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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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Chapters 11-20
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Chapters 31-40
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Chapters 31-40

Chapter 31: The Port at Balfonheim

After a multitude of cut scenes, talk to Rikken, Elza and Raz. Explore the town - especially the shops. You can buy new Techniks, Armor, Weapons, Spells, etc. Be sure to check out the Whitecap's Message Board for five new marks. As always, I recommend taking out the Marks before heading to the next area. You can start the Vyraal Mark hunt right here. There's a megalixir in one of the Port Villas (infrequently; you're more likely to see a regular elixir - consider saving and reloading until you get the megalixir, though). Near the Aerodrome, you can find a Fishing Enthusiast (that's his full name). Talk to him twice to ask about the Fishing Rod. Head down to where the Aerodrome entrance is and talk to people there, then come back. You should be able to get the Fishing Rod here. Head to the North-East area of this village to find a save point.

If you have the Flock of the feather, talk to the Miffed Moogle, then the chocobo wrangler (show her the feather of the flock), then the miffed moogle again, then gurdy. gurdy. You'll get a little bit of information from Moomer, then you'll get a Defender (really cool sword) from the Miffed Moogle. If you've still got money left, you can buy a map from the Cartogropher's Guild here, too. Anyway, save your game.

As usual, there are many things you can do before heading off to the Feywood (your next destination). Here are a few things to consider:

  1. As I said above, take out the five new Marks, and the two new Elite Marks (talk to Montblanc to start these).
  2. Complete the Cockatrice, Cockatrice everywhere side quest. This will take you may places. See Misc Side Quests Section.
  3. Finish the Four Pieces of the Medalion Side Quest, if you haven't already. See Misc Side Quests Section.
  4. During the Cockatrice, Cockatrice everywhere side quest, head back to Archades. While you are in Archades, Talk to the Docent in Tsenoble to enter Central (If you have a Sandalwood chop). While you are at the Highgarden Terrace, be sure to talk to the Hunt Club Owner. Now you can teleport to the Phone Coast (don't open the chests if you have still not retreived the Zodiac Spear) and talk to the Huntmaster to start the Trophies quest. He'll ask you to take down a Thalassinon. Head to the Vaddu Strand. The strand is one screen to the right (east). Go there, and head to the top of the long path along the north side. See the Trophies Section.
  5. Finish the Viera in Rabanastre side quest. See Misc Side Quests Section.
  6. Start Fishing! See Fishing Section.
  7. Begin Hunting Trophies - you can defeat 69 of the 80 total hunts! See Trophies Section.

Chapter 32: Cerobi Steppe

If you complete the Vyraal (Viera Wayfarer), take the Dragon Scale to the Wyrm Philosopher at Windmill 10 on The Northsward of the Cerobi Steppe; you'll get the Ageworn Key in return. Take that the the door you couldn't get past earlier (in the Sochen Cave Palace/Destiny's March). If you run into Aspidochelon on the way, be sure to steal a Nugget of Scarletite. See the Really Big Wyrm side quest.

Start the Vyraal quest first, then head here. You are trying to find a Ribbon, so be sure you do not open any treasure anywhere around here (that's a condition for the ribbon to appear). You will start off in the South Liavell Hills. Head to the northwest exit to the North Liavell hills. Continue North and West to the Terraced Bank. Many enemies here are NOT immune to STOP. If you have Stun Bombs - use them!

Head north to get to the Journey's Rest. Turn off your gambits (you read that right), Equip a Diamond Armlet to your party leader (if you have one), and save here, then head north one screen. You can get a VERY cool item here - a Ribbon. Head to the northeast corner of this map. There's a large boulder here, which shows up on your main map as a square. Behind that is a 50% chance that a chest will appear. If it does, there's a slim (5% without Diamond Armlet - 10% with) chance it will have a Ribbon. If it doesn't, quit (Start-Square) and restart from that save point. I find that this is a good time to use my TV's PnP feature. I can watch the Cotton Bowl on the main screen, and play the game in the small window.

