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Carbon Ocelot's Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

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Miscellaneous Side Quests

Ch 01 & Ch 02: Stranded Merchant
When you have your writ of transit papers, head to the fountan area in the middle of the city and talk to the Desert Merchant there. He'll give you somethingthat you'll give to the Hapless Merchant who is stranded outside the eastersand entrance.

Ch 03, 17: Flower for the Wife
When you've given beaten the flowering cactaur from the Marks area, be sure to take the flower to Dantro's Wife in Dalmasca's Eastersand South Bank Village. You'll receive a Bundle of Needles. She'll ask you to bring her some Semclam Shells. You can find two along the banks here in the town, and you can pick up 3 more at the water's edge just outside the village. Next, she'll ask for some Nebralim, which Dantro took with him when he left for the outpost. Head there and get it from him, then bring it back here. You'll next be asked to retrieve some Valeblossom Dew from the cliffs along the Broken Sands. That's at the very top of the screen here, so you wont be able to do it on Ch 03.

Well, when chapter 17 rolls around, you can now do more here. For starters, you can now get the Valeblossom dew. Go and talk to the people in the South Bank Village. If the boat isn't there, see the "July in Nalbina" side quest. If it IS there, talk to the boy and head across the river. Watch the cut scenes. Talk to Ruksel to watch a really weird scene. Guess which cactoid is Dran? LOL! You hunted him!!! When you get back, talk to Dantro's Wife. She'll tell you she boiled the flower and threw it away behind her house. Save, then search there. You'll get the flowering Cactoid back, and you can return him across the river. Return to Tchigri and he'll take you BACK across the river.

Go talk to the large (Matriarc) cactoid, and watch the cut scene. And another, etc. You'll get 1000 Gil and a pouch of Wyrmfire shot. Now that you have acess to the north bank village, talk to the cartographer's guild dude and get a map for the mosphoran highwaste. Anyway, you can now continue north. If you can keep your guys from beating up the Dive Talons and the Saurus guys, you can chain-level-up on the Vogons. Er, I mean, the Worgens. When you get to the Broken sands, veer slightly off to the right, and head up - following the ledge there. You'll come to a "Mysterious Glint" near one of the large collections of pink flowers. That's the Drop of Valeblossom Dew that Dantro's Wife needs.

If you are brave, a bit further north is the Mosphoran Highwaste, and beyond that the Salikawood. Anyway, take the Valeblossom Dew back and give it to Dantro's Wife in the southbank village. If you have the Great Serpentskin when you come, you can give it to her to speed the process. Leave the village and come right back. Talk to Dantro's Wife, then head around back and talk to the Recovering Traveler. You'll receive the Barheim Key by way of thanks. You'll also get a pair of Magick Gloves.

Once you have the passage key, leave the village and head back out into the eastersand. You'll be in the Banks of the Nebra. Go to the far east (right on your map) and you'll find a locked door. Talk to the Bandit Chief there (she'll tell you to look past Terminus No. 7), and use the Barheim Key on the door. You'll find yourself back in the Barheim Passage, but this time with a Golden Save Crystal.

Ch 08, 14, 25: A Viera in Rabanastre
On the stairs to the bazaar in Rabanastre is a Viera woman. You can be nice or mean (keep reading). Talk to her until she repeats herself - do that any time you pass though Rabanastre, (always be sure to talk to her). You'll learn a bit more about the Viera, and it will explain a bit of the plot. After your visit to Archades, talk to her again. If you were nice all along, be sure to find her in Migelo's Sundries to get a free Fuzzy Miter. If you have been mean, you'll find her in Clan Hall and get a Platinum Sword.

Ch 11: A diary
After completing the Rocktoise hunt, be sure to talk to Pilika twice to start another side quest. He'll tell you he left his diary on the 2nd floor of Clio's Technicks. Go and get it (you'll automatically wear the Merchant's Armband to get in). The diary is on top of a barrel. Return it for a Kilmweave shirt if you've read it, and a Sheperd's Bolero if you didn't (or said you didn't).

