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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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Throughout the game, you'll receive various espers as you beat things up. You can also gain espers through side-quests and/or exploring. When you get a certian ammount, Montblanc will also give you stuff:

4 espers: Eurek gives you 1xHigh Arcana, 2xTeleport Stones
8 espers: Eurek gives you 1xNugget of Gemsteel, 2x Teleport Stones

Adrammelech When: Ch 17
Where: Zertinan Caves
Steal: Pebble

Enter the Zertinan Caves from the Dalmasca Westersand. You'll first be in the "Invitation to Heresy." From there, head south to the Sandfalls, and attack a rock to the south to open your passage to the Hourglass Basin. The exit to the south will take you to a save crystal. Save, then go back to the Hourglass Basin, and take the western exit. You should now be in the Athroza Quicksands - where Adrammelech lives. Er, doesn't.

Need: Have haste/shell/protect/bubble - at least. I went in with my characters at level 40, and this was not a difficult battle. Niopalaoa/Remedy worked for Slow and Blind. Just be sure to take out the little nasties when they show up - otherwise you'll get nickel-and-dimed to death. Don't use lightning arrows, and don't cast water. I used Guns and Bows (parallel arrows). When he casts "perfect defense" or whatever it's called, you won't be able to attack him. Instead, concentrate on healing up, buffing up again, and getting rid of any lesser enemies. His thundaja attack is pretty nasty, but if you've got bubble and shell enabled, you should be able to withstand it. At least, if you are over level 35.

I did this battle on chapter 19, so I know it's possible there. My guys were at level 40 because I'd gone exploring in the Necrohol of Nabudis. While you are exploring the caves, you can take the north exit from the Athroza Quicksands and you'll end up in the southern part of The Balamka Fault. You can find an urn here with a full map. It's guarded by a trap, though, so cast float before you grab it! This should allow you to see where you can strike boulders and open secrete paths.

Exodus the Judge-Sal

I recommend you be level 50ish for this one. To acquire Exodus, teleport to the Mosphoran Highwaste. Getting to him is a little tricky, so I'm going to do it in list format here. Incidentally, if you run across "Dheed" here anywhere, be sure to steal a Mirage Vest. That + Cat-Ear Hood can take a sufficently high-level character and give them 99 Speed. ;)

  1. Buy/Find 10-15 Gysahl Greens
  2. Locate the "Shrine of the South Wind" and activate it.
  3. View the map to see where the Floatweed allows you to go.
  4. Go to the Northern wall here, and follow it east to Rays of Ashen Light. Find the Wayward Chocobo here; feed 'em a Gyshall Green.
  5. Ride the Chocobo South one screen, and follow the right wall - there should be a new path for you.
  6. Follow the path all the way west - you'll ride off the screen.
  7. On the next screen, go all the way west (you can't get very far to the North... Yet...) until you are foced to dismount to continue, and go down.
  8. Activate the Shrine of the West Wind, and examine the Weathered Rock at the northern end of this area to open up a path to the rest of the area here.
  9. Activate the Shrine of the Northwest Wind (Near the Caravaner and Learned Man), then save your game.
  10. Back-track to Skyreach Ridge (the West area past the Shrine of the West Wind), kill the vultures on this screen, prepare any buffs and you want BEFORE you leave this screen - you'll be prevented from using items during the upcoming battle - then take the path leading north to Empyrean Seat (it might not be obvious that's where it's going, just FYI.)

Useful gambits: Shell, Haste, Bravery, Bubble. Go for Protect before you head into battle, too. When/if his Paling is up, you can use Faith to make your black magick attacks more powerful. If you keep using dispel on him (to knock out reflect), he'll keep wasting his time casting it.