To clarify - there are THREE boulders with chests that sometime show up. The one just up from the crystal is NOT the one you want. The one across the way and slightly left - with a trap behind it - is NOT the one you want either. The one straight up and right - the square up and right from the "strahl anchor" icon on your map (when you have access to the Strahl) IS THE ONE YOU WANT! It takes 55 to 65 seconds to do this each time. It took me about 2 hours to get my ribbon, but I wasn't sure which boulder I was looking behind. When I got the Ribbon, I started going straight there. After about an hour, I was able to get another one - but this required me to leave the area and return (presumably because finding the ribbon required me to open a chest in the Cerobi Steppe).

You can also start the Trophy Hunts. Head back to the Phon Coast hunter's camp for more information on this one. If you are tracking your progress against mine, here's my status when I left this chapter: All Characters at 50+, all Licenses Acquired (don't forget to switch off/Sell off your Golden Amulets!). I had a Save the Queen.

Chapter 33: Feywood

Teleport to the Golmore Jungle, and head southwest. Look around for the Binding Mantis, and be sure to steal from him while wearing the Thief's Cuffs. You'll earn a Tattered Garment for your trouble, which can be sold to unlock ... something. When you get to the Feywood, equip a float gambit, and head south. Follow the Westmost (that's the right side, if you are heading south) wall and you'll find the back door to the Henne Mines. You don't want to use this yet, but you'll want to know where it is. Keep heading south. There are a number of Gambits in treasure chests here, and the Urn can be found on the "Walk of Stolen Truths, though you don't really need to go that far east at this time.

When you get to the save point on the third screen down (antiquity's end), BUFF up your characters and save, then head south. You'll watch a brief cut scene, then you'll have access to the next area. Go south and prepare for battle with Rafflesia.

You're going to lose your magic fast, so use it at the get go. Cast Dispel, then do quickening chains (I got a 9-hit chain) for about 16,000 pts of dmg. Now swap out your guys and do it with the other ones! You can steal a Screamroot. As Rafflesia calls in Malboros, be sure to take them out. If you've gone after many of the Hunts, this shouldn't really be a challange for you. Go back and save when you are done. In the next area down (White Magick's Embrace), follow the left (east) wall. You should find a Feywood Candle in the southeast area. Montblanc will give you 1,800 Gil from the Garif for defeating Rafflesia, BTW.

Continue following the left wall until you reach Ice Field of Clearsight. When you get there, look at your (now complete) map. See the areas that look like the back of a Sand Dollar? There are four of them. Go to the one closest to you (upper right) and enter the Gazebo looking thing there [note to uber nerds: do not taunt the gazeebo or shoot arrows at it - it will not respond]. In the center of the structure, examine the Feywood Glyph there. When it says stuff, rotate the camera slowly - you'll notice that one of the exits from the structure will have a different view. Leave via that exit, and go to the structure it points to (for my game, it's the one to the upper left on the map). I found it easier to "flee" to the next one, then fight all the enemies that followed me - rather than trying to find it again after my guys running off after some enemy and rotating the screen. When you get there, repeat the examine and rotate process. Next I went down and left. Repeat. I went down and left and found the exit to the next area.

When you get to the next area (The Edge of Reason), repeat. This time, there are 5 structures. This time, follow the left wall and go to the structure straight down - you can't do anything with it yet, but along the left wall, you might find a chest. There's something cool in that chest. Anyway, head to the structure in the center of the area. That will point you to the upper left. That points you down. The next one will point you down and left AGAIN. Go to the doorway down there. It will tell you that you have to have the "Gigas" to get through. That's Belias, the Gigas - the esper you obtained in the Tomb of Raithwall. Just summon Belias (if you haven't "acquired" his license yet, now is the time to do it), and you'll be able to touch the door and go through. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to figure that out the first time. Welcome to...

Chapter 34: The Ancient City of Giruvegan

There is a save crystal up ahead and to the left. Save there to enable teleporting. Go buy more phoenix downs or whatever - if you need to. There are no new hunts at this time. Like I said before, though, you can get 1800 Gil from Montblanc for defeating Rafflesia (from the Garif). When you are ready, save and head west (it's pretty much the only direction you can go), then touch the Way Stone.