Ch 14: Sandsea Moogle

When you make it to the blue save crystal at The Sandscale Bank, save your game, then talk to the Moogle. Follow the Urutan-Yensa guy to the Urutan-Yensa Sea (two screens left) and go find the large battle there. Kill off the Urutan Eater there. You can steal a Tutle Shell from him. No kidding? Huh. All in all, it's not a very tough fight. You'll get a bunch of LP from the fight. Head back to the moogle and talk to him. He'll tell you to go back to the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea (One screen to the right). Head there and go up the stairs. Watch the cut scene, then head back to the save point where the moogle was. Watch the cut-scene, then talk to the moogle and pick the flower. You now have the Garuda-bane, "a bunch of eksir berries."

Ch 17: July in Nalbina (and again in CH 29)

Make your way to Nalbina fortress and talk the woman squatting not to far from the teleport crystal. She'll tell you she's working. Now go talk to the guards. After the cut sceen, talk to her again, then rent a chocobo and approach the guards. After the cut sceen, you can now enter the Mosphoran Highwaste. You'll start out in Southern Skirts. Go north and west to the Summit Path, and North and west again to Babbling Vale. Buy some Golden Amulets for all your guys (4500 Gil each). Remember, your characters can EARN DOUBLE even if they are NOT active! Pay the 45 LP to learn Accesories 8, and you can now DOUBLE ALL LP EARNED! You may also want the Thief's Cuffs (steal superior and rare items!) You can also get the drop of valeblossom dew for the above flower for the wife quest.

When you find yourself in Archades, make your way to the magic shop and find her crouched down, spying on someone else. :D You should get a Salamand Halcyon (once she recognizes you). Talk to her again. :D I wonder who THAT could have been. Bwahahahaha.

Vaan Juan

When you notice the Viera hanging around the southern area, you can talk to her. She should wander off.

Talk to the lovestruck man by the fountain. He'll tell you there's another Viera in Rabanastre - inside a building in North End. Remember Krjn? Nah, I'm pulling your legs.

Head to the Gambit shop and talk to the Wandering Viera who's leaning against the left wall. Don't listen to her lies! You're not spoken for. Well, I dunno - but I do wish she could tell us who Vaan should date, cause apparently there's no consensus. ;)

She's heading to the Sandsea, so go talk to her. She's sitting on the rail along the upper floor. Don't ask me; I don't know why. She asks you to help find "the someone just for her." Wait, there's something wrong with that phrase. ;)

Let's go back to the fountain and talk to the dude there. Accept his request, and go back to the Sandsea.

Talk to the Viera, and notice how she runs off. This is getting weirder all the time. :D Go talk to her again at the fountain, and you'll get 2xHi Potions. Oh, and you'll get a Loxley Bow. Happy birthday!

Ch 21: Demon Wall 2!

Once your guys are powerful enough (this is likely by Ch 21), you can spend a few hours and try for a Demonsbane sword. This can take a few hours, if you are not lucky. Of course, you could probably buff all your guys up 4 or 5 levels in 2 or 3 hours, so it's kinda a wash. Feel free to try it a few times, but leveling up will likely help you more throughout the game. That's my opinion, but it's served me well. ;) That being said, if you want this sword, head back to the Tomb of King Raithwall and have your guys take out that first Demon Wall you had trouble with before. Using the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick, you can hit him with Slow and Blind. After he's dead, touch the glowing blue crystal back where the wall used to be - there are now stairs on the left and right side. Save your game (very important, read on if you don't believe me), then head down either side (they lead the same place). Go through the doorway there, and then down a long path past some flaming things; head through the door at the end of that path. Go down the 7 flights of stairs here and you'll come to a ledge with a chest in it's middle (right where you have to fight some Tallow enemies.) That chest randomly appears, and even more randomly contains a Demons Bane sword, if you don't see one, press start, quit to title, and load your game. Repeat until you get the sword. Note that turning off your gambits can help speed up this process a bit.