You can't use items here. Kill off the enemies leading up to this area, then buff up your characters mightily before going on to the next area. Equip your Thief's Cuffs and steal first (I got a libra gem and an elixir), then go after him. Don't bother with Nihopalaoa/Remedy (you cannot use items, remember?), but DO make sure you have at least one healer with curaja. Set a gambit of "Foe: Status=Reflect => Dispel" to make this easier - he'll spend a good portion of the time re-enabling the reflect spell that you keep removing. Be wary of Flare, it hits for 2000+ dmg. Scathe is worse, doing 3000+ dmg (actually, it may be half your HP - he did 4000+ on one guy). Try to keep your guys away from each other - distance weapons make this a bit easier.

When he gets down to about 25% health, he'll cast a Paling that makes him immune to physical damage. Cast Blizzaga/bio to keep him busy, and when the Paling falls, start attacking again. He also gets much harder to kill. Make sure you have your gambits set correctly (use cure/raise and not phoenix downs & potions, for example).

That's all there is to it; you now have a new Esper! Exodus, the Judge-Sal. Leave, and talk to the Learned Man. Return to the previous area if you want to fight an Ash Wyrm. When you're ready, return to the Babbling Vale and save.

Cuchulainn, the Impure

If you don't have Curaja, this will suck. Be sure to buy 3 black belts (you can get them from the merchant in the southern half of lowtown), then head to Rabanstre. Go to Lowtown and into the Garamsyth waterway via Storehouse No. 5, then into Central Waterway Control. Save. Let's go into list mode here.

  1. Start out with all the controls off.
  2. Activate (light-up) the two right-most controls (No. 3 Waterway Control and No. 10 Waterway Control)
  3. Head to the No. 3 Cloaca Spur and activate (close) the No. 1 South Waterway Control.
  4. Return to the Central Waterway Control and toggle all the switches (3 & 10 off, 4 & 11 on)
  5. Head to the No. 4 Cloaca Spur and activate (close) the No. 1 South Waterway Control.
  6. Return to the Central Waterway Control.
  7. Turn off 11, turn on 3, and save (the center two swtiches should be on now).
  8. Head strait south to the No. 1 Clocoa, buff up your guys, and head down into the water in the center.

You'll probably not believe me when you first hear this, but don't bother with bubble. He "inverts" your guys, so it's not really that useful. Plus, if your guys are busy bubbling up, then they won't do the important things: Heal, heal, heal, esuana, heal, and haste. Oh, and heal. ;) If you don't have Curaja, you may want to wait before going after this guy - he's pretty tough.

This battle starts out nasty. Equip SOMEONE with a blackbelt, to keep from having everyone disabled. Cast dispel, but don't bother with the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick - he's immune to everything. He'll summon several Foobar enemies, and they are ALL immune to warp motes (You CAN use the Nihopaloaa/Remedy trick on THEM, but you could also use area-effect Fire magicks). Do some high-level quickening chains on him I got a 10-chain that netted me Cataclysm. Kill off the Foobars first, then go after him. My guys were all level 55ish, and this was still a tough battle (since I didn't have enough black belts). Be SURE to keep your health up!!! It took a while, but I eventually got him with my guys around 55.

I opted for a set of gambits that included using items for death/health (Phoenix downs and Remedies), one character with a gambit for Ally: HP<40% -> Curaja, and serious smacking. Having Excalibur, the Zodiac Spear, and Save the Queen was really helpful!

If you beat him with Vaan using the Excalibur, he might sit on it. Heh, heh. Anyway, that's all for this guy. Oh, and don't forget to set your gambits back and swap in your Embroidered Tippets, too. ;) When he's gone, you may want to look around the area here - there might be some treasure chests. There were not any for me, though, so there may not BE any. I dunno. YMMV, etc.

Zalera - The Death Seraph When: Ch 21 (right...)
Where: Zertinan Caves
Steal: Pebble

The earliest I had success on this was in Chapter 23 when the levels for my characters were all in their 40s. The secret to this was getting Mirror Mail armor from the bird-type enemies in the Feywood "Walk of Dancing Shadow." That plus a Black Belt to prevent Disable on two characters, plus a Nishijin Belt on one was enough to make this work. I set a gambit to use a Phoenix Down on any Ally, a Remedy on any Ally, then to cast Cura on Ally with Reflect. I believe it's totally possible with levels in the low forties.

