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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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Chapter 11 - 20

Chapter 11 - Back in Bhujerba again.

When you leave the mine, you'll be treated to a series of cut scenes, and you'll eventually have control again - at the start of what is ALMOST (but not quite) a mini-game. First things first, though. Sell off any loot you acquired in the mines, and buy up the newly available supplies (like golden needle, alarm clock and handkerchief). Also, don't forget to save the game. Since the empire is gone, you can now run around the rest of the city, too. Basically, you are looking to do two things here: Press the square button around "City Parijanah," but not around the Bhujerban Sainikah people. You can tell the difference by the uniforms. Look at the helmets for easy identification. By the way, you can also buy weapons, armor, technicks, and majicks now (but not gambits). When you get 100%, you'll end up in a Tavern, and you'll watch more cutscenes (of course).

When you have control again, you can take a look at the message board there and start the Nidhogg quest. You can also head out and experience the sites and sounds of Bhujerba, or you can just head to the estate. I recommend:

  • Start the Nidhogg hunt
  • Save your game
  • Complete the Nidhogg hunt (the gate switch in Shaft Entry works now)
  • Collect your bounty
  • Save your game
  • Finish the Rocktoise Hunt (talk to Pilika again for an extra bonus quest)
  • Collect your bounty
  • Save your game
After that, you should be ready to enter your audience with the Marquis of Ondore. I mean, you CAN teleport at this point, but all exits from Dalmasca are still blocked, and there's nothing for sale that you can't get in Bhujerba. Monte Blanc has no new quests, and you're not a new level yet. You can't even talk to the lady by the Nalbina Crystal yet.

You'll watch a lot of cut scenes, then you'll end up on...

Chapter 12 - Dreadnought Leviathan

Did you catch the subtle word play involved when Ondore turned everyone over? He knew exactly where Ashe was being held, and provided Basch the opportunity to get sent there. He also made himself look like the imperial puppet in the mean time. Clever, no? Anyway, after a LOT of cut scenes, you'll get Vossler and a map. Save (in a new slot), and have a quick look around. There weren't any chests in the Port Launch when I looked. Anyway, there are red beams that cut across hallways. Try not to break them. Other than that, explore away and take whatever you can find. There's an area in the south-west section of the Port Section that appears to have a chest, but don't be fooled - if you go after it (it's got 240 Gil) be sure to run back out as quick as possible (don't turn the camera around, just run fast). Those red beams will appear AFTER you've gone in there, making it impossible to leave without setting off the alarm. Just FYI: some hallways will wait to spring the lasers across until AFTER you've gone past. You have been warned. ;) I found Ally: status = HP Critical in the Port Section's far south-east exit once. I found the Ally HP < 80% Gambit somewhere else throughout the ship.

Use your map. I made my way to the Sub-control room to a hidden area on the far left. I got an ancient sword there twice (and phoenix down the next). Unless you picked up some Kotetsu by hunting Werewolf enemies, this Ancient Sword is likely going to be the best weapon you've come across so far. After opening a couple of bulkheads (which you cannot do during an alarm), I was able to make my way to the Airship Berth Access, and from there to the Central Block (Straight Down). Here I met two judges. I took out the mage first, then the regular guards, then the judges. I stole Potions and Gil from the judges, but that's about all. Overall, it was a fairly low-key fight. I earned the No. 1 Brig key from there. Head to Brig No. 1 (southeast exit).

Here you will have a few options. Open the door on your immediate right and open the Urn, then save. Next, open the door directly across from that one. Talk to Tetran there to buy stuff. Basically, he has most of the Gambits/Armor/Weapons/Etc that you could have bought back in Bhujerba. Now open the other doors and add Ashe to your party. Spend at LEAST 20 minutes doling out all those LP and equipping stuff (Ashe joined my party with over 2500 LP!) Now make your way all the way back to where you started. As if that wasn't annoying enough, you are able to do it while listening to that awful racket the whole time.