Ch 21: Bhujerban Madhu

The Ghujerban Madhu side quest allows you to make about 13,000 Gil with practically no exertion. Just find the 13 bottles lying around town, and give them to the 13 people who ask for them. Follow the instructions below to find all the bottles...

1) When you first get to Mt Bur-Omisace, you can teleport to Rabinaster and start a bunch of Mark Hunts. Completing the Antlion mark will take you to Bhujerba. In Niray's house is a bottle. When the quest is over, you can sell it to her for 1000 Gil.

2) Just outside the house and around the corner is a dead-end with another bottle on some boxes. Take that to the Cloudborne Patron across the street from the Cloudborne Tavern (by the guy laying down).

3) Head inside the bar and grab the bottle from the table where the lady is passed out on the table. Sell it to Magu (He's there).

4) Leave the tavern and head north, then west, to the armor shop.? There's a bottle in one of the display cases. Give it to the elderly Shop Clerk by the counter.

5) Head to the weapon shop just south. Up the stairs and in the corner is a bottle. Give it to the woman sitting near the crossbow display case (talking to a guy sittng by a parchment map.)

6) Continue south to the magick shop and get the bottle off the table upstairs. Turn around and give it to the guy right therre (Bhujerban Guru).

7) Head west to the Khus Skygrounds and grab the bottle behind the moogle sitting near the street vendor. Straight across from that is a woman stairing at the wall she's leaning on. Sell to her.

8) Exit the Khus Skygrounds via the south exit. At the very south end of Travica Way is a guy squatting down talking to a kid. Next to him is a bottle. Sell it to the Bhujerban leaning on a building across from the magick shop.

9) Head south and east to Clio's Techniques, the bottle is just to the left of the counter, on a box. Sell to the moogle in the center of the main lower carpet area (Shop Clerk).

10) Keep going, you're close to the Gambit shop. Grab the bottle outside to the right of the door, then grab the one on the book shelf inside. Sell one to the Shop Clerk on the same level (big, ugly brute).

11) There's a bottle just outside the Gambit shop (if you missed it above). Grab that and head to north and east to Lhusu Square. Sell to the guy sitting on the box behind the merchant.

12) Head down the stairs toward the mine entrance. At the end of pool is a bottle. Grab it and head back to the Miner's end area. Sell the bottle to one of the Lhusu Miner's wandering the streets (a grey banga).

13) Head east to the Kaff Terrace. A few seconds walk past the entrance is a bottle on the southern railing. Give it to the lady looking out at the clouds in the northern area of the terrace.

14) Now that it's time to leave, head to aerodrome and grab the bottle just to the right (on a pile of suitcases blocking access to a seating area). Just across the walkway is a Bhujerban talking to an Imperial in full armor. Give it to him.

Ch 23 - Zertinan Caves

When you first get to the Paramina Rift, you can also explore more of the Zertinan Caves. Use the westersand entrance, and you'll now be able to explore south. This will take you to the sandfalls. From there, be sure to take the first exit south and knock over the boulder to complete the path. One screen west from there, and you can find the Esper Adrammelech. Chances are very good you will die in this fight. Instead, head one south and save. There is a hidden path through the sandfalls behind the save point. Just follow the wall, if you cannot find it.

Ch 26 - The Four Pieces of the Medallion

After visiting Nabudis and talking with Ma'kleou there, go back and talk to Dalan, then talk to Roh'Kenmou there. He'll tell you he's looking for something that's in 4 pieces. He's got one back from Dalan but doesn't know where the other 3 are. One of the last three was given to a person, the other two were hidden. He wants you to find the 3 objects. If you have already done the Orthros hunt, you should have the Blackened Fragment. Talk to Roh'Kenmou again.