Teleport to the Barheim Passage to start this one. If you haven't got that option available to you, be sure to read up on the "Flower for the Wife" side quest. Go south one screen, then west all the way to Terminus No. 7 Adjunct. If you have it, Excalibur is your friend here. Holy damage absolutely SHREDS here. See the Giruvegan section. Save at the Terminus No. 7 Adjunct and buff up. This will be a timed battle, so be ready to unleash the hounds. Er, be sure you set your gambits to minimize time spent (e.g., use items instead of casting spells.)

Thief's Cuffs to steal (high arcana), and Nihopalaoa to Slow/Blind, and Dispel - but unequipe it immediately after use. You will want to resurect your guys as quickly as possible, and that means Phoenix Downs, which don't work if you have the Nihopalaoa equiped. This enemy starts off immune to some kinds of damage, but not to healing spells. If you don't have mirror mail, use Ruby Rings or cast reflectga (or use reflectga motes) on your party, and then set gambits to Curaja (or Cura if you don't have Curaja yet) on Ally with status=reflect. She may cast level 2 sleep, which can suck if your party are all the same even level, but it's worse if she casts prime level death and your party is all levels with prime numbers.

When you've defeated her, be sure to head WEST to get out. There's a secret exit here to the Garamsyth Waterway. Take that. If you have played with the Garamsyth Waterway Controls,, return and make your way back out (you may not be able to get all the way to Rabastre, depending on what you've done up until this point). If you HAVEN'T played with the controls, make your way around the south and west edge to get out. Save at the control area, and (optionally), try to get the "Dull Fragment" piece of the Medallion from the "Four Pieces of the Medallion" side quest.

Zeromus the Condemner

If you do not already have the Stone of the Condemner, go to Mt Buromisace and talk to the elder there right in front of the temple. After you have the Stone, head to the Stilshrine of Miriam. When you arrive, save and head into the shrine. Go to the Way Stone at the South edge of the Ward of Measure (that's the narthex) , and touch the device. When the Stone of the Condemner reacts to it, use the Stone of the Condemner. You'll be wisked away to goodness only knows where (actually, the map shows you exactly where). Be buffed up, and head south one screen.

Notes: You cannot use magic in this battle. Sucks, nee? Chain your Quickenings. I got a 10 chain and a 15 chain. With all my characters at level 55ish, I was barely able to take him out. Set your guys to use X-Potions and Phoenix downs, but don't forget to change back to Raise and Curaja after the battle! If you wait until you've made it to Archades before attempting this, you can buy 3x Pheasant Netsuke from the Stranded Merchant in Old Archades. These cause phoenix downs to recover full HP with use - that's REALLY useful!

If you want less of a challange, why not wait until you have the zodiac spear (see misc side quests)? Save up about 300,000 Gil or so, have the character with the zodiac spear attack the lowest HP enemies, and have the other two characters use gil toss on the foe with the highest max HP.

On a side note, did you notice how many bad guys spawned here? Leave and come back if you wanna fight a LOT of them. By the time you can beat Zeromus, you should be well able to use this area to level-up/get Gil and stuff. You can steal Dragon Mail if you use the Thief's Cuffs, which can be really powerful, depending on what level your guys are at. Just turn off gambits and touch the way stone 3 times. you sould be able to chain these guys about 45 per trip. When you've got 99 Blood Darkend Bones, go sell 'em off. This is a good way to get extra Gil to use with Gil Toss when you are going after Chaos. ;) It also has the added bonus of giving you extra Teleport Stones, which is always cool.