Continue west and you'll run into a cut scene, then you'll be forced to fight Daedalus. If your guys are lucky, you can steal a nugget of damascus steel from him. If you're not that lucky, You can steal a Dark Crystal. Nihopalaoa/Remedy, then dispel if he's buffed up. If you've been doing any hunting at all, this guy should really be a walk in the park. I didn't even need the Nihopalaoa. Once he's gone, you'll get access to a new way stone. Touch that to head to the next area. Incidentally, Montblanc will give you 1,900 Gil. From himself, apparently.

Once here, you'll find yourself inside a real maze of a place. This first section is called The Trimahla Water-Steps. I have no idea why. XD Wind your way through the maze toward the far south west corner of the map. You'll have to toggle two switches to get there - both accessible if you simply go south from the main entrance. If you run across mythril golem enemies, be sure to try to steal a nugget of Mythril from them - that's useful to have later on. At the very bottom is a little green trail you can take that appears to span nothing (you may have to step out into thin air to make it show up). Take that to the next area.

You should now be in The Aadha Water-Steps. I still don't know why it's named that. The golems here guard either pathways or switches - there is an elixir in a treasure just sitting in the middle of one of the pathways here, and a white fang in another. Flip all three switches (you will have to back-track at one point) and take the pathway at the bottom (you actually have to step on it to make it show up). This will take you to the third screen (and start a cut-scene).

There's basically only one thing you can do at this point - open Bulwark Chronos. See the shiny save point? USE the shiny save point! I'm guessing you've probably leveled everyone one up at least twice, so it's a good place to save. :D My guys are all level 52+ now. Well, at least onc time it was. Another time (while going for all hunts and trophies) I was at 80+ for all. Open Bulwark Hemera. Expect Kenshin to show up. No, wait. That's Himura. Never mind. Anyway, go through that door, and up the ramp to your left (it's kinda hard to see. Turn right, and go HALFWAY to the end of the walkway. That's right. Turn slightly right and step out onto nothing again. Walk until you face a dragon (cut scene).

Meet Tyrant. Steal from him! Just kidding. You can't use any technicks in this battle. Just dispel and then hammer him. Watch out for his Piercing Graviga attack. If you see him readying that, be ready with some curaja. Nihopalaoa/Remedy will confuse him. Use that if you need a breather in the middle of the battle. Be sure to disable gambits first, though. When you finally take him down, you'll have the ability to use a new way stone. Go back and save if you want/need to, then use the Way Stone to enter The Great Crystal. If you are paying attention the Trophy game side quests, keep an eye out for the Evil Spirit enemy. Also, you may see a hidden enemy (nearly - but not entirely - invisible) floating around down here. That's a reeper. By casting reflect on an ally, then fire, you can force them to become visible. You can steal a book of Orgain Cent from them. Incidentally, Montblanc will give you 1,900 gil for taking down the Tyrant. This one is also from himself, apparently.

This area can be somewhat confusing, so I'm including area details below. Here are the directions you'll need to follow, refer to the area details for more information:

  1. Start at A Prama Vikaari - face the blocked path (Gate Scorpio) and call that "north." Gate Scorpio can only be opened when you have the Treaty Blade, so let's ignore it for now.
  2. Go West to Kabonii Jilaam Pratii'vaa (the other way is for a return trip)
  3. Get treasure (if there - it could be an elixir or a Black Mask (absorbs dark attacks!) - you may need to use float if it's trapped) and then take South exit (not the one you came in from) to Kabonii Jilaam Avaa
  4. Take the West path (Not the one you came in on) to Dha Vikaari Bhrum
  5. There shouldn't be any new exits from this platform, so take Way Stone VII (To A Vikaari Kabonii)
  6. Take Southeast path (assuming you are facing the waystone with your back to the exits; if you are facing the exits, it's the one on the left) to Sthaana Cancer and flip the cancer gate stone switch.
  7. Take West path (that's the one you DID NOT come in on) to Ghrum Pis Avaa and get treasure (if there - it might be a white robes)
  8. Take North path (not the one you came in on) and you should end up back to A Vikaari Kabonii, having made a complete circuit.
  9. Take Southwest path (if you are facing the exits, that's the one on the far right) to Bhrum Pis Pratii.
  10. Continue straight along the Southwest path to Dha Vikaari Trahk and Waystone V.
  11. As with all waystones down here, be on the lookout for an invisible figure that's floating around - that's a hidden reaper. If you equip a reflect thing and cast fire at yourself, it will make him visible to your charcters. When ready, take Waystone V to A Vikaari Bhrum.
  12. You should see Waystone IV on this platform. Assuming north is the direction your camera is facing when you teleport in, head east (opposite path blocked by Gate Pisces) from A Vikaari Bhrum to Trahk Jilaam Praa'dii.
  13. From Trahk Jilaam Praa'dii, grab the treasure if there (it might be a Holy Lance), then continue east (that's the path you didn't come in on) to Sthaana Aries.
  14. Approaching the Aries Gate Stone Switch may cause Necrophobe's to show up. Kill them off, then touch the switch and backtrack two screens to Waystone IV at A Vikaari Bhrum - where you teleported to.
  15. Gate Pisces is still probably blocking your path. Now take the Southeast path (the path you didn't come in on) to Trahk Pis Praa, then take the west exit (the one you didn't come in on) to Sthaana Pisces. Kill the enemies here, then toggle the Pisces Gate Stone Switch.
  16. Take the North path (not the one you came in on) to Dha Vikaari Jula.
  17. You should see Waystone III here. Use it (the other path just takes you back to the place you started - sans the original Gate Pisces blocking the western path.)
  18. You are now in the Crystal Core near Waystone II. Watch the cut scene, go down the ramp, save your game, and take Waystone I to Giruvegan's Gate of Wind.

Now that we've left The Great Crystal, go south and open Bulwark Minas. Let's fight Shemhazai, shall we? Nihopalaoa will cause immobalize, freeing you up to attack at a distance at your leasure. I was only able to steal a Stagearious Gem from him. When you're done, you'll have yourself a merry little esper, "Shemhazai The Wisperer." Given the number of enemies I've fought up until now (with the trophy hunts, mark hunts, side quests, and esper hunts, this was a pathetically easy fight.

Head South and open the next doorway here. You should see Bulwark Aeon. Open that and head to the Empyrean Way Stone in the sub-level. Read the inscription, then touch the device and watch the cut scenes. You'll end up with the Treaty-Blade.