  • Piece 1: Dalan has already given this to him.
  • Piece 2: Beat the Orthros Hunt. Give Roh'Kenmou the Blacked Fragment.
  • Piece 3:
    1. Beat the White Mousse Hunt.
    2. Talk to Deeg in the Private Residence in Lowtown
    3. Read the letter there
    4. Talk to Deeg again. If he goes on about a key, talk to Sobet by the Aerodrome (Moogle).
    5. Head to the central waterway under Storehouse 5 in Lowtown.
    6. With the Waterway Controls, make sure none of the controls are lit up (Probably opening #10 on the far right).
    7. - Close the far left (#11)
    8. - Close the next one to the right (#4)
    9. - Open the Far left (#11)
    10. - Close the 2nd from the right (#3)
    11. - Finally, open the 2nd from the left (#4)
    12. You should hear a "Tinkle Tinkle" sound.
    13. There is now a shiny object on the other side of this room.
    14. Go get the shiny object ("Dull Fragment" heh heh) and take it to Roh'Kenmou
  • Piece 4: Roh'Kenmou tells you to talk to the Children...
    1. Start with Filo, toward the east edge of the South half of Lowtown. She tells you to search THE CITY STREETS.
    2. Go to the east side of the Fountain by the gates, and talk to the "Curious Woman" there. "Listen" to her. You need to find who gave her the necklace.
    3. Go to the Muthru Bazaar and ask all the Merchants about the Necklace. He sold it to an imperial that used to visit the sandsea.
    4. Go to the Magick Shop and talk to the Sotted Imperial. He wants you to bring her there.
    5. The woman has left the fountain, though, so go and talk to Kytes in Northern Lowtown near Storehouse #5, he says to talk to Filo.
    6. In southern lowtown, go back and talk to Filo. Go directly to the magick shop.
    7. Talk to the Sotted Imperial again.
    8. Watch the cut scene and get the Grimy Fragment.
    9. Take that to Roh'Kenmou
  • Head to Nabudis and talk to Ma'kleou again.
  • Go to Archades
  • Talk to Roh'Kenmou in the Magic Shop
  • When you hear about Otto, head to the Alley of Muted Sighs in Old Archades.
  • Talk to Otto to receive the Moonsilver Mediallion
  • Return the Moonsilver Medalian to Roh'Kenmou in the Magic Shop, then head to The Muted Scarp in the Nabreus Deadlands.
  • Talk to Ma'Kleou - he'll tell you to go to overlooking eternity.
  • Go right one screen to the Vale of Lingering Sorrow.
  • Go up (through Hope's Reach) and take the hidden path at the Northwest corner of The Slumbermead.
  • Head past The Fog Mutters and climb Overlooking Eternity (kill 50+ Dead Bones) to reach the top of the shrine.
Once you have the Medallions, head to the nearest save point and save, then enter the Necrohol. If you have killed off 6 Oversoul monsters, you'll encounter a Helvinek - steal from him! I stole a magic lamp. You can get him "oily" if you do the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick, then you can cast fireaga for SERIOUS damage. If you enter from the place near the Chocobos , you'll use the medallion of Bravery to enter the chamber where the Humbaba Mistant is. Nihopalaoa will cast Slow, Silence and Sap on him. Dispel his bravery, etc, then go after him. This can be a nasty length battle. This guy has a LOT of HP. Just be patient. My guys were around Level 50, and it took about 45 minutes. Talk to Montblanc when you're done, btw. You'll get 2,100 Gil.

Use the Medalion of Love after entering the Necrohol from the other entrance (past the scary save crystal). Immediately use the Nihopalaoa/Remedy Combo on Fury (Yeah... Great name, nee?), then dispel if he does hero's march. When he goes berserk, watch out. Be ready to un-berserk your own guys. Also, you might find you have to use ranged weapons, if he just keeps dodging yours. The Cat-ear hood might help with that, too. In the end, your funky medallion will glow, and you'll end up with the Medallion of Might. When you talk to Montblanc, he'll give you 2,100 Gil and An Amphora of Bacchus's Wine.