Another fun fact - you know those Reapers near the teleport stone? If you teleport 3 times, they respawn - allowing you to chain them. My first chain was at 6, then 15, then 23. I was able to do 3 teleports with 2 kills in around 60 seconds. I could also steal warp motes from the Reaper Mage. I was careful not to accidentally kill off a Redmaw, but alas, I received nothing. After a 40-chain I finally gave up. I was hoping they would drop something cool. Le Sigh.

Chaos, Walker of the Wheel

To prepare, get 3 ruby rings, at lest 3 good shields (Genji and Crystal), 99 X-Potions, 99 Phoenix Downs, 99 Remedys, 500,000 Gil. Don't forget, if you find the Helvinek en route, steal the magic lamp using the Thief's Cuffs. Check out the Misc. Side Quest "Four Pieces of the Medallion." If your guys are buff enough (I like to be level 60 or so), head to the Nabreus Deadlands and save at the Golden save crystal there. Head north and east and enter the Necrohol.

Head to the Hall of the Ivory Covenant and you examine the Door of Loathing, you'll be given the opportunity to use the Medalian of Love. This grants you acces to Fury. Using Nihopaloa/Remedy will hit him with Sap and Silence, but he'll probably give himself Protect, Shell, Bravery and Faith. Dispel that. You can steal Moondust and Braid Wool from him. Watch to see if your guys get Berserked - and be ready, he'll do it to himself, too. Eventually, he'll probably berserk himself, which should make it a very straightorward battle. I used my brand new zodiac spear (see misc. side quest area) and that made this pretty easy for guys around level 60). When you beat him, the game will tell you "The Lusterless Medalian Keens." You're half-way to the punch.

Next, journey to the Cloister of Distant Song. Use the Medal of Courage to open the Door of Horror, and begin the battle with Humbaba Mistant. Steal a Beastlord Hide from him, and use Dispel. Also, use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick to hit him with Slow, Silence, and Sap. I used the Zodiac Spear for this battle, and my guys were all at level 60. It wasn't really a challange. When you see him ready the attack Temblor, move your guys away from each other - it not only does major damage, but it also casts disable/etc on them. The map of the Necrohol of Nabudis will appear. Now that you've beaten both of these guys, you'll get the Medallion of Might! The next time you see Montblanc, the Fallen of Nabudis will send you 2100 Gil for the Humbaba, and 2100 for Fury. You'll also get an amphora of bacchus's wine. Heh heh. Now THAT'S irony.

Continue on to the Cloister of the Highborn (actually, you might want to leave and save at this point), then look for the path leading south to The Crucible. That's where you'll fight Chaos and his four swords. (I was able to steal a Taurus Gem.) Before opening the door, make sure you set your gambits as below.

  1. Enter the gambits menu and turn them all off for the 3 characters you will use
  2. Set priority 1 to ally: any => phoenix down
  3. Set priority 2 to ally: any => remedy
  4. Set priority 3 to ally: any => x-potion
  5. Set priority 4 to foe: lowest HP => gill-toss
  6. Equip Accessory: Ruby Ring on all characters
  7. Alternate Accessory Strategy: Pheasant Netsuke on all characters (works pretty well, actually!)
  8. Equip Shileds on all characters (you can't attack anyway)
  9. Make Sure at least ONE character has GIL-TOSS as the 2nd highest priority (I know, it's different than above; think about it).

Now then, dance around the outer parimeter (avoid his swords), keep your guys away from each other, and your guys should do the rest on their own. It wasn't a very hard battle, using the above process.

Killing him off will net you a new Esper Chaos, Walker of the Wheel. Reset your gambits, make your way back to the save crystal, and save!

Ultima, the High Seraph

Prep work: Take along about 250,000 Gil, and if you can find them, a Zodiac Spear, White Mask, and/or Sage Ring. Be at least level 58 or so.

Head back to Giruvegan and head inside. If you follow the east wall, you should find an urn now, which will allow you to get the full map. Find your way back to The Great Crystal - you'll start at Waypoint VIII.