If you leave via the Sub-control room, you can use the system access key to disable the alarm twice on your way back to the hanger (where you first showed up). In any event, that's where your party is headed. Part way there, you will lose Vossler and gain Penelo. I'm not sure who came out ahead in that one, though. ;) Open any chests you find, and continue on your way - but stop before you get there. You'll be fighing a boss battle here, so be prepared. Get your best fighters and good healers, and be sure you've used the appropriate LP to buff your guys up. Cast protect/shell if you want, and head out.

There are three regular dudes, and Judge Ghis. Take out the regular guys first. I stole a potion from the Judge. Whee. When you get him down to 25% of his power, he'll "slow down" and you'll have a chance to escape. Watch a bunch of cut scenes.

Chapter 13 - More Bhujerba

There is new Armor and new Magicks, but nothing else. Honestly, if you wanna shop, use two of those teleport stones and head to Rabanastre, but you'll be coming back soon enough, so it's not really that big a deal. You can buy the Traveler and Numerology Technicks. There are quite a few new Magicks for sale, too: Raise, Cura, Warp, Bleed, Sleep, Oil, and Berserk. There is also a decent select of weapons and armor. If you use shields, don't miss this opportunity to get a Round Shield or two for your party. You still cannot get past the Eastersand, Westersand or Nalbina fortress guards. You can also take on the Wild Sauran or Werewolf - either of which your guys can easily take at this point. You can also check out those caves in the Westersand, but you'll get there soon enough anyway. Migelo's shop sells hi-potions now, too. Montblanc has no new hunts. When you're done shopping, head back to Bhujerba, and go see His Excellency.

Chapter 14 - Ogir Yensa Sandsea

Did you notice that cut scene? "I could not bear to see my sons war with each other again." Just file that away, for now. We'll come back to it later. You'll regain control at the edge of the Dalmasca Westersand. You may start the Wyvern Lord hunt now. Just teleport to Rabanastre. There are also new weapons and armor. No new items, Magicks or technicks. If you have less than 10,000 Gil, you're better off waiting - you'll be able to teleport to Rabanastre in a little while, and you can start the quest then. When done, go west, young man. That's left on the main map. When you get there, continue west to start more cut scenes. If you haven't already, equip the "Self -> Libra" gambit as the very last gambit for one of your characters. There are a decent number of traps here that you'll want to avoid. You'll go up the stairs next, and you'll end up at the top of a bunch of towers, connected by old bridges. You'll move from area to area along these bridges. Keep an eye on your (select button) map and go to the next area. More cut scenes. Vossler will join your party as a guest. If you really need him, you have my sympathies.

My characters are at level 24ish, so I kinda just waltzed through this section. YMMV. After Vossler joins your party, continue west, using the (select button) map. Note that you are on "Ogir-Yensa Sandsea/Platform 1 - Refinery." Soon, you'll head down the rig to the ground, so you can switch towers. Take the LEFT tower and wander around until you find an Urn. You'll find a map of the whole area there. You're welcome. After that, head back down and take the stairs leading to the north. A good gambit here is: Find someone who rarely uses magic. Place "Ally HP<80% -> Cura" at the bottom of their gambits. They'll cure up the whole party to max HP when there you are not under attack. Since Vossler is, essentially, a tank, I set my other gambits up to have two people try to steal when enemy HP = 100%, and to attack otherwise. I racked up the potions, etc doing this.

From East Junction, you can find your way into one section of the Zertinan Caverns. Don't expect to get very far there, though. If you head to the north-western edge, you might see some large, glowing balls. RUN AWAY!!! Those things have around 50K HP, and they'll kill your whole party in one shot. You can also get to the Caverns from the Central Junction. Just FYI: Vossler makes fighting the slimes somewhat more possible than it might otherwise be. You can get through this set of caves, but it takes you to what (for now) appears to be a dead end. From the platform 2 - Refinery area, you can make your way to a save point. Save your game, then talk to the Moogle there (you're in the Nam-Yensa Sandsea / The Sandscale Bank). This starts a side quest.