This gets you all the way to the Esper Chaos. See the Espers section for more information.

PS: You might wanna check out the "Secret Shop" later in this section, too. ;)

Really Big Dragon [Hell Wyrm]

When you slay the Vyrral for the Viera in Balfonheim, you'll acquire a Dragon Scale. Take that scale to Windmill 10 in the Northsward of the Cerobi Steppe. Give that to the Dragon Philosopher, and you'll receive an Ageworn Key. It is said to open the way to the lair of a great wyrm. Teleport to the Sochen Cave Palace, and make your way to Destiny's March. Take the westmost exit, and enter the "Hall of the Aesthetic." Good luck. If you cannot just waltz through the entire game, you might not wanna come here. Watch the cut scene. Hello, Hell Worm. Yeah, that's it's name.

This enemy has 50 separate life bars. You read that right. When you finally kill him off (drain his life bar), you've only done 1/50th of the actual work. I found Bravery + Genji Gloves to be a complete necessity. Just FYI: You *CAN* run away from this battle. Not only that - but if you DO run away, he is rumored not to have healed. So if you want to gake down 5 or 10 lives, and then save your game, the theory is you just leave, then come back after, oh, you've managed to, oh say, find a bunch more phoenix downs and hi-ethers. Remember kids, you effectively have to kill him 50 times!!!

Have your healer use a Sage's Ring (or Turtleshell Choker) to make the magic last longer, use the Genji Gloves for your main tank and the Cat-ear Hood for the backup tank. Yeah - two tanks and a healer - and your backup tank should be a backup healer, too. Have all three characters have a gambit for removing stop. Also, have all 3 characters have an Arise gambit. I recommend protect and bravery on your tanks, too.

This guy's defense goes UP when he drops below 50% (that means when you've eliminated 25 blocks of life). He uses "invert" which seems like a real drag - it swaps your HP and MP. In reality, though, this can safe you all kinds of trouble. You don't have to use as many Ethers if he gives you all your MP back. :D Just be sure you are keeping your healing gambits up, and you should be OK.

It has been said many times that this is far and away the LONGEST battle of the game. You don't get anything immediately from this guy, but Montblanc will give you 50,000 Gil the next time you see him.

My guys were about level 80 when I went after this guy, and he wasn't all that tough. It took maybe an hour or two. Also, while you can flee from this battle, having powerful guys and good gambits will make it possible you won't absolutely HAVE to flee. I went in with the following:

Vaan (Level 82):
Equip: Save the Queen, Hypnocrown, Genji Armor, Ribbon
Gambits: Ally:any -> Phoenix Down / Chronos Tear / Haste / Bubble / Esuna, Ally:HP < 30%->Curaja, Ally:Any -> Gold Needle, Foe:highest max HP -> Attack.

Basch (Level 81): Party Leader
Equip: Zodiac Spear, Celebrant's Miter, Maximillian, Power Armlet
Gambits: Ally:any -> Phoenix Down / Chronos Tear / Haste / Bubble / Golden Needle /, Ally:HP < 20%->Curaja, Foe:highest max HP -> Attack.

Penelo (Level 81):
Equip: Save the Queen, Gold Hairpin, Maximillian, Sage's Ring
Gambits: Ally:any -> Phoenix Down / Chronos Tear, Ally:HP < 30%->Curaja, Ally:Any -> Haste / Bubble / Esuna, Self:MP<10% -> Charge, Foe:highest max HP -> Attack.

Earth Tyrant (Ch. 17-20, 25)

This battle opens up a path between the Dalmasca Eastersand and Westersand. Once you have finished the Tomb of Raithwall, this sidequest opens up. Teleport to Rabanastre and then use the Moogling to go to the Westersand. Go almost all the way to the Westersand exit, and you'll find a banga named "Rimzat." Talk to him. He has a problem and you need to accept his offer - help him out. He'll ask you to talk to the guy on the fountain...