  1. Take the center of the three paths, and teleport at Way Stone IX there.
  2. Take the only path you can; you will end up at Way Stone XX
  3. Take the 3rd path on the left (straight ahead from where you arrive) and go two screens in (kill off or warp all Mom Bomb enemies on the way; you don't want to encounter them during your timed run back!)
  4. Toggle the Stagitarius Switch, then (timed) run back to Waystone XX and go through Stagitarious Gate II (that's the one to your RIGHT when you get back to the Waystone).
  5. You will come to Waystone XII; take it to Way Stone XIV.
  6. The path in front of you should lead up - go up and toggle the Leo Gate Stone
  7. (Timed) Run back and take the other path.
  8. (Timed) on the next screen, take the only path available.
  9. (Timed) on the next screen, take the only path available.
  10. (Timed) on the NEXT screen, take the FIRST path on your left (NOT the one you took when going after excalibur).
  11. (Timed) On the next screen, take the only path, and touch the gate at the other end.
  12. Now you have to battle an ash wyrm; he shouldn't be TOO hard at this point.
  13. Once you beat the Ash Wyrm (I stole 800 gil!), take the first path on your right, and then continue to Way Stone XV.
  14. Take XV to XVI. There are 3 exits here - take the center one for now.
  15. On the next screen, toggle the Libra Gate Stone and (timed) run back to XVI and take the the path on your right.
  16. (Timed) Open the Gate Libra I FIRST, then battle the enemy! Take the newly opened path leading up.
  17. On the next screen are three exits - take the LEFT one.
  18. WAIT (don't toggle the gate yet!) On the next screen, take the left path. Get the treasure on the NEXT screen (you might get the Glimmering Robes), then return here.
  19. Toggle the Capricorn Gate Stone
  20. (Timed) Run back to Way Stone XVI, and this time take the final path (it'll be on your right as you enter the screen).
  21. (Timed) Open Gate Capricorn I
  22. Toggle the Virgo Gate Stone and (timed) run back to Way Stone XVI.
  23. (Timed) Take the center path (it'll be on your right)
  24. (Timed) On the next screen, take a left (ignore the Libra Gate Switch here).
  25. (Timed) On the next screen, Open Gate Virgo I FIRST (It's on your right as you enter the screen), then kill the enemies.
  26. Take the path leading down, and take a left on the next screen.
  27. If you've done everything right, you should be at Way Stone XVII; take it to Way Stone XVIII. Of note: This is one of the best places in here to hunt the Evil Spirit trophy game. See the trophy game section for more detail.
  28. There's only one way to go here, so take that route, buff your characters, and save your game.
  29. Take the middle route to fight Ultima

This is NOT an easy battle. If you really want, you can steal a Virgo Gem here. Dispel at first, and any time you see protect/shell enabled. During the course of the battle, the enemy will cause a BUNCH of weird fields. If you find that you cannot attack, try using Gil Toss. If you can't use magic, manually use items. Be aware of what you can and cannot do. Toward the end of the battle, you'll be able to do less and less damage to her - don't be afraid to switch your guys to Gil Toss only.

Congratulations, you've obtained the Esper Ultima, the High Seraph. And you deserve her, after all that - but you're not done just yet. Now to get out alive! Head back one screen and SAVE. There's another REALLY hard battle here, if you're interested. Look on the Misc Side Quests for Omega Mark XIII. Otherwise, take the path left from where you entered, and teleport via XIX - high-tale it out of here. You can TRY to fight all these guys around teleporter XIX if you want, but I don't recommend it.

You'll end up at Way Stone XX. Take the pathway to the Right of Gate Stagitarious I (the only gate left here, I think). You'll end up at Way Stone X, which will take you to IX, which takes you to XIII, which takes you off the crystal. Head back out the way you came in.

If this is Esper number 10 for you, you might try talking to Geomancer Yugelu in the Jahara/Lull of the Land.

