when you're finished.

Person 6: The Bakery.
Run up the ramp you can see at the front of the bakery. Nah, I'm just kidding. I spent a few minutes trying to do that, so I figured I'd string you guys along a little. Go up the ladder to the top floor, and run left across the dropped down platform. Press the switch to fix the platform. Take the ladder back up, and this time go through the door in the middle you can now access. Fight the bugbears and talk to the baker. These guys really seem to like to boost and heal, so be sure to concentrate your energy on individule guys. When he's saved, blow up the racks to get 1000 G and access to the slide. Don't go down that, though.

Person 7: Dry Cleaners
Head back out the way you came, and take the path around the left. Blow up the bookshelf in the back right corner to get a Skill Upgrade S . Go through that doorway, and out the other side. Head through the upper doorway to the laundry. If you run across the Larval Doll, don't forget to heal them. Think Medica and Med Kit S. Talk to the lady behind the counter, then blow up the desk to the right for 2x Ether Upgrade S .

Peron 8: The Dry Cleaners Ladder
Climb the ladder behind where the desk used to be, and head to the upper right. You'll be fighting higher level Larva Dolls, so you might wanna think about transfering Medica/Medica Rest to other characters, if you want. When a Larva Doll's HP drops to zero it will die on the NEXT turn, so kill them on the boost up slot just prior to the Golden Egg for maximum points. When they die, they are immediately replaced by enmies who can be killed on the Egg. Blow up the door at the far right of the screen. Talk to the kid. Blow up the gate to the left here, and head down.

Person 9, 10, and 11: The Garage
Guard against poison, and head left. Go around the bakery (using the two left doors) and take the path leading up and right from the ladder. Head down outside (yup, not through that door yet), down the stairs, and into the door marked "East 6." Blow up the car (again) for a Rune Crystal . This prevents EP Overconsumption. Go attack the Gnosis in the back right corner. Talk to Johnny there. Blow up the box and talk to Mina. When they leave, followg them outside, then head up the stairs. Now head through the door on the upper right corner of the screen. Talk to King, and he'll leave.

Person 12: A cat.
From where King was, head left across the bridge, then forward and back to the right. Fight the Larva Dolls here (using healing ether/items), then push the button they were blocking. You can force these guys to transform using simple med kits, btw. Once the bookshelf opens up, head all the way around the catwalk and go inside. Head left, up the stairs and kill the guys here. Go left and blow up he door, the talk to the cat.

Person 13: Backdoor of the Dry Cleaners
Head back down the stairs you just came up, and go back around the catwalk toward the switch. Don't actually go to the right, though. Head left through the doorway, and down the hall. At the far left, you'll enter the Dry Cleaners. Blow up a shelf at the bottom left for a Cure-All , and kill off the larva dolls here. Talk to the lady there. A message should appear saying you've rescued everyone.

Head back out the way you came. When you leave the hallway, be sure you're holding the "down" direction, or you'll fight a Larva Doll as soon as you emerge. For yucks, go blow up the car again. So... Who rebuilt it? Heh heh. Anyway, go back down the bakery ladder and head right. Go past the mayor and save in Our Treasure. Head up the stairs and ladder to the roof. This time, you'll step off the catwalk on the *right* side, and this time walk "up and right" while you are sliding down. You can blow up something here to expose Segment Address No. 1. Use the key from the park scene, and go inside to obtain Robot Part Head . Drop down and blow up a planter to the right to obtain an Ether Upgrade S . Go back to the save point, use a Bio Sphere , SAVE, then try to leave.

You'll be fighting a Gigas here. He first divides into two guys who are each 2800 HP. If you are lucky enough and Shion gets in a first attack before they split, have her steal! Have Shion steal until you get 2x Soul and 2x Spirit . In the mean time, Jr. should use Misty to render them unable to use their Gnosis powers. When those have both taken effect, then he can join in on the stealing. Chaos can use items/ether to heal Shion and Jr. until they are done stealing. When you've got all 4 items (or 5 if you were lucky at the beginning), have Shion use medica all to keep your guys from dropping under about 400 HP. Then do your best. Don't forget, you can have your guys jump into their A.G.W.S., if you need.

Happy Robot Head
You'll probably want to save again, if you've done everything right. Before heading back to the Drandal, head to the A.G.W.S. Parts Shop and Foundation Robot Acadmy. After Assistant Scott leaves, you'll get the Seraphim Bird. Be sure to set it in your attack. Leave the shop and head to the Launch Pad and watch the Gnosis attack cut scene. Then you'll watch a few other cut scenes.

When you arrive on the Durandal, just head back into the shuttle and you'll go back to the colony. You'll look around and not find MOMO. If you try to leave, you'll just be told she wouldn't have gone back. Head back to the Durandal, then hop on a shuttle to the Residential Area. Watch a bunch of cut scenes. Welcome to the freak show. Pop quiz: How many hours worth of cut scenes does this game have? Answer: Um... Er... Too many? ;)

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