Go into the city through the West Gate and up the stairs to the fountain. Strait ahead you'll see Cotze, sitting on the fountain. He'll tell you to talk to his friend Northon over by Storehouse 5 in Lowtown....

Make your way to Lowtown, and head to Storehouse No. 5. Just south (and maybe slightly east) from there is a guy crouching by a banga - that's Northon. He'll tell you that you must have a Windvane to get through. His half is buried inthe Westersand near some Dynast-Cactuses. Cotze will tell you he thinks the windvane is hidden in the dead end northwest of the shimmering horizons.

Exit the West Gate and head out into the Westersand - you'll be in the Galtea Downs. Head west to The Midfault, then immediately go south to the Shimmering Horizons. Now go northwest (just follow the right-hand wall) to the smaller portion of the Windtrace Dunes. In the center of the upper level is a Dynast Cactoid, but you don't want that one - you want the one along the west wall. You'll obtain the Wind Globe. Return to Rabanastre.

At the the Westersand entrance to Dalmasca, you'll see everyone gathered around Rimzat. Talk to Cotze. Northon will convert your windglobe to a Windvane, and you'll be off. The whole group disappears, but you'll still have the windvane. Make your way to "Wyrm's Nest" on the Westersand map to take on the Earth Tyrant. You might wanna save first, though. ;) Go to the Northwest corner of the Westersand map. You can now go through the sand. Bubble (if you have it) and Protect gambits are your friend.

I've done this battle at level 33ish, right after gettting back to Rabinastre in ch 17. You can do it. Using the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick, I hit him with Slow, Silence and Blind. You may want to wait a while, though, if your guys aren't that powerful.

Depending on when you go after this guy, this can either be a piece of cake, or a real pain. I occasionally wait to go after him until after Balfonheim (the first time), because my guys are about level 50 after taking on all the hunts around that time. I stole a Hi-Potion, then just mopped the floor with him. If you have haste/bubble gambits enabled, this shouldn't be too tough. Nihopalaoa/Remedy to the rescue; it'll give him Slow, Silence and Blind.

If you equip a Jade Collar, you can avoid most of his attacks, and a shield will help with blocking. Between those and having blinded him, it's not to tough a fight around the time of, oh, say the Eryut Village (at least, I was able to kill him off at that time with my guys at level 36 and Larsa in tow). His defense seems to get MUCH stronger as he gets weaker. Also, watch out for his Screwtail attack - it can do a fair bit of damage to your guys!

Congratulations! You now have a pathway opened up between the eastersands and westersands. Go talk to Montblanc, now. The Merchants' Caravan will give you 1,200 Gil.

Jahara's Gift

After the trip to Giruvegan, return to Jarhara and talk to the Cockatrice there. Tell the herder next to him that he's a visitor from Giza, then go talk to Great-chief Uball-ka. You'll obtain the Gift of the Great-chief. Go back and talk to the Garif Herder. You'll receive a Platinum Dagger.

Deamon Wall: Part II

When you are significantly better, head back to the Tomb of King Raithwall and walk down the stairs where the wall attacked you earlier. When the first Deamon Wall attacks you again, steal a Golden Needle, a Solid Stone, and then take him down. Depending on how good you are, it can be over in between 3 and 100 hits. If he kills you before you kill him, you're not ready yet. :D Actually, I waited until about chapter 30 before coming back here (mostly because I forgot), and I used Excalibur and the Zodiac Spear on him. That worked REALLY well. Heh heh.

Another time, I was actually powerfull enough to beat him when I first got here. That netted me the Demonsbane in chapter 16, which was unsettelingly useful. :D

When you've defeated him, return back to his starting location, and examine the Hidden Jewel there. Touching it grants you access to a hidden area. Save (it's VERY important you save right now; read ahead if you don't believe me!), then head into that hidden area by walking around to the outer path and through the door (either side; it leads to the same place). Head past the next screen, and find the treasure chest at the bottom of a long, windy staircase - if it's there. That's right, sometimes it just plain doesn't show up. Depending on how "lucky" you are (and whether you are using the diamond armlet), you'll get a Holy Mote, or other weird stuff. But if you do it enough, you can get Dark Matter, which I think is WAY cooler. 50,000 DMG! On the other hand, you can also get a Demonsbane out of this, which is not to shabby either!