Zodiark, Keeper of the Precepts

Getting to this guy is half the trouble. And if you've ever gotten to him, you know how bad that makes fighting him. :D Anyway, once you have 10 espers, talk to the Geomancer in Jahara, the village of the Garaf. He'll make sure the eastern part of the mine is opened up, and that will give you access to this area (Phase II Dig). Before you head in, make sure you've got at least 3 demon shields (or black masks) and at least one opal ring (two, if you can swing them!) You'll want your characters to be at levels that are not divisible by 2, 3, or 4 by the time you get to the boss battle, so level-up accordingly. Considering the toughness of this battle, you'l want to have your guys at a pretty high level. I'd recommend: 77, 79, 83, 85, 89, 91, 95, 97. Remember, there are accessories that keep you FROM gaining experience, too. ;)

Anyway, teleport to the Henne Mines, save, then go north one screen and east one screen to access the newly opened area. Watch for traps in this area - there are a LOT of them. A float gambit might save you some grief. As you head east, you'll come to a room where some bat enemies are fighting a dragon enemy. If you sit back in the distance, you can keep from losing your bat chain, but you DO want to get the Urn hidden in there. Chances are the bats will kill off the dragon, and you can come in after watching for a few moments. The Urn contains a Henne Candle. To keep up your chain (for level up purposes), you can wander around the whole Phase 2 Dig, and then head west through the Ore Separation to the North Entrance and then come back. This not only resets the enemies spawn (without clearing the chain), but also resets the treasure chest spawn. Be sure to equip a Diamond Armlet to your party leader before opening any chests - but don't forget to switch back to an embroidered tippet. I scored an elixir, a megalixir, thousands of Gil, etc.

Head all the way through the phase II dig, Crossover C, Pithead Junction, Phase 2 Shaft, Special Charter Shaft, and finally Special Charter Dig.

Special Charter Dig (Zodiark): Know how I always tell you to dispel on boss fights? Well don't do it here. I kid you not - I've died here at least a dozen times, and if there's one thing I've learned it's this: YOU CAN'T BEAT HIM IF YOU KEEP DISPELLING HIM!!! OK. Sorry to shout, but here's the deal - every time you cast dispel, he throws up a paling; it can be either magic OR physical. Set your battle speed down to the slowest level, equip all your guys with dark masks (or demon shields and one-handed weapons). Steal a Serpentarius. Keep your guys a little flexible. You want a weapon that will do holy damage at the START of battle, and swap out that weapon with one that has no element later (he changes his vulerabilities). Have your guys wail on him until you see a paling. If it's physical, that's your cue to use your opal ring (he's got reflect up and you better not dispel it, remember?) and scathe magic. If he throws up a paling for magical damage, hit him with your normal (non elemental) weapons.

Primary Prep: One character should be an attacker (and use phoenix downs, too), another should be equiped with an opal ring (ignore reflect) and set up as a magic thrower for holy spells - until you see he's no longer immune to holy; switch to scathe at that point. That guy should use phoenix downs, too. Your final character should be a healer. You know the drill - phoenix downs, curaja, remedy, etc.

Other Prep tricks: Try staring out with one guy you are willing to lose. Let him take the first Darkja, then swap him out with your real party. Set your battle speed to slow. Don't be afraid to use your megalixirs; this is a tough battle! Wait until you see him start to use Darkja BEFORE you use your quickening attacks. Remember, a Megalixir CAN be followed directly by a Mist-Chain Quickening. But if this #!@$ is protected against physical/magical damage, you're totally scewed regardless.

Final piece of advice: Be patient! If at first you don't succeed, try again! In all honesty, by the time your guys are buff enough to GET to him, you're probably buff enough to beat him.

If you've finally managed to get all 13 espers, head back to Rabanastre and talk to Montblanc. Eurek sends you 2x Serpentarius and 2x Teleport Stone with his complements!

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