Optional: Urutan Eater Sidequest. This sidequest involves helping the Urutan-Yensa kill off something that looks like a large tortoise. Leave the Sandscale Bank via the west exit. Continue on through the Urutan-Yensa Sea (there's a chest on this screen with a Lambent Hat), and take the south-west exit across the bridge. You should immediately see a bunch of Urutan-Yensa running off to the south west. Follow them and kill off the Urutan Eater there. I was able to steal an Ancient Sword. He is immune to silence, poison, and sleep, but not blind or slow. You'll get 8 LP for this battle. Once he's dead, head back to the moogle at the save crystal; talk to him then continue one screen past him into the Ogir Yensa Sandsea and go up the ramp. Watch the cut sceen then head back to the save crystal screen. Watch the other cut scene here, then examine the Rogue Urutan Flower to get a bunch of eksir berries. When you are finished, head back to the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea.

You can chain the Urutan-Yensa easily enough, so you could do a little leveling up here, if you want. In my opinion, though, it's not one of the best places to do so. From the front of this level, you had an option to go north-west, west, or south-west. If you want to explore all the Zertinan Caverns, go everywhere. otherwise, head south-west. On platform 1 - south tanks, you'll find some treasure chests. If you are "fleeing" when you go there, you can avoid killing Alurane's and keep from losing a long-term chain - but if you are going to explore the caves, it kind of a moot point. When you're done here, head to the lower left corner of the screen to find a teleport/save/buy. Dyce can sell you stuff before you head to the Nam-Yensa Sandsea. Right in the center of the Augur Hill (The first screen to the left), you can get an Urn with a map of the Nam-Yensa Sandsea.

Chapter 15 - Nam-Yensa Sandsea

The next map left of the Ogir-Yensa, this area has a bit more diverse wildlife. BTW: You can fight Wyvern Lord (Rank II) at this time, if you didn't try it before. You can teleport back to Rabanastre and get new weapons/armor, if you want. Also, if you are going to be getting your 8th hunt, you'll want to buy some gysahl greens. When you get to the upper left corner of this map, you'll be given an option to save your game. I recommend a new slot. ;) You can get access to another entry point into the Zertinan caverns, but again, there isn't a lot you can do there, yet.

When you leave the area, you'll watch a bunch of cut scenes. Pay close attention. Heh. Now head into the open area there. About half way through, you'll be given more cut scene, then a fight. When fighting the Garuda, you'll be able to throw your Eksir Berries at it, and you can steal a golden needle. You can silence it, too. I recommend having Balthier use silent shot. He's a flying enemy, so use Bows and Guns. Or you can cast water at him. That did a pretty decent amount of damage. This battle was actually very easy for my guys, so I cannot really say if there's a strategy to it or not. After fighting the Garuda, you'll see the ancient device stir. Whee. You may now approach the temple, and save. ;)

Watch more cut scenes, then save. You can do the Wyvern Lord quest now, but I really recommend going and buying stuff from Dyce right now. He's got new Magicks, Weapons, and Armor. You need an Iron Hammer or two. :D If you do the Wyvern Lord quest, you'll open up a few more options to yourself, including more Marks - but you'll probably get yourself killed if you go after any of them. Just save your game outside the tomb of Raithwall and examine the ancient device right there...

Chapter 16 - The Tomb of Raithwall

So you'll watch the intro movie, and you're in. First things first - don't bother killing the first wall. What? OK, head forward and go down the stairs. Watch the scene. Just run to the end of the highway (and not find what you're looking for...), er the end of the bridge. You can come back and kill this guy later. If you've managed to clear out all the hunts you can do at this point (if you've killed off the White Mousse), you might be able to take this guy. If you *can* kill him now, you can get a VERY sweet sword (Demonsbane). It takes some doing, but it can be done. If you want to try it, see the "Deamon Wall: Part II" section of the Misc Side Quests area. Otherwise, run to the end of the line and open the door. On the other side, you'll face...

ANOTHER WALL! This one isn't nearly as tough, though. You can use the torches here to make the wall go slower. Starting where your guys appear...