The next time you're in Rabinastre, be sure to chat up Montblanc in the Clan Hall. He'll give you 1,200 Gil, 1xNugget of Electrum.

Secret Shop: Necrohol of Nubudis

Enter the Necrohol via the Salikawood entrance, and make your way to the northwest corner of the first area (The Hall of Effulgent Light). There's a hidden area (well, it's not shown on the map), with an enemy here. Look in the South east corner of the room, and you'll see a "???" area. Click that to trade with a Baknamy Merchant!

You can get A Magepower Shishak, a Maximillian, A Demon Shield, Ring of Renewal, and the Telekinesis technick!

Running in Balfonheim

When you get to Balfonheim, talk to Rikken a few times to start a race. You'll just press Circle-X over and over to run. It's pretty easy. Pressing X more will make you go left, pressing O more will make you go right. For each race you place 1st in, you'll get a prize.

Tier	Prize
----	-----
1	1xPotion
2	1xPhoenix Down
3	1xEye Drops
4	1xAntidote
5	10 Gil, 1xEcho Herbs
6	Gold Needle
7	Alarm Clock
8	Handkerchief
9	Amphora of Bacchus's Wine

Rande and the Airships (Ch 08+)

Technically, you can start this side quest during Chapter 08. You can only go to Nalbina, though, and you can't buy anything useful en route. For this reason, I don't really recommend starting until at least after you've completed your tasks in Bujerba. For best results, just wait until the Deathgaze Hunt. You'll have to talk to the "Son" traveler a lot anyway, and that means going into the aerodromes. This quest will likely cost you between 2,000 and 5,000 Gil to ride the ships, but you'll get a Ring of Renewal for your trouble.

The first time you fly an airship, be sure to head to the Saloon and talk to the Chief Steward - ask who this Rande is. It's now your job to SAVE these poor women from Rande! You basically just have to talk to all the sisters, which means taking a lot of flights. Seven in all. You'll get Ann's Letter to show to them. Take the following flights:

  1. Bhujerba to Rabanstre: Ann / Rande Lirschell Start of side quest. (Buy Siphon/Reverse)
  2. Rabanastre to Nalbina: Liddy/Lirschell Siphon, Bubble
  3. Nalbina to Archades: Twarra/Lirschell Siphon, Remedy, Hi-Potion
  4. Archades to Rabanastre: Carryl/Lirschell Siphon
  5. teleport to bhujerba (yeah, that's right; teleport - this route doesn't have one of the Chezelle Sisters.)
  6. Bhujerba to Balfonheim: Sanne/Lirschell Syphon, Indigo Pendant, X-Potion, Vaccine
  7. Balfonheim to Archades: Lyseth/Lirschell X-Potion, Syphon
  8. REPEAT: Archades to Nalbina (So you can get to the next route)
  9. Nalbina to Balfonheim: Cisset/Deiman X-Potion, Remedy, Chronos Tear, Syphon
When you've talked to Cisset on the final trip from Nalbina to Balfonheim, you'll recieve a Ring of Renewal from Cisset.

Zodiac Spear

To get the Zodiac Spear, you have to have NOT opened the chests in the four forbidden areas:

  1. The chest just outside Old Dalan's house.
  2. The chests in the Palace of Rabanstre
  3. The chests in the confiscatory within Nalbina Fortress
  4. The chests along the Phone Coast

When you complete the 4 pieces of the medalian side quest, get the three medals from the guys in Nabuis. Next, head down in to the necrohol. The third area down (Cloister of the Highborn) has a small area with, like, 16 chests in it. One of those will be the Zodiac Spear.