Optional: Get Excalibur (but you want it, really!) Now that you ARE the chosen (i.e., you have the Treaty Blade), head all the way back to the Scorpio Gate. Pretty much you're taking the only paths you can, except from Way Stone III - take the left-most path from there. Basically, you are going either past or through all the way stones in ascending order (i.e., you'll take all the even-numbered way stones, which will teleport you to all the odd-numbered ones.) Once you get back to way stone VIII, go past it (and past Gate Scorpio, which is still blocking the path to the North) to Sthaana Scorpio and the Scorpio Gate Stone, which will wake to the Treaty-Blade and allow you to open it.
  1. The path that was blocked before is now only (randomly) guarded by a Reaper. Take him out and take the path to A Vikaari Dhebon.
  2. Go up the path to Way Stone IX, and take it to Waystone X at Dha Vikaari Kabonii.
  3. Go up the path to A Vikaari Kanbhru Ra.
  4. On the platform here (with waystone XX), you'll see two closed gates, Gate Sagittarius I and II. Remember this. If you are following the Trophy game side quests, check out the Crystal Knight trophy game. In addition to the path from Waystone X, there are two paths leading up, and one leading down here. You want the one that goes down (it's exactly opposite how you got here) to Dhebon Jilaam Pratii'dii..
  5. Warp mote a BUNCH of bombs, then continue on to Sthaana Sagittarius..
  6. Kill off more bombs, then get ready: Flip the switch and RUN back the way you came - go through Gate II (on the right). You might want to ignore the enemies here if you are running short on time. The exception is if you see the Crystal Knight. If you do, touch Gate II before the timer runs out, but don't leave the screen if you want the Skull Trophy (See the Trophies section).
  7. You should find yourself at A Vikaari Sirhru Pratii with Way Stone XII on the platform; use the Way Stone to Dha Vikaari Dhebon Pratii.
  8. There are 2 paths here - 1 going up and 1 going down. Take the one going up.
  9. Use Warp Motes, or kill them normally, then flip the switch here - but be ready to run back (another timed thing)!
  10. Once you flip the switch, go back the way you came, and this time take the path leading DOWN.
  11. On the next platform (Sirhru Phrllam Udiipratii), go the only way you can.
  12. Likewise on the next (Sirhru Jilaam Pratii' dii).
  13. On the next screen (Sirhru Jilaam Pratii), there will be two paths - one going up and one going down - take the one going down.
  14. On the next screen (Sirhru Jilaam Pratii'vaa), you'll go down to a platform with a trap in the middle. Cast float, then open the chest - twice.
  15. If the chest does not have an excalibur, retreat 4 screens (back to Dha Vikaari Dhebon Pratii) to respawn the chest, and try again. Repeat as needed.
  16. Head back the way you came until you get to a Way Stone (I think it's XIV) - take it to Waystone XII at A Vikaari Sirhru Pratii. Take the only exit from this platform.
  17. You should now come to Way Stone XX - take the 2nd right from here (to Dha Vikaari Kabonii); you're continuing back the way you came in.
  18. Take waystone X (in Dha Vikaari Kabonii) to A Vikaari Dhebon. Take the only exit from here (to A Prama Vikaari.)
  19. From the next screen, you'll turn right and follow the path you took to get out the first time.
  20. Basically, that's any paths or way stones you come to, until you have a choice.
  21. The first choice, take the Right one (out of three options). The 2nd choice, take the one behind you (through what looks like wings).
  22. Touch the Way Stone that took Ash to see the creepy guys.
It's time to go see Reddas again. Head back to Banfonheim.

Chapter 35: Back to Balfonheim.

It's time to head back to Balfonheim. If you's like, take a side trip through Rabastre and pick up the new Gambits. There are no new hunts, but Montblanc will give you 1,900 Gil for killing off the Daedalus. For the Tyrant, you'll also get 1,900 Gil. If you picked up your 8th esper, you'll get a Nugget of Gemsteel and 2 Teleport Stones from Eurek. You might also want to go after the Earth Tyrant, if you haven't already. You can also buy a Golden Axe from the Unlucky Merchant in Dalmasca's Eastersand. If you don't have one yet, be sure to pick up a Diamond Armlet, too. In the Dalmasca Westersand, you can buy an Agate Ring and a Gungnir from Lohen; you probably wont have much use for the gungir this late in the game, though. From either Street Vedor in Bhujerba, you can buy a Turtleshell Choker and a Sweep (pole weapon).

If you hit up the Baknamy Merchant in the Necrohol, you can now buy a Magepower Shishak, a Maximillian, a Demon Shield (absorb Dark Magick!), a Ring of Renewal, and the very popular Telekinesis Technick.

I would also use this time to get a few more espers under your belt. If you don't already have them, go after Exodus, Cuchulainn, Zalera, Zeromus, Chaos, Ultima, Zodiark. In that order. ;) 'Course, you're probably not strong enough to go after Zodiark, I would guess. If you're over 75 for enough of your guys, talk to Geomancer Yugelu in Jahara to get access to Zodiark. Oh, you can ONLY do that if you have at LEAST 10 espers. That means you have to have Belias, Exodus, Chaos, Cuchulainn, Zalera, Shemhazai, Zeromus, Adrammelech, Ultima, and Mateus. See the Espers area for more information. When you've had your fill, head back to Balfonheim.