  1. Halts the advance
  2. Don't know
  3. Halts the advance
  4. Halts the advance
I stole a "Solid Stone" from this guy. It didn't really take much to take this guy out. I used the torches to slow him down, but I'm not sure I really needed too. A few mist quickenings and he was toast. I chainted 4 quickenings for 4500 pts - that brought him down fairly quickly. When you beat him, continue past him to the next area. Watch some more cut sceneage, then you'll have to figure out the maze. From the cut scene, you should be able to see the Urn up ahead (well, 'down ahead' is probably more acurate). That's where you'll be able to get the full map.

There are also 3 Waystones here. The white one takes you back to the entrace to the tomb. The other two teleport you back here from other places. Take the stairs leading down on either side (I'll take the right). Be guided by your map, but don't forget to open any chests you find. You are trying to make your way into the center of the Northfall and Southfall Passages. There is a pedestal there you should examine. Touch the Jewels, and you'll make the alters descend. Once you have touched the second jewel, you'll drop the alter the rest of the way - go behind it and open the door at the end of the hall. Watch your friend slander you, and...

You're now in the next area to the left on your overhead map. Check it out. Explore each floor of this area separately - from top to bottom - you're lible to find a few odds and ends lying around. Say, your first elixir of the game. :D When you are ready to continue, head down to the bottom floor. Did you notice there were no enemies here? That's on purpose. It allowed your magicks to recharge. Do you have mist abilities (quickenings?) You probably should. Remember what Fran said about mist allowing powerful magicks? That works both ways - keep it in mind.

Meet Belias, the Gigas. Your first Esper. Steal a High Arcana (if you're totally lucky, otherwise you'll get an Aeris, er Aries Gem), then lay waste to him. For fun, try a bunch of chained quickenings - I got 10 Chain!!! He was gone pretty fast. You'll be awarded with an esper in a bottle. Er, crystal. Er, whatever that is. Anyway, after you watch a bunch of cut scenes, (don't bother healing Vossler if he's injured/killed/statused; he's not going to be around long enough to matter) open the chests (another elixir!), then head through the next door. Go down a very long stair case, and up another one (you can ignore the way stone for now). Watch more cut scenes and you'll get the Dawn Shard. There's nothing else here, so head back to the Way stone and teleport to the entry way, then take the other device and out. Unless you'd like to do that all over again, I suggest you save here. Finally, head down the stairs...

Chapter 17 - Back in Rabanstre again

You'll watch an absolute TON of cut scenes, and you'll eventually have control again. You'll be in a fairly high-end battle. You can steel a hi-potion from Vossler (or, if you're truely lucky, a black belt). Just take out the peons, and then go after him. It should be a fairly quick battle, followed by a bit of cut scene and explination. Watch the cut scenes from Archades. Did you like how you were subtley encouraged to do a little shopping? Heh heh. Let's see, things to do...

  • Go talk to Montblanc again. For killing off the Deamon Wall, the Society of Antiquaries will give you 600 Gil and a warp mote. Eurek will give you 2x Arcanae and 2x teleport stone for obtaining an esper.
  • Take on the "July in Nalbina" side quest (DO THIS!!!). After this, you can go into the mosphoran highwaste and get some really cool stuff. See the Misc Side Quests section. You can buy Golden Amulet for each of your guys in the Mosphoran Highwaste / Babbling Vale. These will give your guys LPx2. Yeah... Even that ones that aren't fighting! If you can pass he bombs in the Salikawood's Grand Bower, you can fight some Baknamy enemies just beyond. These guys have an incredibly rare drop of Diamond Armor, which is lightyears ahead of anything else you'll have at this point. I've only had it drop when I *wasn't* chaining them, BTW.
  • You can also start the Gil Snapper mark
  • You can pick up a slew of new Gambits
  • You can pick up new technicks
  • You can start two level II marks: Enkelados, Croakadile
  • Pick up Confuse, Gravity, Regen and Esuana magicks.
  • Buy some cool armor (Golden)
  • Buy some cool weapons (Sirius, Elfin Bow, etc)
  • Buy Smelling Salts. It's about time. Stock up, boys and girls.
  • Talk to Migelo
  • Head to Lowtown and talk to Dalan (Well, not really a great conversation, I guess - and DON'T OPEN THE CHEST).
Anyway, after you've had your fill, head to south gate and save your game, then go out onto the Giza Plains. There are new and harder enemies here. You can take care of a few optional side quests, or just level up a bit, if you want. I don't think this is one of the best places to level up, though. Head south to the Ozmone Plains.