While you are here, check out the Items/Bazaar section for items needed for Save the Queen. While working on the Babil enemies, you might earn a Runeblade to boot!

Cockatrice, Cockatrice, Everywhere (Ch 31)

After you finish Ch 30 (Draklor Laboratory), you can start to make use of the Feather of the Flock you have. Talk to all the Cockatrice you've seen around. Talk to the ones in:

Moomer - Balfonheim Port. When you get to Balfonheim Port, talk to the Miffed Moogle by the chocobo pens, then the chocobo wrangler (show her the feather of the flock), then the miffed moogle again, then gurdy. gurdy. You'll get a little bit of information from Moomer, then you'll get a Defender (really cool sword) from the Miffed Moogle.

Chit - Eruyt Village. Teleport from Balfonheim. Head to the far end of Fane of the Path, and talk to Chit the Cockatrice. Next, talk to Mjrn. Just a tiny bit west, you should see a red dot on the ground labeled Sparkling Light - It's a cherry-hued pebble (Dewdrop Pebble). Grab that, and head back to Mjrn. Talk to her, then Chit, then her again. She should ask you to bring back any Dewdrop Pebbles you find. There are 9 in the village (8 more - you just found one). Find them all (see the list below) and give them to Mjrn, then talk to Chit again. Something will fall from it's wing. Grab the final pebble, and give it to Mjrn. You should get a Yochi Bow after a cut scene.

  • Go to the right around the roundabout leading toward The Spiritwood and follow the INNER wall. There's one there.
  • You'll also find one behind Alja in the same area.
  • When you enter The Spiritwood from Fane of the Path, there's on embedded in a tree to your right.
  • Continue to follow that path. At the end of it you'll find Rael. There's a pebble in the wall behind her.
  • Backtrack to the fork in the road. There's one on the left side of the fork.
  • Take the fork and examine all the areas of the center thing. There's on in the Northeast area. Talk to the wood-dweller there and ask her to get it for you.
  • On the winding path south of that center area, you'll find one along the outer edge.
  • Continue south to the dead-end for another.

Sassan - South Bank Village of Dalmasca's Eastersand. This is a typical Wolf-and-chicken problem. Sassan wants to see Torrie, but won't go near Nathyl (the wolf) if Nathyl is unsupervised. Perform the following actions in order, then talk to Sasson to receive the Koga Blade:
  1. Talk to Sassan by the save crystal
  2. Talk to Tchigri and take NATHYL across.
  3. Talk to Tchigri and take NO ONE back.
  4. Talk to Tchigri and take ARRYL across.
  5. Talk to Tchigri and take NO ONE back.
  6. Talk to Tchigri and take SASSON across

Shurry - Jahara by the pens. To get a Platinum Dagger:
  1. Talk to the Garif Herder next to Shurry
  2. Talk to Shurry
  3. Talk to the Garif and tell him it came from Giza
  4. Go talk to Great-chief Uball-Ka on The Elderknoll
  5. Take the Gift of the Great-chief back to Shurry
  6. Talk to the Garif Herder next to her

Renn - Rabanastre's North End. Talk to Renn, then go hide behind the pillars next to the Gambit Shop. When he comes by, walk slowly up to her to start a conversation. When he asks if you are ruffling his feathers, so "Erm...No?" Afer a bit of conversation, go talk to him again in the Northern area and tell him Chit's gone home already. You should get a Diamond Sword.

Agatha - Archades' Grand Arcade. Teleport to Archades, and talk to the docent in Tsenoble to get access to the Grand Arcade. Go there and chase down the Cockatrice running around. Talk to her, and tell her you saw a prim cockatrice in Old Archades. She'll give you a Tumulus. Note: You may have to have spoken to the Cockatrice in Old Archades before this - I don't really remember.

When you've finished all the quests above, be sure to head back to Nomad Village (during the dry) and talk to everyone there (you'll get two Hi-Ethers from Terra).

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