When you get to Balfonheim, pick up Arise, Esunaga, Shellga, Protectga, Darkga, and Wither (that last one is a technick, the rest are Magicks). Head to the far west and talk the Manse Watch. Enter the Manse and watch the cut scenes, then you'll get Reddas again - as a guest. Better than nothing. The Strahl will be able to fly in Jagd after this, too. Congradulations - you've got an airship. Talk to Rikken a few times to start a mini-game. See the "Running in Balfonheim" in the Misc Side Quest section.

On your way out of town, hit the message board. Now that you've got Reddas again, there are 6 new hunts.

Chapter 36: To The Ridorana Cataract

Now that we have a bunch of hunts, and a new dude, let's go use them all, shall we? Take on all the hunts before you go and lose Reddas. Also, you might wanna try and take on the Hell Wyrm now, too. That extra guy is VERY powerful indeed (Montblanc will give you 50,000 Gil for it, too!) Also, if you don't have a ribbon, you might wanna go for one now.

Head to the Aerodrome and find the counter marked "Private Airships" there. Board the Strahl and head to the Ridorana Cateract in the Jagd Naloda region (it's on the far right of your map). Pretty much no matter WHERE you are on the world map, just hold "right" on the control pad and you'll find it. You'll watch a quick (but cool) cut-scene, and then you'll be ready to go. There's a Save Crystal up ahead - use it!

Take the east exit, then take the south one - you should now be in the Colosseum. Be sure you have float enabled - there are a LOT of traps around the Cataract. Now then, follow the left wall and you should find the Urn before you get to the next area. :D Congrats on your new map. ;) There are lots of chests in this area, and no real enemies - yet. Leave this area via the Northern path. If you encounter a pallicant here, be sure to check out the Trophies section for instructions. Continue east (stay floated!) and save at the save crystal along the Path of Hidden Blessing. Head east to...

Chapter 37: The Pharos at Ridorana

You'll come here from the Cataract, and you'll approach the entry, only to find a very nasty enemy in your way. Meet Hydro. Immediately dispel his haste, and use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick on him. This hits him with Slow, Oil, and Confuse - which is great except that Reddas will just wake him up by smacking him! Firaga and Reflect will hit him for MASSIVE damage, and you should be able to mop the floor with this guy. Remeber, though, you cannot run from this battle - so having saved on the previous screen is a good thing. Montblanc will give you 2,000 Gil from Clan Buckaboo.

Don't bother heading back to see if there are any cool weapons, etc you can get - there aren't NEW opportunities (of course, if you've missed some...) :( Just head inside - go to the large door. Welcome to the Pharos: First Ascent. The monsters on this level will occasionally become glowing blue dots. Touch those to acquire the Black orbs. Place the Black Orbs into the Statues along the bottom. You can find an Urn in the lower center long walkway of the Wellspring Labrynth on the first map (you'll have to wind your way through the right-hand area.

Get as many black orbs as you can - you'll use a Black Orb on each of the three Alters of Night (all three are right next to the center waterfall thing - but two only accessable via the outer areas. When you break the third seal, you'll need to head to the far right of this level - to the Blackrock Vault. You're getting more than three, however, and you'll use them later on. Anyway, once you get to the Threshhold of Night, examine the door.

You'll first enter the "Dunes of Profaning Wind." Follow the pathway leading up and to your right. If you find yourself being blown back to the starting point, don't walk right there next time. Heh. Just follow the right-hand wall and you'll come to a large rock in the back ground that eventually becomes Pandamonium (a boss). I tried to dispel, but he was immune. Weird. Anyway, you can get him Silenced and Oiled via the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick (remember to use L1 to target enemies, not friends). I couldn't find anything to hurt him while he was under the effects of "Perfect Defense" (Immunity to physical attacks), so I just had to wait him out. Eventually, that magic field will falter, and you'll be able to go after him again.

Now that the magicks binding the waystone are gone, head back to the entrance, and save. You can still get black orbs along the way, and I recommend doing so. I guess you can teleport to Rabanastre if you need the money for beating the Hydro (talk to Montblank), but unless you need to go shopping, it's probably not the best option at this point. Just wait until you are done here - you'll get cooler stuff then anyway. When you're ready, head to the waystone and make your way to...