Chapter 18 - Ozmone Plains

When you come south from the Giza Rains, you will watch a little cut sceen, then have an opportunity to wander around. Tip: If you run across a Garif Warrior out here, don't attack him. One screen south is an entrance into the Zertinan Caverns - but it's a little tough to go to just yet (No, really! My guys were level 33 and they could barely get through here even with their bubble gambits set.) There's a save crystal if you go southeast, east, east, you'll find a save point, but you probably don't need to go there just yet. While you CAN level up here, it's not the best place, yet. It'll be good in a bit, but wait until you've completed the Enklados Quest - that way you can double the license points earned (for one character, anyway). (Alternatively, see the "July in Nalbina misc side quest to get simple access to buy your Golden Amulets - the accesory that gives double LP). If you want to level up, though, you can head one screen east past that and head to the Golmore Jungle. If you do go to the Golmore Jungle, take the first left, then the first right. You'll find an Urn there, so you can fill out your map. Also, if you run across any snake creatures, be sure to steal from them! Only do it to fill out your map or levelup (the greensnake is an ok place to level up - at least until you run out of Wus). From the main entrance to this area, you'll want to go down 3 screens to get to the village. At the western edge of the Haulo Green, you'll find the entrance (Marked ???).

There are chocobo tracks at the eastern edge of the Haulo Green, and at the southeastern end of the Field of Light winds. When you get a chocobo, you'll want to come to these spots. When you first get to Jahara, you'll have a teleport/save crystal out front. Save. Now go a bit south and east and rent a chocobo. When you're on the chocobo, follow the wall on your right-hand side. There are foot prints on the far east edge of the Haulo Greens here. When you get to them, head off the screen.

Chapter 19 - Jahara - Land of the Garif

After you've saved your game, go talk to the Garif Warrior by the bridge to start the cut scene. You'll enter the city. Have a quick look around. Be sure to talk to everyone. High-chief Zayalu, just north of the bridge where you entered, will give you a Jaya stick. Be sure to give it to Supinelu when you see him. You can find war-chief Supinelu near the bridge to the east. Talk to him to gain passage. Head across the next bridge. When you cross, take the road heading off to the right first. Talk to the Garif there, especially Sugumu. Start the Enkelados quest. This hunt is worth it for the bounty alone. The Golden Amulet will double the license points you get from killing enenmies. You want this! (Of course, if you've been following along, you may already have a bunch, but still...) If you feel you can take on the Enkelados without help, go for it. If you would like help, however, just follow the plot and approach the two warriors directly opposite the bridge.

After you have completed the Enkelados quest, return for your prize (Don't forget to equip it NOW if you don't already have a bunch equipped!). If you didn't level up before, you can do so now. Head for the Mosphoran Highwaste, though - it's better to level-up there than around here. you can come back to Jahara and sell off all your loot to the trader. He's got some seriously good stuff, so don't forget to buy REALLY cool weapons!!! You can still purchase the Golden Amulets from the Caravan in the Mosphoran Highwaste. I recommend leveling up and doing all the Hunts you can do. The trader here will talk to you about monographs, but you SHOULD already know all about them. If not, go check out the monographs section and get them.

When you are ready to go on, head over the bridge and approach the two Garif Warriors who ask you to confirm you want to meet with the Great Chief. Confirm and watch the cut scenes - you'll learn a little bit here. Not enough to know what is going on, mind you - just enough to whet your appetite for more. Whew. That was a lot of cut scenes, wasn't it? You'll get Larsa, a Bowgun, and a quiver of Onion Bolts when you leave. Save first. If you wish to take a Chocobo, talk to the moogle. Otherwise, go to the Golmore Jungle. If you DO take a Chocobo, be sure to look at the Chocobo section to learn about a shortcut. ;)

If you like (and you haven't already done so), this is a great time to go a mark hunting. If you can get to the point where you have taken out 10 marks (you don't have to collect your reward for the gil snapper first!) you can purchase a Nihopaloa from the Muthru Bazaar. Get one, and spend the license points to get it enabled. It will make nearly every upcoming battle easier. The license is just below the upper-right corner of the license table

If you decide you are fit to handle the Necrohol of Nabudis, you'll find the Baknamy are somewhat difficult, and the Baknamy Merchant only has Ethers for sale at this time anyway. If you want a real challange, try to get the Esper Adrammelech.

Chapter 20 - Golmore Jungle

If you were following along above, you can see how to level up here. If you have NOT done the hunt/mark sidequests at this point, you really should. By way of comparison, I like to have completed all possible hunt side quests at this time. That generaly means my guys are around level 36, and THAT makes the upcoming battles quite a bit easier. Hopefully you picked up the golden amulets well before this section, but if not, you can get them later on. Head into golmore at the far eastern edge of the Osmone Plains. There's a save crystal just before the entrance, but your guys will walk into the area. You'll watch a bunch of cut scenes. Do you ever wonder how some of these Judges can see? I mean, Zagabraath has NO eye holes in front of his eyes. They're on TOP of his head. Is he some kind of frog-creature, or did the game designers take a bit of artistic license. Wait - I've got it! Maybe the *game designers* partook of too many frogs... Or, um, maybe not. I dunno. Sorry, I get carried away like that sometimes. Let's continue, shall we?

After the cut scenes, you'll be in the Sunlit Path (the area with the save crystal). You'll have to dismount if you wish to save, but otherwise you can pretty much pay things no mind, here. Head into the Golmore Jungle. If you haven't been here before, you'll be treated to the "new area" cut scene. If you do not have the full map, take the first left, then the first right, and open the Urn at the "T" junction. Then/otherwise, take whatever path you want and go as far east as you can. You may have to examine all the blocked walls, though. Eventually, you'll watch a cut scene, then you'll head to the Viera Village.

Follow the path in front of you to the ??? ahead. Welcome to the Eruyt Village. Save, then go and find Mjrn. You can buy a map from Lulucce (if you really need it), then talk to Tetran. You can sell/buy here. At the VERY least, buy Curaga and Float. If you have to teleport out and do some leveling up to be able to afford stuff, go ahead and do it - it's worth it for these magicks. You can start the Bhujerban Madhu side quest now. I'd recommend completing the Barheim Passage side quest now, though, to ensure you have enough Gil. If you do that, you can now visit the Mosphoran Highwaste and the Salikawood. Then, you can steal Screemroots and Malboro Fruits, which will put some really nice concoction packages in the Bazaar. If you leave the Mosphoran Highwaste via the lower southeast exit, you'll end up at Nalbina Fortress, but you won't be able to come back unless you buy a chocobo (well, see the July in Nalbina side quest). When you're done exploring the passage, head back here to the Eruyt Village.

Head into the village, and make your way along the path to the far North end of the village. Talk to Hala after the little discussion there (Salve Master). You'll learn that only one in posession of Lente's Tear may pass. Leave that area, and for that matter, the wood. In all fairness, though, I don't think it was that rude of Vaan to ask her age. If you *really* want to see rude, just look at how the village treated Vaan. I guess I think it's a fair question. The designers COULD have come up with a worse question to ask. Anyway, head back to the Golmore Jungle and return to the Ozmone Plain.

You can get to the Henne Mines via Chocobo. When you first get to the Osmone Plains, you'll be in the sunlit path with the Save Crystal. Talk to the Imperials there and give him a potion. When you can next come back by here (and they're gone), search this area for a note of thanks and 2xAlarm Clock. That was supposed to be ominous. We were attacked and barely made it out alive! Talk to him again, and ride his Chocobo. Take the WEST exit, ride forward maybe 2 or 3 seconds until you are out of the little canyon. Look immediately south (to the left of the black chocobos there). See those two trees? Ride between them to access the path leading away from this area (look for the chocobo tracks) to the Henne Mines. Head inside, and you'll auto-dismount. Nah, but you'll see some cut scenes that'll make you think you did. ;) Anyway, grab any chests in this area, then head inside the cave. After the cut sceen, head back.

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