Chapter 38: The Pharos/Second Ascent

When you get to the 2nd ascent, you'll see two green doors. Take either door, and read the pillar outside. "Tongue of Stone's Green flame your way bespeaks. Tongue once silence, to stone again returns, its muted form a bridge for you to tread." Basically, this is telling you to kill off all the green Brainpans. Look at the map here and take a quick jaunt to the north west point on your sceeen. There's a "Fool's Facade" here. Examine it to break through. You can't do anything here yet (wel, there's a random chance you'll get a treasure), but you should know that there are places you can break through. There are lots of levels, bridges, and green Brainpan enemies. Consult the list below to see what needs killing, and where the bridges are. Basically, the number of columns near the bridge pieces tells you how many pieces you'll need overall. Don't kill off the RED Brainpans, though, as they'll SUBTRACT a bridge piece. Don't just walk past them (Reddas will kill them), FLEE past them!

10th/11th (Depending on if you are going up, or coming down - game bug) Floor: 2x Brain Pan, 2x Bridge Pieces.

14th Floor: 1xBrainpan, 3xBridge pieces. Turn right and ascend THOSE stairs to kill 2xBrainpans.

20th Floor: 2xBrainpan, 1xColumn, 1xFool's Facade: Yields Random Treasure (black robes!).

21st Floor: 1xBrainpan

23rd Floor: 1xFool's Fascade: Yields Random Treasure (above).

24th Floor: 1xFool's Fascade: Yields Random Treasure.

25th Floor: 3xBrainpan. 6xBridge pieces. 4xBridge Pieces: Yields (Diamond Bracelet): Holy Rod

29th Floor: 2x Brainpan.

30th Floor: 2x Brainpan.

31st Floor: 2x Brainpan, 1xRED Brainpan. 1xFool's Facade: Yields Treasure.

32nd Floor: 1x Brainpan, 1xRED Brainpan.

34th Floor: 3x Brainpan (Disapear/Reapearing).

35th Floor: 2x Brainpan (Disapear/Reapearing), 1xRED Brainpan, 10xBridge Pieces, 3xBridge Pieces (later): Yields: Fool's Facade: Yields: 4xBridge Pieces (Deidars): Yiels (w/ Diamond Bracelet): Muramasa! and (pre Deidar bridge): Random Treasure: Dueling Mask

36th Floor: 2x Brainpan, 1xRED Brainpan (trigger: 35).

38th FLoor: 2x RED Brainpan (trigger 35).

40th Floor: 2x Brainpan, 1xRED brainpan (trigger: 35).

41st Floor: 1x RED Brainpan.

42nd Floor: 1x Brainpan.

44th Floor: 1x Brainpan, 1x RED Brainpan.

46th Floor: 1x Brainpan, 1x Column, 1x Fool's Facade: Yields Nothing.

47th Floor: 1x Brainpan, 3x Bridgepieces.

When you get to the 50th floor, you can turn around and go all the way back down - killing all the RED Brainpans (Deidar's, technically). If you do, you'll get access to those hidden areas you couldn't get to before. You may have to make a couple of trips, though. Picture-In-Picture is your friend!

At the top of the 50th floor, you'll enter Horizon's Break. Use the save crystal here! In the southwest corner of this area is your exit. Take the Ancient Door to Horizon's Cusp. Buff up, then head through the door to fight Slyt. Steal a Yensa Scale/Pisces Gem, then hit him with Dispel/Nihopaloa/Remedy for a pretty easy fight.

After the battle with Slyt, head east and take the Waystone to the 2nd Ascent.

Chapter 39: Second Ascent: Reach of Diamond Law

Basically, you're going to have to chose to give up something. Find the save crystal and save, then head to the southeast. You could chose any, I guess, but you have to give up something. To the Northeast, you'll be giving up items. To the Northwest, you'll be giving up Attack. To the Southwest, you'll have to give up Magick. I recommed the Southeast, as you are only giving up the mini-map. So go there, then enter the room and head up the stairs.

The exit for the next level (Station of Banishment) is up some stairs in the southwest (lower left of the main map) and/or the northwest (upper right). When you get to the Station of Suffering, head to the upper-left corner of the main map. You can find a URN here. In the lower-left corner of the map is a Fool's Facade. In the lower-right is the exit to the next area.

The 63rd Floor is the Station of Ascent. Again, the lower-left has a Fool's Facade. The exit to the Reach of the Damned is in the upper-left corner of your main map. Head there.

When you reach this level (Floor 64), you'll find another save point. Partake, then head to the next floor via the stairway in the lower left. When you get to the door in the middle of Floor 65, buff up and then open it. Reading the inscription alludes to the fact that you won't be able to use items. That's not actually true. Anyway, Dispel and attack. This shouldn't be a really tough battle at this point. Continue on and open the pink door.

When you get to the next area, find the appropriate alter and touch it. In my case, it was Knowledge. Once you do that, go west and read the pillars to learn how to use the elevator. Get on and head to 67, save, then touch the Waystone. Welcome to...

Chapter 40: Third Ascent: Mete of Dynasty

You are now on the 80th floor, and this is a little tricky. You're looking for Black, Green, Red, Yellow (in that order). Go up to the platform and touch the Black Sigil.

When you arrive at the next point, go forward (east) all the way to the wall, then turn south a little - there's a Fool's facade here. Destry that. Inside is a trap to the north. Cast float and grab the Dragon Whisker out of the chest hidden by the trap. Once you get that, touch the Green Sigil here.

You'll be teleported to the upper right corner of the map. Take the right path to another Fool's Facade. Break it, then another. Ascend to the platform there, and touch the Red Sigil.

In the next area, grab the Circlet in the Treasure chest, then touch the Sigil that matches the color of the sacrifice you made during the ascent (Pinkish for me, since I sacrificed the map. Yellow if you gave up items (wealth), White if you were REALLY brave and gave up weapons, and Purpleish-blue if you opted to give up magicks.) If you end up at the beginning of the previous area, you've chosen the wrong sacrifice!

You should now be in the upper left area. Strait ahead is a column telling you to chose the Waystone with no color. Anyway, strait north from the location you entered is antoher Fool's Facade. Strike it and use this waystone to get to the end. You'll be fighting an enemy called "tower" here, so be ready. Be sure to equip your Theif's Cuffs and steal a Nugget of Einherjarium. Dispel and attack like normal - he shouldn't be that tough. Watch your health, or better yet have a Gambit for Ally: Health < 50% => Curaja.

Buff up - use float too, (you'll regret it if you dont!), then ride the elevator to floor 90. Steal a Leo Stone and a Hi Potion, Dispel his protect, and use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick to hit him with oil. Now just fireaga him. Don't use your Excalibur duing this battle - he's immune to holy damage. Quakeja will NOT hit any ally that's floating. You're welcome. ;) Congradulations, you've acquired the Esper Hashmal, Bringer of Order. Equip your new esper, if you want, then head up - all the way to the 98th Floor - save at the save crystal. Head the rest of the way up and touch the Waystone. After, what, a thousand cut scenes, it's time to fight again.

You can steal a potion from Gabranth, but what's the point? Just Dispel, Nihopalaoa/Remedy and go after him. Silence and Oil suggest you might want to use Fire, yes? Wow. Two Firaga and he's down to his next form. Steal another potion/hi-potion, and repeat. He goes down pretty easily. Now you get to fight Cid again. Steal a hi-potion and/or a Magepower Shishak, cast Dispel, use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick, and go to town on him. When he gets to about half way, he'll call Famfrit. Steal an Elixir from Famfrit, then waste him. Be sure you're not using Excalibur, by the way. Cid will become immune to Physical and Magickal damage. Go after Famfrit at this time. When you kill him off, you can go after Cid again. If you can dodge his main attacks, you should be able to take him out before too long. You'll get the Esper Famfrit the Darkening Cloud for your trouble. Hey! I've got a great idea! Let's save some money by not rendering what happens next... Oh never mind. Check out chapters 41+ to continue.

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